7 Must-Try Scrapbooking Design Ideas and Techniques

Last Updated: November 8, 2021

Creating a variety of scrapbook page layouts is the best way to preserve your precious memories. Sure, posting them on Instagram or Facebook is more “modern” and trendy. But scrapbooking is a fun, exciting, and timeless hobby that anyone can do! Try adding a little twist to your memory-keeping by creating a different scrapbook design every now and then! In case you’re running out of ideas, we’ve got you covered! This blog post is jam-packed with various scrapbooking.   

While being creative is the whole point of doing arts and crafts, it’s still important to learn some basic and classic scrapbooking techniques. If you’ve been scrapbooking for many years (or decades), you probably know most of these techniques, but it might be time to refresh those skills and add a little pizazz to your pages using an array of new designs and scrapbooking supplies!

Easy floral scrapbook layout

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1. Create Borders With Colorful Washi Tapes

Washi tapes are all the rage these days! What used to be a simple, thin strip of decorative tape has evolved into a must-have, versatile supply in every crafter’s stash. Altenew’s range of wide washi tapes were game changers! Wide washi tapes can be used as instant borders for your scrapbook page layouts. Here are a few different ways on how to use them as borders:

Washi tape scrapbook layout

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  • You can use them on all four sides, creating a kind of “frame” for your page.
  • Use them on just two sides, either left and right or above and below. It’s up to you!
  • Just use one wide strip of washi tape as a border on one side. This is great for clean and simple layouts or layouts with only a white background. 
  • Use them as partial borders by placing them diagonally on each corner.
  • Mix and match a few washi tapes and use them as borders.

2. A Wheel of Adventure

Adding a circle or wheel element to your scrapbook design is another superb way to elevate it. You can use an array of paper crafting supplies to achieve this look. Here’s a quick and easy example by Altenew design team member Maryam.

Fun scrapbook layout using dies

Color Wheel Die

How to Create a Color Wheel Scrapbook Page :

  1. Prepare the Color Wheel Die. Since this die set includes two pieces, take both of them and cut out a couple of color wheels from white cardstock with the help of a die-cutting machine.
  2. After that, back each color wheel part with different cardstock colors from the Gradient Cardstock Sets in rainbow order. 
  3. For her other color wheel, she used vellum paper. You can skip this step if you only want to use one color wheel on your page.
  4. Next, fussy cut some flowers and leaves from the Botanical Rhapsody Washi Tape.
  5. Then, stamp a few more flowers from the Flower Garden and Garden Treasure stamp sets
  6. Next, take all the elements, including your photo and journaling, and play with different layout ideas.
  7. For the title of the page, she used the Alphabet Stickers from the Live Your Dream Collection and used some capital letters to form the word “Crazy.”

You can see Maryam’s final scrapbook design in this blog post. Feel free to move around some elements according to your liking. Remember, it’s okay to copy a layout, but it’s better to make it your own by customizing it based on your likes and interests.

3. Create Dimension With Your Die-Cuts

DIY traveler's notebook journal

Amaryllis Stamp & Die & Mask Stencil Bundle

Do you want to add another WOW factor to your scrapbook layout? Use die-cuts! Die-cuts can give any stamped image or design an instant 3D look. They’re relatively easy to use, and you definitely don’t need to be an expert crafter to create die-cuts. If you don’t own a die-cutting machine, you can always fussy cut your images and use foam tape to add that much-needed dimension. Mixing and matching various die-cuts from different die sets is also a fantastic way to turn simple scrapbook page layouts into works of art! Check out how Maryam created her layout with different die-cuts here.

Here are the different types of dies for crafting that you can use on your scrapbook page:

  • Coordinating Dies - As the name suggests, these are used with their coordinating stamp sets. Although, you can get creative with them and use them as a stand-alone die too. 
  • Layering Dies - These multifunctional metal dies are sized to cover the front of a standard A2 card. They can be used alone or layered together for an amazingly unique and intricate result. Altenew’s floral layered die sets are to die for! Pun intended!
  • 3D Dies - Again, as the name suggests, these crafting dies will give your scrapbook layout that extra pop of awesomeness!
  • Stand-alone Dies - These metal dies can be used by themselves or with other die sets for a unique look. Stand-alone dies can be cover dies, alphabet dies, word dies, or frame dies.

4. Speech Bubbles Layout

Cute baby scrapbook page

Speech Bubbles Stamp & Die Bundle

This is one of those simple but fun scrapbook design ideas that you must try. You can either cut out speech bubble shapes (or any shape you’d like!), or you can use Altenew’s Speech Bubbles Stamp and Die Set for a more polished and precise look. Instead of manually jotting down words and phrases on your speech bubbles, you can always stamp them using sentiment stamps and dye inks.

Need some inspiration on how to create a speech bubbles layout? Here are a few!

5. Adorn It With Beautiful Patterned Papers

Paper is one of the most important scrapbooking supplies. Whether it’s a plain white cardstock, colored cardstock, textured cardstock, or scrapbook patterned paper; paper sets are great investments for any arts and crafts enthusiasts. With the wide range of patterned or designer paper available online, you can try plenty of scrapbooking techniques and designs.

Striped and floral scrapbook patterned paper on a scrapbook layout

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This quick and short video tutorial by Lilith will show you a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a bright and cheerful scrapbook page using a few patterned papers.

6. DIY Patterned Paper

Do you want a more unique-looking patterned paper? Or perhaps you simply can’t find “the one” among your paper stash? Why not create your own scrapbook patterned paper?! This scrapbook technique is a great way to personalize the design, pattern, colors, and overall look! You can even incorporate some of the things you’re into, such as nature, animals, flowers, food, coffee, stars, etc. It’s pretty simple too! Here’s what you’ll need:

Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix

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Check out a few examples of our design team creating their own patterned paper by stamping!

7. 3D Pop-up Scrapbook

This is another super fun and easy scrapbook design idea that you have to try today! It might seem a bit intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to create lots of different designs.

Cute mini scrapbook album

Our Family Scrapbook Collection

For this adorable 3D pop-up scrapbook, Reiko did the following steps:

  1. Start by cutting two cardstock sheets to 7.25” by 9.75”. 
  2. Score them at 3.5” and fold them. The 3.5-inch part is to make the page sturdy when the 3D pop-up stands.
  3. Next, adhere this 3D pop-up onto a 7.5 by 15-inch sheet, folded in half into a 7.5-inch square. 
  4. Also, cut and score at the sizes shown in the picture below (the red lines are to fold at them).
  5. Then, adhere one cardstock sheet to another to make a 3D pop-up.

DIY pop-up scrapbook album

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Easy and Practical Tips for Scrapbooking

Before you embark on your scrapbooking journey and try various scrapbooking techniques, here are a few tips from our designers!

  1. Choose a focal image - You can have more than one, but it’s also best to choose one photo per page.
  2. Emphasize your focal image - You can do this by creating borders around them or adding elements that highlight them. 
  3. Place creative borders around your main image - You can use washi tapes, die-cuts, buttons, sequins, and other cute ephemera that can be used as borders.
  4. Add some floral accents - Flowers are timeless, beautiful, and elegant! 
  5. Handwritten notes - For that classy journal effect, you need to write your notes on your scrapbook manually. This gives it a more personalized and dramatic touch as well.
  6. Concise or Bulleted Notes - For scrapbooking, it’s always advisable to make your notes brief so that your page isn’t text-heavy. 
  7. Don’t forget about angles - Add some twist by tilting your photo/s or creating various shapes and patterns with your elements.  
  8. Use high-quality journaling pens - If you want a classy and modern feel, you can use a fine-tipped pen or a brush marker. You can also add some sparkle with gel pens.
  9. Get creative with different font styles - Combining different font styles, sizes, and colors will give your page an extra oomph.

Festive and colorful scrapbook design idea

Altenew Scrapbook Collections

There you have it! We hope these fabulous and creative scrapbook design ideas have sparked your imagination. If you’re still a beginner in scrapbooking, you can always modify your page - it doesn’t need to look exactly like the ones mentioned here. The important thing is to personalize it according to your preferences. Here at Altenew, we aim to inspire! So if you need more scrapbooking techniques and inspiration for your scrapbook design, CLICK HERE. If you are running out of scrapbooking supplies, you can visit the Altenew store and shop here.

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