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Lilith is a full-time language teacher and mom to 4 boys which keep her very busy. She grew up in South Africa as a child and it has a special place in her heart. Since she can remember, she has loved paper, arts, and crafts. She used to collect writing paper and, to this day, still has some of her favorite papers from when she was a child. She discovered scrapbooking 17 years ago when she got married and it has slowly become her passion. It also helped her discover the world of photography and she has since started a photography business on the side. When she has some time left, you'll find her in the kitchen baking gluten-free bread and homemade cakes, and cookies. Her scrapbooking style is not easily definable. She loves to try out new techniques and products and she always puts the memory and the photographs first.

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Enza was born and raised in Italy but moved to the U.S. almost thirteen years ago to be with the love of her life. She is passionate about photography and all forms of memory keeping. Scrapbooking was non-existent for her growing up and only started being her creative outlet in 2008. Her style has definitely changed over the years, becoming more detailed and colorful, while still being clean and simple. She enjoys working for Design Teams and always loves a good challenge when it comes to her creativity. Spending time with her husband and three kids is her absolute favorite.

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Kymona is a woman who never slows down and loves it. Yes! She is the energizer bunny’s sister. She keeps going and going.  She is a single mom of two wonderful children, 19 and 10 years of age. Besides running from one activity to another with them, she works full-time at a hospital, teaches high school students on the weekends, and has a huge love of learning new things. She started scrapbooking when her son was born and has been paper crafting ever since. She also has a love for card-making, photography, knitting, and mixed media. Besides being a mom, she thinks crafting has been one of her most rewarding accomplishments. According to her, being able to share with the crafting world community makes life so rewarding!

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Sandra lives in Leipzig, Germany and works as a research fellow at Leipzig University. She started scrapbooking and blogging in 2011. She prefers to create clean, soft, and light projects and likes unobtrusive and unexpected designs. In her leisure time, she also plays beach volleyball, reads books, and takes photographs. Her favorite cities are Leipzig, London, and Prague.

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Reiko lives in Chiba, Japan with her husband and two teenage girls. She started scrapbooking in 2000 and has a passion for scrapbooking and photography. She leads workshops at the trade shows and creates scrapbooking pages for magazines and websites as her job. But still, scrapbooking is her creative escape and medicine for her soul and it always brings her and her family more happiness. Creativity is always on her mind and adds so much to her everyday life.

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Zinia is a designer, illustrator and a certified color addict. She loves working on all sorts of creative projects both in the papercrafting and art spectrum. She's always been a crafty person but only discovered scrapbooking around 2014 when she created her blog and started collaborating with various companies.

Her style is bright and whimsical but it ranges from simple and minimalistic to artsy and messy. She constantly experiments with new ideas and techniques and even when things don't work as expected, she believes that every crafty "disaster" is a great source of inspiration for a future masterpieces.

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