10 Fun and Easy DIY Washi Tape Craft Ideas for Beginners

Last Updated: December 28, 2021

The wildly popular washi tapes have taken the crafting world by storm. From creative art journals to Pinterest-worthy DIY home decor - washi tape crafts have been all the rage for quite some time. What used to be a simple Japanese masking tape that only a few journaling enthusiasts knew about is now a hot and trendy commodity, especially in the world of paper crafting. Whether you want to level up your crafting game, decorate a space (or a thing) without breaking the bank, or simply get fresh ideas on how to use washi tapes, this post is for you!

What is washi tape?
Why are washi tapes popular?
What can you make out of washi tape?

Handmade Cards
Scrapbook Layouts
Art Journals
DIY Home Decor
Other DIY paper crafts

How do you use washi tape?

Fall Harvest Slim Washi Tape Set

Fall Harvest Slim Washi Tape Set

What is washi tape?

For crafters and DIY enthusiasts, the term “washi tape” isn’t new. Created in 2006 by the Japanese masking tape manufacturer Kamoi Kakoshi, this is a type of adhesive that comes in different colors or printed with various patterns, designs, images, and shapes. At its core, it is a decorative masking tape used in various paper crafts like handmade cards, scrapbook pages, art journals, traveler’s notebooks, mixed media art, and more. Washi tape craft ideas have become increasingly popular now that it is even used in DIY home decor.

Check out this ultimate guide to washi tapes for more fun facts about washi tapes!

Aurora Borealis Washi Tape from Altenew

Aurora Borealis Washi Tape

Why are washi tapes popular?

Nowadays, you’d be hard-pressed to find a handmade project that doesn’t have washi tape on it. They’re easy to use, more cost-efficient than other paper crafting embellishments, and function as well as any other tape! Washi tape is made out of rice paper, that’s why you can easily tear it and stick it to any surface. With its low-tack adhesives, it is easily removable and repositionable, and does not leave any residue.

Art journal with washi tapes

Sea Shore Slim Washi Tape Set

Thanks to the creativity and innovation of crafting companies these days, there is a great variety of washi tape designs out in the market. Paper crafters now have a wider selection and more inspiration for their DIY crafts. The best thing about these decorative tapes is that they are incredibly versatile. You can stick them on any surface, cut them out into shapes, cut out their patterns or designs, or use them to cover an entire surface! There are so many DIY washi tape crafts that you can create with just a few of these fun little masking tapes. 

The video below will give you a few quick and easy ideas on how to use washi tapes.

What can you make out of washi tape?

Are you wondering what is washi used for? Do you need some fresh and creative washi tape craft ideas? The question you need to ask here is not what can you make out of washi tape? It should be, what can you NOT make out of washi tape? 

Washi tape craft idea - DIY bookmark with washi tapes

Storybook Fantasy Washi Tape Release Bundle

There’s no shortage of washi tape ideas - from simple art journal decorations to DIY home decor. For instance, you could easily turn a plain and boring old notebook into something fabulous and unique in an instant. However, it could get overwhelming if you look for inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram, especially if you’ve got no idea where and how to start. 

Here are some fun, quick, and easy washi tape crafts that you can try doing at home today!

Clean and simple handmade card with narrow rainbow washi tape

Narrow Rainbow Washi Tape

Handmade Cards

The art of card making has been one of the most popular hobbies for quite some time now. With the advent of social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest) and video sharing channels (YouTube, Vimeo, TikTok), the popularity of handmade cards have seen a twofold increase. Thanks to technology, it’s extremely easy and convenient to share photos and videos to inspire other hobbyists - from all over the world!

Here are a few washi tape craft ideas that you can try on your handmade cards:

Washi tape craft idea - handmade card

Painted Fantasy Wide Washi Tape

1. Use washi tape as a background. Although traditional washi tapes are tiny and slim, wide washi tapes have recently gained popularity among card makers. These wider tapes can cover the front of an A2 size cardstock or a 12” x 12” cardstock, making it easy peasy to add a wow factor to any paper crafting project.

Handmade card with washi tape embellishments

Wild Flora Wide Washi Tape

2. Create interesting die-cuts and embellishments with washi tapes. If you’re not a fan of coloring your die-cuts or you just can’t be bothered to purchase embellishments (we know these can be pricey!), washi tapes will be your new bestfriend.

3. Try a little mixed media fun! Do you have stencils and ink sprays? Combining these crafting tools with washi tapes can give you instant and stunning results like no other!

Evening Skyline Washi Tape

Evening Skyline Washi Tape

4. Add beautiful borders. If you want a simple and quick decoration on your handmade cards, a strip (or a few strips) of washi tape will do the trick. You can even mix and match a few of your tapes to create something unique.

5. Make your own stickers. The beauty of these decorative tapes is that it is available in a wide variety of designs, patterns, and colors. You can fussy cut the images in it and make your own stickers with it.

Washi tape craft - scrapbook layout using washi tapes

Teal Shadow Wide Washi Tape

Scrapbook Layouts

Washi tape craft kits are perfect for scrapbooking.They’re ideal for adding just the right amount of detail and personal touch. This is why most scrapbook collections include a set of these tapes. These sets are specially curated to help scrappers customize their scrapbook pages easily. With color-coordinated tapes, personalizing each scrapbook layout it a piece of cake. Here are a few popular scrapbook collection themes.

Adventures Ahead Washi Tape Bundle

Adventures Ahead Washi Tape Release Bundle

Art Journals

Journaling hobbyists and enthusiasts were probably the lucky few who first saw the beauty and endless creative possibilities of washi tapes. Although slim tapes are more popular in journaling, wider ones have become must-haves as well. Washi is often used as decorative borders and focal points. Some use it to add flow and direction to the journal page or highlight certain parts. However you want to use these fun tapes, art journal is one of the most exciting and personal washi tape craft ideas that you can easily try today. 

Washi tape craft idea - DIY home decor

Botanical Rhapsody Wide Washi Tape

DIY Home Decor

Whoever thought these creative and gorgeous tapes can be used for home decor? With the wide assortment of designs and colors available, not to mention its quality and versatility, using washi tapes to decorate your home is a win-win. It’s also a bang for your buck. No need to spend too much on pricey wall decals or wallpapers.

Washi tape craft - DIY floral wreath

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Check out these beginner-friendly DIY washi tape crafts

Washi tape craft idea - DIY paper bag

Many Dots Washi Tape

Other DIY paper crafts

Are you still looking for more washi tape craft ideas? We’ve got plenty of them and we’re sharing a few more right here. Feel free to check out the corresponding blog post to find out how to recreate these beauties.

Washi tape craft - DIY bookmark

Tuxedo Wide Washi Tape

How do you use washi tape?

The question remains, how do you use washi tapes? Just because they don’t look anything like your tape runner or your good ol’ Scotch tape doesn’t mean they’re more difficult to use. Don’t fret. Here are 5 easy steps on how to use washi tape.

  1. Simply unroll the tape to your desired length (or how much you want or need to use). Add a bit of allowance for good measure.  
  2. Gently place it where you want - a cardstock, a surface, a piece of paper, etc. 
  3. Smoothen the tape over the surface, making sure that there are no “bubbles” or “ripples.” 
  4. In case you messed it up, you can always remove the tape and reposition it.
  5. Cut it with a pair of scissors or rip it with your hands.

Washi tape scrapbook layout

Vibrant Spray Die Cut Tape

If crafting is your cup of tea, washi tape craft kits is a total must-have for you. Having a few of these incredibly versatile tapes on hand can help you turn a boring paper crafting project into a thing of beauty. Even if you’re not into crafting, these decorative tapes can breathe a new life into your favorite things (think: water bottle, notebook, book, planner, laptop, chargers, mobile phone case, and more!). Lastly, they’re not just inexpensive, they’re also fun and easy to use. Even kids can use them! What are you waiting for? Start hoarding washi tapes and create your own  stunning washi tape crafts!

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