How to Make the Most Out of Your Craft Mat

Last Updated: July 26, 2023

Crafting is a beloved hobby for many individuals, providing a creative outlet that allows them to express their unique visions and transform ordinary materials into stunning handmade projects. Whether you're an experienced crafter who has honed your skills over the years or a novice taking your first steps into crafting, one thing remains constant: having the right tools and equipment is essential to unlocking your full creative potential. 

Design with a craft mat!

Crafter's Essential Cutting and Alignment Mat

Among the many crafting supplies available, a versatile tool stands out and has the power to elevate your crafting experience to new heights—the craft mat. What is it, and how do you make the most of it? Let's talk about it in today's blog post.

A Quick Guide to Your Craft Mat

Craft mats, also known as cutting mats are commonly used in arts and crafts such as, sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, and other DIY projects that involve cutting, measuring, and gluing. They serve as a protective barrier between your work surface and the tools you're using, preventing damage to the table or countertop underneath.

Craft mats are available in various sizes, from small mats for smaller projects to large mats suitable for large-scale crafts. They often have printed grid lines and measurements, which help with accurate cutting, aligning, and measuring during crafting tasks. 

The primary materials used to make craft mats are:

  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): PVC craft mats are famous for their durability, affordability, and resistance to cuts and scratches. PVC mats are self-healing, meaning that they can "heal" or close small cuts and punctures on the surface, which helps maintain the longevity of the mat.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl craft mats are similar to PVC mats in durability and affordability. They provide smooth, non-slip surfaces, making them suitable for various crafting techniques. Vinyl mats also resist cuts and scratches, ensuring your tools won't damage the surface.
  • Silicone: Due to their non-stick properties, silicone craft mats have gained popularity in recent years. These mats are handy for projects involving adhesives, hot glue guns, or resin work, as the materials won't adhere to the surface. Silicone mats are also heat-resistant, making them suitable for projects that involve heat embossing or heat transfer techniques.

Why Every Craft Room Should Have a Craft Mat

In the world of crafting, a dedicated space for creativity is essential. And what better addition to a craft room than a trusty craft mat? A craft mat is a versatile and indispensable tool that benefits artists, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts alike. 

What are these benefits? Why is the craft mat a must-have? Well, here are more reasons why every craft room should have a craft mat.


Craft mats provide a protective layer between your crafting tools and the underlying surface, such as a table or desk. They prevent scratches, cuts, and damage caused by sharp blades or other crafting materials.

Self-healing properties

Many craft mats are designed to be self-healing, which means they can "heal" themselves after being cut or scored. This ensures the mat remains smooth and resilient, even after extensive use.

Measurement guides

Craft mats often feature measurement guides, including grids, rulers, and angles. These guides assist in accurate measuring and cutting, making them particularly useful for precise projects like quilting, scrapbooking, or paper crafts.

Ensure precise lines

12x12 White Cardstock (10 sheet/set) (80lb)

Non-slip surface

Craft mats have a non-slip surface that prevents your materials from shifting or sliding during crafting. This stability allows for more precise cuts and designs.


Craft mats can be used for various crafting activities, such as cutting paper, fabric, or leather, working with adhesives, painting, and more. They provide a dedicated space for different crafting techniques, keeping your work organized and contained.

Making the Most Out of Your Craft Mat

To maximize the benefits and prolong the lifespan of your beloved craft mat, it is wise to consider various invaluable tips and techniques. Following these insightful suggestions in your crafting routine can unlock many untapped possibilities, ensuring that your craft mat remains an essential tool for creativity and precision. 

Explore creative possibilities

Crafter's Essential Bone Folder

  • Choose the right size: Craft mats come in various sizes, so select one that suits your crafting needs. Larger mats provide ample space for larger projects, while smaller mats are more portable and convenient for smaller-scale crafts.
  • Use the measurement guides: Take advantage of the measurement guides on your craft mat. They can help you achieve precise cuts, angles, and dimensions, ensuring your projects turn out just as you envisioned.
  • Keep it clean: Regularly clean your craft mat to maintain its longevity and performance. Use a mild soap or craft mat cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge to remove any adhesive residue, paint, or other debris. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the mat's surface.
  • Protect from heat: If you frequently work with heat tools such as heat guns or hot glue guns, ensure your craft mat is heat resistant. Silicone craft mats are known for their heat-resistant properties, making them an excellent choice for these types of crafts.
  • Explore additional uses: Craft mats can serve purposes beyond their primary function. They can act as a surface for kneading dough, protecting countertops from stains or spills, or as a non-slip surface for holding jars or containers while opening them.

Level up With Your Craft Mat!

A craft mat is an indispensable tool for crafters of all levels. It provides a protective and versatile surface for various crafting activities. 

Let your creativity flow with the craft mat!

Wax Seal Stamp - Just Thanks

By following the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can make the most out of your craft mat, ensuring its longevity and enhancing your crafting experience. Invest in a high-quality craft mat that suits your needs, and let your creativity flow on a safe and reliable surface that will help you bring your crafting projects to life.

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