Beautiful Card Ideas for Using Printed Paper Packs

Last Updated: February 1, 2024

Printed or patterned paper packs are a treasure trove of inspiration when creating stunning handmade cards. 

With their eye-catching designs and versatile patterns, these packs offer endless possibilities for crafting heartfelt greetings. In this blog post, we'll explore creative ideas and techniques to make the most of your printed paper packs.

Make magical designs with patterned paper

Dreamy Sunset 6x6 Paper Pack

Get ready to transform these beautiful papers into unique and memorable cards that will leave a lasting impression on your loved ones.

What Is Patterned Paper?

Patterned paper, also known as decorative paper or designer paper, refers to paper that features various printed designs, patterns, and motifs. It is specifically designed for crafts, scrapbooking, and paper crafting projects.

This paper is typically thicker and more durable than regular printer paper, making it suitable for various creative applications.

Patterned papers come in various styles, themes, and colors, offering endless possibilities for adding visual interest and personality to projects. 

They can feature a variety of patterns, such as florals, stripes, polka dots, geometric shapes, plaids, chevrons, and more. These patterns can be bold and vibrant, subtle and delicate, or anything in between.

Go wild with patterned paper

Fuchsia Soiree 6x6 Paper Pack

Crafters and artists often use patterned paper as a foundation for creating handmade cards, scrapbook layouts, journal pages, and other paper crafts. They can be used as backgrounds, accents, borders, or focal points in a composition. 

Patterned paper packs or pads often come with coordinated designs that work well together, making creating cohesive and visually appealing projects easy. 

Bring Your Artistic Visions to Life With Patterned Paper

Whether you're a seasoned paper crafter or just starting, patterned paper is an essential element that adds personality, style, and visual impact to your projects. With its vast range of designs and possibilities, patterned paper allows you to unleash your creativity and bring your artistic visions to life!

Here are some ideas to get you started on your next creative project using patterned paper:

Mix and Match Patterns

One of the joys of using printed paper packs is the ability to mix and match different patterns to create visually beautiful cards. 

Mix and match to your heart's content

Enjoy the Ride 12x12 Paper Pack

Patterned papers come in various styles, themes, and colors, offering endless possibilities for adding visual interest and personality to projects. 

They can feature a variety of patterns, such as florals, stripes, polka dots, geometric shapes, plaids, chevrons, and more. These patterns can be bold and vibrant, subtle and delicate, or anything in between.

Experiment with combining contrasting or complementary designs to add depth and interest to your card. Consider using bold stripes with delicate florals or geometric shapes with soft pastel backgrounds. Don't be afraid to play with patterns and unleash your creativity.

Creating Dimension With Layering

Creating dimension by layering patterned paper is a fantastic way to add depth and visual interest to your projects. Here are some steps to help you achieve stunning dimension through layering:

  1. Start by choosing a variety of patterned papers that look good together. Look for patterns that have different scales, colors, and textures. This will ensure that each layer stands out and contributes to the overall dimension.
  2. Plan the order in which you'll layer the patterned papers. Consider the focal point of your project and arrange the layers accordingly. 
  3. Use scissors, paper trimmers, or decorative-edge punches to cut and trim your patterned papers into various shapes and sizes.
  4. To create dimension, vary the sizes and orientations of your patterned paper layers. Cut some layers slightly smaller or larger than the previous one, and rotate them at different angles. 
  5. Adhesive foam dots or tape are excellent tools for adding dimension to your layers. Apply these adhesive materials to the back of each layer before adhering them to the base layer. The foam dots or tape will lift the layers off the surface, creating a three-dimensional effect.
  6. Instead of aligning each layer perfectly, try overlapping or offsetting them slightly, creating shadow effects and revealing glimpses of the layers beneath.
  7. Enhance the dimension further by incorporating die-cut shapes, stickers, or embellishments between the layers. 

There's no hard or fast rule when layering

Wildflower Paper Crafting Collection 6x6 Paper Pack

Don't be afraid to experiment and refine your layering arrangement. Play with different combinations, adjust the sizes, and assess the overall balance and composition. Trust your artistic instincts and keep refining until you achieve the desired dimensional effect!

Fussy Cutting Elements

Take advantage of the intricate designs in your printed paper packs by fussy cutting elements to use as focal points or embellishments on your cards!

Go and cut those beautiful elements!

Celebrate 6x6 Paper Pack

Whether it's a beautiful bouquet, a cute animal, or a whimsical pattern, carefully cutting out these elements adds a touch of handmade charm to your cards. Pair them with coordinating sentiments or other embellishments for a personalized touch.

Exploring Paper Piecing

In paper crafting, paper piecing is a technique where different pieces of patterned or colored paper are combined to create a cohesive design or image. 

It involves cutting out specific shapes or elements from various paper patterns and layering them together to form a dimensional and visually appealing composition.

Try out paper piecing by:

  1. Selecting a design or image that you want to create using paper piecing. This can be a simple shape, a complex picture, or even a scene.
  2. Choose different patterned papers that you want to use for each part of the design. For example, if you're creating a flower, you might select other papers for the petals, stem, and center.
  3. Trace or print out templates or patterns for each component of the design onto the selected papers. These templates will serve as guides for cutting out the shapes accurately.
  4. Cut out the individual shapes from each paper according to the templates.
  5. Assemble the design by layering the cut-out pieces on top of each other. Adhere them together using glue or adhesive foam tape to create dimension and depth.

Make beautiful designs from patterned paper

Wildflower Paper Crafting Collection 12x12 Paper Pack

By combining different patterned papers and layering them strategically, paper piecing adds depth, texture, and interest to paper crafts, resulting in unique and personalized creations!

Have Fun With Printed Paper Packs!

Many beautiful printed paper packs are readily available today, so the possibilities for creating stunning handmade cards are endless! 

From mixing and matching patterns to fussy cutting and layering—these ideas are just the beginning. Let your creativity flow and explore the world of printed paper packs to craft heartfelt and visually captivating cards that will leave a lasting impression on your card's receivers. 

Embrace the joy of paper crafting and elevate your cardmaking to new heights! Visit the In The Craft Room page for more inspiring ideas.

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