Scrapbook Design Team


Ashley lives along the Gulf Coast in the Southern US.  She has always had a love of arts & crafts and began scrapbooking in 2006.  Scrapbooking quickly became a daily part of her life and evolved into working for Design Teams, opening her own Etsy shop and recently designing scrapbook collections.  She loves documenting memories through her layouts, but the ability to be creative on her layouts is what she really enjoys.  Being a stay at home mom and home school teacher to three children keeps her and her family busy.  As well as spending time with her family and scrapbooking, she also enjoys cooking, reading and watching (a lot of) Food Network.

You can find more of Ashley’s creations on her blog and connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest.

Lilith is a full time language teacher and mom to 4 boys which keep her very busy. She grew up in South Africa as a child and it has a special place in her heart. Since she can remember she has loved paper, arts and crafts. She used to collect writing paper and to this day still has some of her favourite papers from when she was a child. She discovered scrapbooking 17 years ago when she got married and it has slowly become her passion. It also helped her to discover the world of photography, and she has since started a photography business on the side. When she has some time left over you'll find her in the kitchen baking gluten free bread and homemade cakes and cookies. Her scrapbooking style is not easily definable. She loves to try out new techniques and products and she always puts the memory and the photography first.

You can see more of Lilith’s work on her blog and connect with her on FacebookInstagramPinterest and Twitter.

Flora was born and raised in Hungary but she moved to Slovenia to her fiance few years ago. She has been papercrafting since her childhood, but nothing was as big a passion as scrapbooking. In the beginning she made cards, followed by mini albums and scrapbook layouts. She started blogging in 2015 and began working for design teams. Her creations are pink, romantic, lovely and clean. She does scrapbooking to keep her memories, therefore her layouts and photos show lots of emotions and stories.

You can find more of Flora’s creations on her blog and connect with her on FacebookInstagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

Evelyn was born and lives in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. She has her own wedding photography company with her husband. She has only one little one, Jasper. She is a mom, and a workaholic when it comes to wedding photography and scrapbooking. Her love of paper began in 2010.  Her scrapping style is simple, clean and quick. She also loves coffee and pastels.

You can find more of Evelyn’s creations on her blog and connect with her on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.

Eunyoung lives in Seoul, South Korea. She is a life photographer. One day she felt that photography itself was not as interesting anymore. So she decided to find something new to do with it, and that was the beginning of her scrapbooking story. Now scrapbooking is a visible and colorful diary to her. She takes photos and creates scrapbooks that revolve around her daily life. She is inspired by little things like adventures with her friends, talking with her family, a romantic sunset view, tasting new coffee and crisp blue skies. She usually creates simple pages with one focal point that accents the photo. The photo is the first step in creating her layout, which usually starts with a white background.

You can find more of Eunyoung’s creations on her blog and connect with her on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

Aimee is a born and raised Australian. Daughter of a scrapbook store owner, however she never felt the need to scrapbook until after she married. She has degrees in International Politics, Computer Science and Anthropology, all which frequently get used while trying to negotiate her way through the new world of motherhood. Now a full time mum and wife, she scraps after everyone one goes to bed as a way to chill and treasure her family’s memories. She serves on several kit, digital and media creative teams, but this will be her first stamp team- a challenge she is very much looking forward to.

You can find more of Aimee’s creations on her blog and connect with her on FacebookInstagram and Pinterest. 

Past Designer


Patricia lives in Louisiana with her husband of 25+ years. They became a Chinese adoptive family in 2009.  Although her precocious little daughter is why she began scrapbooking, she loves scrapbooking about everyday life through layouts, pocket pages, or memory planning. While she waited to adopt their daughter, she found a creative outlet not just in scrapbooking, but in DIY projects, art journaling, card making, and photography.

You can find more of Patricia’s creations on her blog and connect with her on FacebookInstagramTwitter, and Pinterest.