How To Use Washi Tape On Your Scrapbook Layouts

Last Updated: September 28, 2021

Crafts with washi tapes are all the rage these days! What used to be a simple, thin strip of decorative tape has evolved into a must-have, versatile supply in every crafter’s stash. Scrapbook layouts, DIYs with washi tape, washi tape cards, and more - there’s a plethora of washi tape ideas and inspiration readily available on the Internet today.  

Altenew’s range of wide washi tapes were total game-changers. Not only were the designs beautiful, unique, and elegant, they were also super versatile. Aside from handmade cards, mixed media art, and DIY crafts, one of the common washi tapes uses is on scrapbook layouts. Since layouts are usually bigger than handmade cards and easier to personalize, it is also the perfect project to use wide washi tapes. 

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Altenew washi tapes

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Here are four washi tape scrapbook ideas and quick crafts with washi tape that you can easily try today!

1. Use it as a background for your page. Creating a background with washi tapes is probably one of the easiest washi tapes uses on scrapbook layouts. This is also where wide washi tapes will come in handy. Depending on the size of your scrapbook page, some of Altenew’s extra-wide washi tapes can instantly cover a whole page!

washi tape scrapbook idea

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If you want to go for a clean and simple design, though, you can always use slim washi tapes - mix and match them or go monochromatic. Sometimes less is more, so it’s okay to add just a few strips of washi tape and call it a day. It will add a bit of interest to your white background so that it’s not too plain and boring. Here are a couple of washi tape scrapbook ideas from our design team members where they creatively used washi tapes on their scrapbook layout background.

scrapbook layout made with washi tapes

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washi tape scrapbook layout

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2. Fussy cut the designs and use them as embellishments. One of the more popular washi tapes uses in paper crafting is to fussy cut or cut out the designs and use them as embellishments or accents on washi tape cards or other DIY projects. If you’re pressed for time, cutting out a few designs and patterns from your washi tape sets is one hack that you must try. This is fun and super convenient since you don’t need to worry about decorating your crafts with washi tapes. Check out these simple and fun washi tape scrapbook inspiration!

3. Die-cut images using washi tapes. Whether it’s washi tape cards or DIYs with washi tapes, the best way to utilize these versatile supplies is by die-cutting images with them. Instead of inking and stamping your image, you can just use a washi tape to add some color, pattern, or design onto your chosen image. Most washi tapes have multiple colors and designs, but you can also find washi tapes in plain and basic colors, such as the Summer Days Washi Tape Bundle. You can also use gold or silver slim washi tapes to add accents to your die-cuts. Check out the video below where Lilith die-cut some of her washi tape images using its coordinating die set.

4. Create borders with washi tapes. Simple, fun, and easy. This technique is one of the best washi tapes uses on scrapbook layouts - especially for beginners. The trick is to choose colors or designs to complement your photo or your layout’s overall theme. You don’t want your borders to take away from the page’s focal point. This is also applicable to washi tape cards and other crafts with washi tapes.

Scrapbook layout with washi tape borders

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In this scrapbook page by Nathalie, she was able to add a pop of color with her green washi tape. It didn’t take away attention from the stunning gold-embossed watercolor roses or the photo; it only added a bit of interest. While in this washi tape scrapbook idea by Lilith, she just used a strip of the Floral Field Washi Tape on her white cardstock. This gave her page a clean, simple, but elegant look.

These quick, simple, and fun tips, hacks, and ideas on using washi tapes on your scrapbook layouts are easy to follow; even beginner crafters can try them. As mentioned before, washi tapes are very versatile and more forgiving than most paper crafting tools. You can never make a mistake when you’re using them. Even if you do, there’s always a hack or two that will give you equally stunning results. You just need to be creative and explore the wide range of possibilities when it comes to crafts with washi tapes.

If you need more fresh ideas and inspiration on how to use washi tapes, drop by the Altenew store and snag your new favorite washi tape sets!

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