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New Year Card Messages and Ideas

Thinking of sending a New Year's card to someone but don't know what to say? If you're looking for what to write in a New Year card, look no further! Celebrate beginnings with a positive and happy mindset with these New Year's Day card messages and ideas!

New Year Card Messages

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  • For a Friend
  • For a Neighbor
  • For Your Boss
  • For a Coworker
  • For Your Grandma
  • For Your Grandpa
  • For Your Mom
  • For Your Dad
  • For Your Brother
  • For Your Sister
  • For Your In-Laws
  • For Your Daughter
  • For Your Teacher
  • For Your Spouse/Partner
  • From Our Family to Yours
  • Long Distance
  • Funny
  • Belated
  • Chinese New Year

For a Friend

  • I have no fear of facing the start of each year, because I have you to hold my hand, my dear! Cheers to a friendship that will last many years!
  • To my best friend, you are the happy to all my new years. May we continue our friendship tied in love and goodwill!
  • To the friend that has stood by me all these years, here's to another great one with you. May this year be YOUR year because you deserve all the good things in the world.
  • Every year brings new things - but one thing remains the same. Our friendship! To the one who always has my back, you're the one I'm grateful for each year!

For a Neighbor

  • To my next-door friend, thank you for making our neighborhood brighter with your presence! Happy New Year to you and your family! (Hello Sunshine Stamp Set)
  • Happy New Year, neighbor! I claim that this year will be a fantastic one for you and your family! Thank you for all the good you bring to our area.
  • Happy New Year to my neighbor, who makes the place in our neighborhood homier! May you start the year with a clean slate, a happy heart, and a positive mind! 

For Your Boss

  • To my boss, thank you for constantly pushing us to grow beyond our limits each year! Here's to a new year full of blessings upon blessings for you and your family!
  • Thank you for being one of the instruments that helped me achieve all my goals for last year. Here's to another year of growth and learning under your leadership, boss!
  • Happy New Year to the one who propels our team forward! We appreciate your guidance and efforts - where would we be without our beloved captain? 

For a Coworker

  • To my colleague, you constantly inspire me to do my best in the workplace. I appreciate your dedication, which never fails to bring our team to success each year! (Thinking of You Stamp Set)
  • Happy new year to my favorite worker bee! (Mini Delight: Bee Kind Stamp & Die Set) You always brighten up our workplace - even on the most stressful days. I wish you a year full of happiness and peace!
  • For every year that comes abound, I am glad to have you around. Happy New Year to my best friend in the workplace! 

For Your Grandma

  • For every new year of my life, I wish that ten would be added to yours! Thank you for your warm love that keeps me going, Grandma!
  • If I could paint joy in a picture, it would definitely look like you! Happy New Year, our dear grandma - you make every year better with your presence!
  • You are one of my life's blessings that I carry with me every year. I love you, dear Grandma! May this year give you unlimited health and happiness!

For Your Grandpa

  • Dear grandpa, you are my greatest idol of strength. Thank you for helping me be the person that faces each new year boldly and gladly.
  • Happy New Year, Granddad! Thank you for gracing our lives with your presence for another year! Wishing you nothing but excellent health and happiness!
  • New Year's Day is definitely happier when I can celebrate it with the best grandfather around! May your heart and belly always be full of happiness and love from our family! 

For Your Mom

  • To my mom, all the best years of my life belong to you. Thank you for giving me the chance to experience all of this world's beginnings and endings. I love you so much.
  • I can't imagine a year without you, Mom - not even a day! Please be with me for all my new years. I love you, and I wish you excellent health and happiness always.
  • The skies are alight with fireworks, but the brightest spark in our family remains to be you. Happy New Year, mom! 

For Your Dad

  • To my dad, who has always been our family's stronghold, Happy New Year! We are grateful for another year full of your corny Dad jokes, companionship, and beer belly laughs. We love you and wish you the best of health and prosperity this year!
  • No matter how many years pass by, I will always be the little kid that runs to you when I have a problem. Thank you for always being there for me. Happy New Year to the best dad ever.
  • For all the sacrifices you made for our family, we'd want you to know how much we appreciate you. May this year be the manifestation of all your hopes and dreams, dad! 

For Your Brother

  • Cheers to another year with you, brother! Thank you for always inspiring me to grow. You are the best sibling that anyone could ever ask for.
  • Embrace the new year with a hopeful heart and mind! I hope this year treats you right and gives you everything your heart desires!
  • Congratulations on another great year, my bro! I am always proud of you. Know that I believe in you and that you will achieve what you set your mind to. (Paint-A-Flower: Carnations Outline Stamp Set)

For Your Sister

  • To my sister, Happy New Year! I am so proud of you and all the goals that you are set on achieving. I know this year will surely be full of opportunities and possibilities for your dreams to come true. (Happy Petals Stamp Set)
  • When God made great sisters, He must have modeled everyone after you! Thank you for your unwavering kindness, empathy, and companionship, sis!
  • I know this year has been a tough one for you, but I'm so glad you made it through! You're a strong, beautiful fighter, and I'm so proud of you. Wishing that this year will be filled with happiness for you! 

For Your In-Laws

  • Happy New Year to my amazing in-laws! I hope this year will give you many blessings and excellent health! Thank you for your constant love and support.
  • You guys shine brighter in my life than the fireworks filling the sky. Happy New Year to the best in-laws!
  • Let the celebration of this new beginning lead you to success, happiness, and health! Thank you for being the blessings that you are in my life! (Paint-A-Flower: Gerbera Revolution Outline Stamp Set)

For Your Daughter

  • Daughter, with each passing year, your beauty only grows like a flower in bloom. I am so proud of the person you're turning into. I love you. Happy New Year! (Dahlia Blossoms Add-On Stamp Set)
  • With sparkles in my eyes and peace in my heart, I look forward to another year with you, my daughter! You have made all my years worth living with the happiness that you bring to our family and me.
  • Daughter, I wish for you to shine brighter than fireworks and to face the new year equipped with resolutions to be better, stronger, and kinder than ever. May you grow in love and happiness! 

For Your Teacher

  • Happy New Year's Day to my teacher, who taught me the value of mistakes and new beginnings! May this year be a fruitful one for you.
  • May your new year be filled with love, light, and peace! Please continue burning the fire of wisdom, my great teacher!
  • For all these years that you have been my guide, I thank you for the growth that you have given me. I hope that this year will turn out to be all that you wish for and more. 

For Your Spouse/Partner

  • Here's to wishing I get to spend all my years with you - but even one lifetime isn't enough to love you. Happy New Year, my love!
  • When I looked back on my favorite moments of last year, I noticed one thing: YOU were in all of them. So here's to another year of making more happy memories with you, my sweet!
  • I wouldn't have survived the last year without you by my side. Here's to leaving the past and having you in my present and future!
  • You are the reason I look forward to every new year. You are my life's greatest new beginning, and I hope we have our own happy ending! Here's to another chapter of our story, love! 

From Our Family to Yours

  • We wish you and your family a happy new beginning for this year. May all your dreams, hopes, and goals be fulfilled!
  • May this year bring you and your family nothing but unending happiness! Let this new beginning be the chance to conquer the same dreams with newer chances. (New Beginnings Stamp Set)
  • From our family to yours, we hope this new beginning bridges you to countless opportunities and blessings! We are more than grateful to celebrate another year with you. Happy New Year! 

Long Distance

  • We may celebrate New Year's Eve apart, but I'm glad to face this new beginning with you in my heart. Wishing that I could spend this year with you!
  • Happy New Year's Day! May the fireworks and festivities bring you hope and happiness wherever you are. I hope this will finally be the year I get to be with you again. Miss you a lot!
  • Distance will never get in the way of me sending you my love for New Year's Day! May this year be filled with joy and blessings for you and your family.


  • Happy New Year's Day! Here's to all the New Year's resolutions we'll keep for a month!
  • Thanks for letting me be your best friend for all these years. Here's to another year of annoying the heck out of you!
  • Happy New Year's Day! Good luck with the hangover from the festive drinks. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
  • "May all your troubles last as long as your New Year's resolutions." - Joey Adams
  • This year, my New Year's resolution is to exercise daily, eat healthily, and sleep early on the dot. Here's to a new year of being fitter, wiser, and a better liar! LOL!

For Your Spouse/Partner

  • "Full of love, full of gratitude, full of happiness because I married you! Happy Thanksgiving To My Wonderful Husband!"
  • "Every day I am reminded of the greatest blessing I’ve received. I always show my gratitude for all you are to me. I am so very thankful for having you in my life. You’re more to me than anyone can dream, you’re my wonderful and beautiful wife! Happy Thanksgiving!"
  • "I have been blessed with someone to call my true love, my best friend, my husband and for that, I am eternally grateful. I love you now and always! Happy Thanksgiving!"
  • "I give thanks for your kind words, for your tender caresses, and for you loving me like no other. Happy Thanksgiving With Love!"
  • "Love, happiness, blessings, and joy that’s what I have because of you. Happy Thanksgiving to My Wife!"


  • My greeting may be late, but know that as the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve, I was thinking of you. Here's to new beginnings!
  • Sorry for the late greeting, but guess what? My New Year's Resolution for this year is to be more early! So Happy New Year and Happy Valentine's Day (LOL)! (New Me Stamp Set)
  • Have a Belated Happy New Year! May your year start with abundant blessings, happiness, and excellent health! 

Chinese New Year

  • Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family. Wishing that your year is filled with abundant blessings, health, and happiness!
  • May all the days of this year be blessed with good fortune for you. Kung Hei Fat Choi!
  • Here's to celebrating new beginnings! I know prosperity will follow you and all your loved ones this year.
  • Manifesting that this year is charged with good energy and health for you and your family. Happy Chinese New Year!