Easy Card Ideas to Express Your Sympathy to Loved Ones

Last Updated: May 10, 2023

We all know how losing a loved one can be difficult. During these times, showing love and care can be achieved in various ways, but sending sympathy cards is considered one of the most effective methods. Sympathy cards can help you provide comfort to your loved ones by simply letting them know that you see them, value them, and that you empathize with them in their pain. 

Create soft watercolor washes for sympathy cards for simple yet elegant designs!

Especially when you cannot physically comfort them, a heartfelt sympathy card with thoughtful messages can convey our deepest condolences and offer solace in a tangible form. In this blog post, we aim to inspire you with easy card ideas that will help you navigate the delicate task of expressing sympathy with grace and compassion. Through appropriate designs and even sympathy card message ideas, you can convey your condolences warmly and sincerely - so let's get started!

What Are Sympathy Cards and How to Say Condolences Nicely

Sympathy cards are cards made with the goal of providing comfort and support to their recipient, who may have recently gone through a loss of a loved one or a challenging situation. These little pieces of paper may seem simple, but they carry a tremendous amount of emotional weight. Sympathy cards serve as a tangible reminder that you are there for your loved ones during their most difficult times.

Create sympathy cards easily with monochromatic wide washi tapes!

Think of a sympathy card as a warm hug, a gentle shoulder to lean on, or even a virtual cup of tea shared in solace. It's a way to express your empathy and let someone know that they're not alone in their grief. When simple words escape us, a well-crafted card can speak volumes and offer a sense of connection that can be truly comforting.

What to Write in a Sympathy Card

In this age of instant messaging and digital communication, there's something incredibly special about a handwritten message. It adds a personal touch that can't be replicated by a typed note. Taking the time to put pen to paper shows your loved ones that you care enough to create something unique just for them. 

Expressing your condolences is not an easy task, but luckily for us crafters, sentiments are here to help! From stamps to dies, there are a variety of sympathy-themed crafting tools to give you ideas. 

Generally, we have some favorite quotes from some of our sympathy stamp sets:

  • "Those we hold closest to our hearts never truly leave us. They live on in the kindness they have shared, and the love and light they brought into our lives." - With Deepest Sympathy Stamp Set.
  • "I believe that friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly -Lorraine K. Mitchell" - Kind Words Stamp Set.
  • "Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations." - Floral Dahlia Stamp Set.
  • "May loving memories bring you peace." - Cherished Memories Stamp & Die Bundle.
  • "This too shall pass." - Block Sentiments.

Don't be afraid to sprinkle some personal touches onto your card as well! Aside from sentiments on the card front, you can share cherished memories, offer words of encouragement, or simply let them know that you're there to lend a listening ear on the card's inside. Remember, there's no right or wrong way to express your sympathy. It's the thought and sincerity behind your words that truly matter.

Play with beautiful butterfly designs for your sympathy cards using this die set!

Let your creativity shine as you add those unique elements that reflect the personality and spirit of your loved one. 

Tips on Making Sympathy Cards for Your Loved Ones

Choose a Design That Is Appropriate and Personal 

When it comes to selecting a sympathy card, it's essential to choose a design that not only captures the recipient's personal preferences but also sets the right tone for the occasion. Think of it as finding the perfect harmony between their style and the significance of the moment.

Another great cardmaking idea is to pair your floral die-cuts with an elegant frame!

Consider the recipient's personality and interests. Do they appreciate simplicity and elegance, or are they drawn to vibrant, whimsical designs? Are they nature lover who finds solace in the beauty of flowers and landscapes, or do they have a fondness for contemporary and minimalist aesthetics? Do they have a favorite flower? Maybe they belong to a culture that uses specific symbols for death, peace, and life. By aligning the card's design with their personality and beliefs, you're offering a heartfelt gesture that resonates deeply.

Pick a Calm and Soft Color Palette 

Colors can greatly influence the emotional impact of a sympathy card. While it's essential to strike the right balance between sensitivity and positivity, there's still plenty of room to infuse a touch of personality and creativity.

Consider using calming and soothing colors like soft blues, gentle greens, or muted pastels. These hues evoke a sense of tranquility and serenity, lending comfort to your loved ones during challenging times. Avoid using overly bright or flashy colors, as they may unintentionally distract from the intended message of support.

Color your sympathy cards with these beautiful woodless coloring pencils!

Woodless Coloring Pencils

Research on Meaningful Themes and Symbolisms

Patterns and themes can also add a meaningful touch to your card. Delicate floral patterns symbolize growth, renewal, and the enduring beauty of life. Simple geometric patterns can convey stability and order. Or perhaps, a serene landscape motif can evoke a sense of peacefulness and reflection. Maybe you can also use a flock of birds. Choose elements that aren't too loud, bold, or playful. 

Remember, selecting the perfect design is about capturing the essence of the occasion while offering solace and support. Let your intuition guide you as you explore the array of designs available, and trust that your thoughtful choice will speak volumes. 

Sympathy Card Design Ideas You Can Try

If you need some cardmaking ideas for a sympathy card design, fret not! We have tons of inspiration for you here at Altenew! Check out these beautiful card projects you can try:

Design your sympathy cards with large gorgeous florals!

Ambridge Rose

This monochromatic card by Teri features a large rose as its focal point, with soft violet colors. When it comes to sympathy card ideas, you can never go wrong with floral designs!

Never run out of card ideas with washi tapes for crafting!

Elegant Foil Stripe Washi Tape

For a more unique sympathy card, take some inspiration from Nicole’s black and gold card. The vellum die-cuts on her flowers paired perfectly with the gold shine of the washi tape border!

Another great sympathy card design idea is to use heat embossing!

With Deepest Sympathy Stamp Set

Another way to get your message across is by heat embossing a heartfelt sentiment. Nothing makes a card recipient feel more special! Plus, it gives your card an elegant yet simple look, perfect for a polished sympathy card. 

Create sympathy cards with this versatile and beautiful floral stamp set!

Beauty Within

For an easy yet stunning card idea, why not die cut your favorite florals, color them in with neutral alcohol marker colors, and layer them beautifully? You can add additional elements such as sequins, splatters, and some splatters for accents. For the perfect finishing touch, stamp an appropriate quote or sentiment. 

Express Your Sincere Love and Care With These Handy Tips! 

Overall, it's not about the extravagance or complexity of the card but rather the sincere intention and love behind it. Whether you choose a simple and elegant design or infuse it with a touch of creativity and personalization, the most important thing is that your card comes from the heart.

So, the next time you want to express your sympathy, remember these easy card ideas and tips. Let your creativity flow, and trust that your heartfelt gesture will comfort and support your loved ones when they need it most. If you need more cardmaking inspiration for sympathy cards, drop by the Altenew Blog for ideas. We hope you stay creative, stay compassionate, and remember your acts of kindness make a difference!


  • Altenew

    Thank you for your kind words, Traci. It is our honor to help you craft messages and cards to comfort your loved ones. <3

  • Traci Starkweather

    Hi. This was a very well written and inspiring post. All of the observations and suggestions were right on point. I find it difficult to write a message—when I know that no words will relieve the recipient’s pain. Beautiful cards shared here today as well as some great, practical tips! Thank you!

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