Watercolor-ful Holidays: Quick and Easy Christmas Cards

Last Updated: February 3, 2024

Two Christmas cards created with the Festive Foliage Stamp Set from Altenew, by Norine Borys

Do you want to share the warmth of the season with your loved ones? Here are quick and easy watercolor Christmas you can create for the holidays! 

The holiday season is a time of spreading joy and good cheer, and what better way to express your festive spirit than by creating personalized cards for your loved ones? In this blog post, we'll explore the delightful world of quick and easy holiday cards with watercolors, featuring works and tutorials from our own card designers!

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Your Guide to Quick and Easy Watercolor Holiday Cards

Today, we’re sharing stunning card creations from our very own designers. These cards all use watercolor paints, along with other crafting supplies like stamps, dies, and stencils.

1. Watercolor Background with Zero-Waste Leaf Pattern Die

Designer Therese Calvird created a “two-for” card design with watercolor and dies from the Zero Waste Leaf Pattern Die.

Watercolor holiday cards with the Zero Waste Leaf Pattern Die from Altenew by Therese Calvird

In her video, you see how she starts with a vibrant card background by smooshing and splattering watercolors. Then, after the panel dries, she die-cuts the panel and sets aside the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ die-cuts.

She then uses the ‘negative’ side of the die-cut to create a bold background for a “For You” card, while she combines the ‘positive’ die-cuts into a makeshift bouquet for a birthday greeting card. Watch the tutorial below to learn more:

Use this guide to create your version of cards but with a holiday theme. Use winter colors like white, blue, and green. Add splatters or dabs of red to represent poinsettias and holly!

2. Watercolor-Painted Festive Foliage Cards

This next card idea features bright and colorful cards featuring the Festive Foliage Stamp Set

The first steps of the process are the same for both cards. After stamping the tree design on the card, she heat-embossed it with White Embossing Powder. Then, she paints alternating shades of lime green and teal blue to give the card a quirky holiday feel.

After that, she took the two card designs in different directions:

  • For the first card, she used a coordinating heart die to cut out a heart shape on the front panel’s design. Then, on a similarly colored cardstock, she stamped a “From Our Hearts” sentiment and taped that to the back of the front panel, giving the look you see below.
A Christmas card with a heart-shaped hole and the "From Our Hearts" sentiment, created with the Festive Foliage Stamp Set from Altenew by Norine Borys
  • Meanwhile, she cut the painted-over tree design of the second card into little strips, then pasted them onto an A2 embossed watercolor paper. Then, she used a die to cut another heart shape with the same sentiment embossed with Platinum Embossing Powder. Check out the result below!
A Christmas card with a "From Our Hearts" sentiment on a heart-shaped die-cut, created with the Festive Foliage Stamp Set from Altenew by Norine Borys

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Now, if you want to learn more about the step-by-step process, feel free to read Norine’s blog post HERE

3.  Thank You Cards with Watercolor and Christmas Poinsettia

The holidays are always a time for gratitude. Whether you’re thankful for the blessings you’ve received during the year, for good health, or just for the company you keep, let’s be thankful for the good (and even the not-so-good) things that happened throughout the year.

Watercolor holiday cards with the Festive Poinsettia Stamp Set and the Mega Thanks Die from Altenew, created by Therese Calvird

That thankfulness is what this card design showcases. Using the Festive Poinsettia Stamp Set and the Mega Thanks Die, designer Therese created 2 amazing “thank you” cards that you can emulate and give to your loved ones!

Note that she also used some crafting foam to raise the sentiment from the panel. Watch her step-by-step tutorial below:

Create Your Own Watercolor Christmas Cards

A watercolor holiday card with the sentiment "Thanks for your hospitality" created with the Festive Poinsettia Stamp Set and the Mega Thanks Die from Altenew, by Therese Calvird

These card designs and ideas are just examples of what you can achieve with watercolor, crafting tools, and a dash of creativity. To start your project, here are some materials you’ll need:

  1. Watercolor Paper: Opt for a sturdy watercolor paper to ensure the best results. A paper with a weight of 140lb or more is ideal.
  2. Watercolor Paints: Choose festive colors like reds, greens, blues, and gold. Watercolor pans or tubes both work well.
  3. Brushes: Invest in a set of quality brushes, including a round brush for details and a larger brush for broader strokes.
  4. Water: A jar or cup of clean water to rinse your brushes between colors.
  5. Palette: A palette for mixing colors using watercolor pans.
  6. Pencil and Eraser: To sketch out your design before painting.
  7. Masking Tape: To secure the edges of your paper and create clean borders. Use one that has just the right amount of tackiness and is repositionable, so that it doesn’t ruin the paper when it’s time to peel it off.
  8. Fine-Tip Black Pen or Marker: For adding details and outlines.
  9. Stamps and dies: Preferably holiday-themed ones.
  10. Stencils (optional)
  11. Embellishments (optional)

Step 1: Sketch Your Design

Begin by lightly sketching your holiday card design onto watercolor paper using a pencil. Consider classic holiday motifs like Christmas trees, ornaments, snowflakes, or even a cozy winter scene.

Step 2: Apply Masking Tape

Use masking tape to secure the edges of your watercolor paper, creating a clean border for your card. This step adds a professional touch and helps prevent the paper from warping as it dries.

Step 3: Paint with Watercolors

Start painting your design using watercolor paints. Experiment with blending colors and creating gradients to add depth to your artwork.

Pro tip: Don't be afraid to let your creativity flow – watercolors are wonderfully forgiving, and happy accidents can lead to beautiful results.

Step 4: Allow to Dry

Once you're satisfied with your painting, let it dry completely before moving on to the next step. Patience is key to achieving vibrant and crisp results.

Step 5: Add Details with a Fine-Tip Pen

Once your watercolor masterpiece is dry, use a fine-tip black pen or marker to add details and outlines. This step enhances the definition of your design and gives it a polished finish.

Step 6: Personalize and Sign

Write a heartfelt message inside your card, addressing it to your loved ones. Add a personal touch by signing your name, and consider dating the card to create a cherished keepsake.

Spread the Holiday Cheer with Your Watercolor Creations

Watercolor holiday card with a "For You" sentiment created with the Zero Waste Leaf Pattern Die from Altenew, by Therese Calvird

Quick and easy watercolor holiday cards are a joyful way to share the spirit of the season with your friends and family. The handmade touch adds a special warmth to your greetings, making each card a unique expression of your creativity and holiday spirit. 

Gather your materials, unleash your artistic flair, and let the magic of watercolors turn your Christmas cards into cherished works of art. And don’t forget, if you need more tips and inspiration, don’t hesitate to visit us In the Craft Room

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