3 Ways to Decorate Envelopes With Washi Tape

Last Updated: September 28, 2021

Washi tapes are probably one of the most versatile paper crafting supplies you’ll ever own. Aside from paper, of course. You can use these to cover your card front for quick backgrounds, create your own patterned paper by mixing and matching your washi tape sets, use it as a decoration or embellishment on your handmade card or scrapbook page, die-cut images out of it, decorate your gadgets, notebooks, tumblers, or furniture with it, and more! The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to washi tape crafts.

Washi… what?

What exactly is a washi tape? From the Japanese word “washi,” which means “paper,” these tapes are far more delicate and lightweight than regular paper. At its core, it is simply a decorative tape made of washi. In 2006, crafters who had been using masking tape for their art projects requested that a company make a line of decorative masking tapes with all sorts of patterns and designs. The rest, as they say, is history. If you want to learn a bit more about these pretty decorative tapes, CLICK HERE

If you’re not new to the world of crafting, you already know that there’s an endless supply of washi tape ideas available online. From DIY crafts and home decor to cardmaking and scrapbooking - you can find various washi tape designs that will suit your needs. Today, we are bringing you one of the best (and easiest) DIY projects that you can try with these all-around tapes.

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3 Fun and Simple Washi Tape Ideas to Help You Decorate Your Envelopes!

In the world of paper crafting, the uses of washi tape are truly endless. But before you start crafting away, you need to figure out which washi tape set is the right one for you. Here are some of the most popular washi tape sizes and how you can use them.

Washi tape size:

DIY crafts and projects


  • Great for adding subtle accents and designs. 
  • Because of their size, they also do well for framing sentiments around your cards.

50mm - 75mm 

  • These can cover more space, so they are perfect for use with our mini die-cutting machine. 
  • Rather than using just plain cardstock for your die-cuts, you can cover a piece of cardstock with a 2-3 inch washi tape to use with your dies.

100mm - 150mm 

  • These are just large enough to cover a full A2 card size.
  • Perfect for filling in the entire background of a card. 
  • Because of their size, you’ll find that these wider washi tapes are incredibly versatile.

Extra Wide Tapes (up to 12 inches!)

  • These can cover not just cards but entire scrapbook pages, book covers, and even furniture!


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What could be better than receiving a personalized handmade card? Receiving the card in a fun, unique, and customized envelope! Experienced cardmakers know better than anyone that customizing their envelopes is the cherry on top of their card making cake. There are so many different ways to zhuzh up an envelope - stamp images onto it, color it with alcohol markers, add stickers, sequins, and other embellishments, do some journaling, or cover it with washi tapes!

Here are a few quick and simple uses of washi tapes on your DIY envelopes:

1. Transform a plain, white envelope into a stunning and unique one by covering it with your favorite washi tape. This one is pretty much self-explanatory. If you want your envelope to stand out, try one of these beautiful and unique wide washi tape designs from Altenew. With the wide variety of patterns, colors, sizes, lengths, and designs that we offer - you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store!



Cute and Fun

Masculine / Neutral


Calming Bouquet

Gilded Greenery

Painted Seashells


Gold Splatter Blush

Glitter Flurries

Leafy Dreams

Instant Rainbow

Sweet Dreams

Pink Watercolor

Bouquet Die Cut

Marsh Land

Painted Grid

Gradient Lines

Peach Gold

Floral Flurries

Leaf Washi

Round Art

Sea Quotes

Painted Orchids

Altenew Classic Washi Tapes

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2. Die-cut images out of washi tape and use them as decorations on your envelope. One of the best washi tape ideas you can try is creating unique die-cuts using your washi tapes. If you are a card maker who wants to create something less messy (we know that inks, watercolors, and markers can get messy sometimes!) but with the same stunning visuals, this is a great hack! You can choose any die set you have and simply die-cut it using your preferred washi tape. For this method, it’s better to choose vibrant colors that will make your die-cuts pop out. You may also use more than one tape! With our gradient washi tapes, you get four different shades from the same color family.

3. Keep it simple but elegant by adding gold accents. With the wide range of washi tape designs available out there, it might get overwhelming for you. Sometimes less is more, even in the colorful and wonderful world of card making. You can still go for a clean and simple look on your DIY envelope by adding a narrow strip of gold washi tape on the flap or the seams. This is great if you are sending handmade cards that must look natural, professional, or business-like. You can also use this for wedding invitation envelopes or any kind of invitation that needs to be more sophisticated-looking. This Pure Gold Washi Tape Set has all the gold you’ll ever need to turn a plain envelope into a showstopper.

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So many washi tape ideas, so little time! We hope these inspired you to decorate your envelopes and take your paper crafting skill to the next level. Unless you’re only making handmade cards as a pastime and never sending them out, you’ll find that there’s joy in customizing everything - even your envelopes. If you are still looking for more washi tape crafts to try, we recommend checking THIS BLOG POST. As always, drop by the Altenew store to get your daily, weekly, or monthly dose of beautiful and unique paper crafting goodies.


  • Irene

    I love the idea of using washi on the envelope flap! I’ve been using cardstock and cutting it down to fit, but it adds so much bulk and requires adhesive. A wide washi is the perfect replacement idea, thank you! ❤️

  • Jennifer Williams

    Awesome Washi…so many colors, so many options, so gorgrous! I LOVE IT!!!

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