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500 Watercolor Sets Donation


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🕘️ 04 November 2022 • New York

Altenew, NY-Based Paper Crafting Company, Brings Joy to Seniors Across the Country by Donating 500+ Watercolor Sets

Over 500 Altenew watercolor sets found new homes with seniors across the United States this month in a special collaboration with Zakat Foundation of America.

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, USA, November 04, 2022 - Paper crafters have been utilizing Altenew’s liquid watercolor bottles for more than just watercolor marker refills. Since their initial launch a few years ago, these watercolor refills were discovered to hold the potential for numerous watercolor techniques that quickly grew this product’s range in the crafting arena.

The Altenew liquid watercolor collection started as a simple and efficient way for artists to refill their watercolor brush markers. With a specially designed watercolor bottle for each color in the Altenew ink family, the collection provides all that is needed to continue reusing watercolor brush markers when they begin to dry out or streak. However, that is not all these watercolors have been used for.

The liquid watercolor is marketed towards beginners and expert-level watercolor enthusiasts. Artists using the product have admired the vibrant colors that help create stunning colorful projects and the convenient labels on each bottle, making each color quick and easy to identify.

Altenew liquid watercolor comes in perfectly sized bottles for easy storage and usage.

"I bought the full collection & now I feel like a child in a sweet shop choosing which colors to use. The pigment is high so you get beautiful colors, (and) you can add more water for a lighter shade.”

— Naomi Thompson,
Altenew Customer

Altenew features a broad selection of liquid watercolor products on its collection page:

“It is raining color! Create trendy and one-of-a-kind artwork with our bright and bold liquid watercolor! These are excellent when paired with our line of watercolor brush markers and other art supplies. High-quality liquid watercolor sets that come in rich and vibrant colors in all the hues of the rainbow. Ideal for beginners and expert watercolor enthusiasts! Start creating stunning handmade cards, scrapbook pages, art projects, and mixed media art with our wide range of liquid watercolor paint sets!”

A frequent supporter of Altenew, Naomi Thompson is especially passionate about the liquid watercolor collection. “I bought the full collection, and now I feel like a child in a sweet shop choosing which colors to use. The pigment is very high, so you get beautiful colors that you can add more water for a lighter shade.”

The liquid watercolors coordinate with watercolor brush marker colors from the Altenew color families.

Liquid watercolor can be used for a variety of watercolor techniques in addition to serving as refills for watercolor brush markers.

Artists continue to experiment and try new techniques with liquid watercolor, as it brings new crafting possibilities. Altenew’s liquid watercolor guide provides crafters with tips and ideas to branch out in their crafting style and learn how to create stylish new trendy projects. Creatives worldwide await the latest new colors in the Altenew color collection.

Established in April 2014, Altenew strives to bring elegant, natural, and versatile designs to paper crafting products. Altenew knows that the personal, delicate touches of a handmade card or scrapbook page can bring joy to the most important people in your life, and it is proud to create products that help inspire creative projects and one-of-a-kind handmade creations. 

Visit www.altenew.com today and get started on your crafting journey!

Nabil Rab

Altenew CEO

+1 315-967-2003


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