DIY Home Decor: How to Transform Your Space With Washi Tape

Last Updated: March 19, 2023

Let's face it: when it comes to finding more uses for your beloved washi tape, you never seem to run out! That's what makes washi tapes the best - not only are they good for your cards, scrapbooks, and journals, but they're also perfect for DIY home decor! 

A fun DIY home decor project showing a frame and a tumbler covered in beautiful galaxy washi tape!

Washi Tapes for Paper Crafting

 If you want to add a bit of razzle dazzle to your home - whether it's your workplace, crafting area, or even kitchen, washi tapes are a great tool. They come in fun patterns, colors, and designs that will surely liven up your spaces. The best part is, if you change your mind, you can easily remove them without any damage or hassle to your furniture at all! 

 In this blog post, we'll discuss fun and easy DIY home decor projects you can do with washi tape. So get your DIY game on, and let's get sprucing! 

What Kind of Washi Tape to Use for DIY Home Decor Projects

For doing DIY home decor projects, it would be better to use wide washi tapes, as these tapes are naturally bigger and will help you cover larger surface areas more quickly. Unlike regular or slim-sized washi tapes, you might have to use up a lot more just to cover a drawer, for example. 

With wide washi tapes, you can easily tackle any project, as it provides you with enough width and length. Wide washi tapes are versatile, easy to use, non-damaging, and come in different beautiful designs and colors! 

Moreover, compared to buying other decor materials, these wide washi tapes provide you with a more affordable and easier option. You can also easily remove washi tape can be removed without leaving behind any residue or damaging the surface underneath.

This makes it a great option for renters or anyone who wants to change up their decor frequently. You can use wide washi tapes to create wall art, update furniture, add accents to accessories and gadgets, and so much more! 

Fun DIY Home Decor Projects You Can Do With Washi Tape

If you need inspiration on how to use washi tape for DIY projects, look no further! Here are some excellent tips and tricks to add touches of brilliance and vibrance to your home:

Add Astounding Accents to Your Furniture

If you want to get some fun washi tape ideas, try decorating your furniture with wide washi tape!

Teal Shadow Wide Washi Tape

It's time to improve your home by taking out your favorite wide washi tapes and accenting your furniture with them! Whether it's on the sides, ledges, top, or side, the fun patterns and colors of washi tape will bring some new life to your cabinets, chairs, drawers, and desks! 

Make Hydration More Fun by Adding Fun Colors

Let's make drinking water more fun! Do you have an old mug or tumbler in your kitchen? You can personalize them with washi tape! You can simply envelop them in washi tape, or take it up a notch by making die-cut stickers with your favorite washi tape designs.

 Find beautiful wide washi tapes and decals for all your home decor projects here at Altenew!

Eye-Catching Washi Tapes and Decals for DIY Home Decor

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On some adhesive-backed paper, stick your favorite wide washi tape. 
  2. Then, pick a die design. Make a sandwich with your plates, and run it through your die cutting machine
  3. After that, you have a perfectly-cut sticker! Peel off the backing, and stick it on your mug, cup, or tumbler. Just make sure to avoid getting the sticker wet if the adhesive isn't waterproof.  

Personalize Your Cords and Gadgets With Pops of Color

If you've seen our Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape to Make Your Life Easier, then you've probably seen this nifty hack. Wide washi tapes are also perfect for decorating and keeping your wires, cords, and laptops clean! Not only do they make them prettier, but they also help prevent other family members from confusing your chargers for theirs. 

You can also use your wide washi tapes to decorate your phone case, light switch covers, alarm clocks, and more! The possibilities are endless! 

Decorate Your Old Kraft Boxes With Lovely Patterns

Two beautiful boxes decorated with washi tape and floral die-cuts

Painted Fantasy Wide Washi Tape

Do you have some old cardboard or Kraft boxes at home? Now is the perfect time to put them to use again by freshening them up with washi tape! These can be used for a lot of things, such as for household storage, gift boxes, face mask container, and even to put your crafty supplies in!  

Create Personalized Banners With Letters 

Do you have alphabet dies? Using them with washi tape to make personalized banners for your room is another great DIY home decor project you can work on. You can use them to spell out your name, short quotes, or even the initials of your loved ones as a gift! When you tie them to string or ribbons, they make perfect decorations to hang above your headboard or desk. 

Discover stunning washi tapes for crafting to make personalized banners for your room at home!

 Dotted Wide Washi Tape

Add Sparkle to Your Desk by Decorating Your Crafty Tools 

Last but not least, have you thought of personalizing your crafty supplies with another crafty supply? From tape dispensers to vases, to your tin box cases, and even the watercolor case from the Watercolor 36 Pan Set, why not treat your tools to some love and make them the stunning ones for once? Not only will they sit pretty at your desk, but looking at their beautiful patterns might also help you with your inspiration for your projects! 

Here's a fun idea for washi tape projects for home decor - decorate your paper crafting supplies!

Instant Rainbow Washi Tape

Add Some Wonder to Your Home With These Washi Tape Tips!

So what about it? Have we convinced you to decorate your space with washi tape yet? Whether it's adding a decorative reminder to the wall or turning jars into beautiful works of art, there are so many possibilities. In its simplest form, washi tape is meant to bring a touch of fun and beauty into your decor - even if it's not entirely permanent! We hope this blog has shown you how you can make your living space feel truly unique and inspiring with the power of washi tape. 

So it's time to get creative! Gather some supplies and start giving your space a snazzy upgrade today. If you need more crafting ideas, check out our All About Crafting blog at Altenew for more inspiration. Now go spread some cheer – and washi tape – around your home!

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