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Altenew Washi Tape Takes Center Stage in the Crafting World 


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🕘️ 10 March 2023 • New York

Altenew Washi Tape Takes Center Stage in the Crafting World

Crafters worldwide gush about Altenew's washi tapes and their innovative colors, designs, and patterns - setting the bar high for creativity and versatility.

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, USA, March 10, 2023 - The paper crafting community is abuzz with love for Altenew's washi tapes, alongside the releases of the company's latest paper crafting products. Their latest washi tape designs from the February 2023 Boho Chic Release feature an array of colorful gradient washi tape large enough to fill A2 cards - completely replacing colored cardstock!

There's no doubt that this NY-based company has been consistently releasing great products after another, and their washi tape products continue to be one of them. With a wide variety of designs and colors to choose from, Altenew's washi tape collection offers endless possibilities for creating unique and beautiful projects. Crafters everywhere are eager to get their hands on this must-have crafting supply and see the creative potential that Altenew's washi tape brings to the table.

Recently, the paper crafting company conducted one of its renowned giveaways through a fun Youtube video showcasing how crafters can use their innovative wide washi tapes. The Youtube video, entitled "Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape to Make Your Life Easier," presented unique ways of using Altenew's wide washi tapes. Crafters were able to join the giveaway by subscribing to the channel, liking the video, and commenting on how they use their own washi tapes.

"It's a beautiful product, and I know I'll be using it often in card making and journaling.””

— Nancy, Altenew Customer

Washi tapes in various colors, sizes, and patterns are available at the Altenew store for crafters looking to upgrade their creative projects.

One of their most colorful washi tapes, Altenew's Block Rainbow Washi Tape is another crowd-favorite!

Crafters can find endless inspiration for using washi tape products on the Altenew Blog.

The video garnered attention from crafters, as the company's wide washi tapes are a favorite among its audiences. Altenew's Wide Washi Tapes are bigger than the average washi tape and can be used to quickly make backgrounds, die-cuts, and embossed designs on an A2 card. These washi tapes are sized 114mm x 10m (4.49" x 32.8'), so it's no wonder why crafters are able to find nifty hacks with such a versatile and extensive tool.

"I have never used wide washi tape except for the thin ones. Thought I would try this. Watched one of the free videos and tried it with an embossing folder. I loved the results. Will surely buy more when they come on sale!" Karen Swann, an Altenew customer, raved about the Painted Fantasy Wide Washi Tape.

Another customer, Nancy, remarked, "The washi tape is just lovely. I made an A2 card in about 10 minutes by using it as a background, coloring it with alcohol markers, and adding a sentiment. A simple card to make that is so pretty. It's a beautiful product, and I know I'll be using it often in card making and journaling."

Aside from these wide washi tapes, this creative company's regular-sized and slim washi tapes are also one to beat. Customers can't get enough of the ingenious designs and colors. From rainbow stripes to pink swirls and even die-cut washi tapes, washi tape enthusiasts are sure to have a field day when they view the astounding products from Altenew's collection.

Moreover, Altenew's commitment to pushing the boundaries of paper crafting continues beyond their washi tape releases. They also offer a wealth of resources and inspiration for crafters, including tutorials, videos, and a blog filled with ideas and tips on how to use washi tape.

Indeed, this dedication to providing their customers with the tools and knowledge they need to create stunning projects has made Altenew a favorite among the crafting community. Overall, there's no question why this NY-based company's audiences are smitten with its products and service.

Established in April 2014, Altenew strives to bring elegant, natural, and versatile designs to paper crafting products. Altenew knows that the personal, delicate touches of a handmade card or scrapbook page can bring joy to the most important people in your life, and it is proud to create products that help inspire creative projects and one-of-a-kind handmade creations.

Visit www.altenew.com today and get started on your crafting journey!

Nabil Rab

Altenew CEO

+1 315-967-2003


[GIVEAWAY] Fun Ways to Use Washi Tape to Make Your Life Easier

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