Altenew branches out with its first Paint-by-Number set that has artists calling for more

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🕘️ 31 May 2023 • New York

Altenew branches out with its first Paint-by-Number set that has artists calling for more

Altenew launches a brand-new product category with its first Paint-by-Number release and adds new inks to its Fresh Dye Ink collection.

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, USA, May 31, 2023 - May has been an exciting month for Altenew, as the paper crafting company came out with lots of thrilling new products for paper crafters and artists. Altenew launched a brand-new product category this month, along with a new line of inks, new glitter cardstock paper, and the latest in paper crafting subscription goodies.

Altenew released its first Paint-by-Number set, bringing the beauty of the iconic Altenew florals to a new medium. Paint-by-Number: Classical Roses opens up a whole window of possibilities for future Paint-by-Number sets created by Altenew. This set simplifies painting for newbie artists and introduces an easier, more relaxing way to enjoy painting.

Altenew also released a new collection of glitter cardstock in the iconic die cutting cardstock sheets. Altenew tries to make the process of die cutting as simple and as streamlined as possible for paper crafters - from the new keyhole system established in the die sets, to the perfectly sized cardstock sheets to cut out the little elements that come together to create beautiful works of art. The new shiny glitter papers available in this collection come in a stunning assortment of trendy colors.

"Unleash your inner artist and explore a world of color with three stunning blooming rose arrangements. Dive into the captivating process of creating your own masterpiece with ease.”

— Jen Rzasa, Altenew Vice President of Product Development

Altenew branches out into a brand-new product category with the Paint-by-Number: Classical Roses set.

May's Marvelous Monthly Series features some beautiful floral designs that crafters are already loving.

The Atomic Fresh Dye Ink collection is the latest in this Altenew-original line of dye inks.

In addition to this exciting lineup, Altenew released a new collection of Fresh Dye Inks in beautiful shades of blues and reds. The Atomic Fresh Dye Ink collection is already a hit with paper crafters and artists who are looking for an easy and crisp stamping experience, especially with layering stamps.

Altenew has also been hinting on social media at an upcoming collaboration with crafting influencer and journaling guru Amy Tangerine. The company promises an exciting new release featuring designs inspired by Amy’s iconic style.

With new product categories and growing collections in the Altenew shop, the range of supplies to work with is increasing at an exciting pace. We can’t wait to see how crafting trends continue to pick up as crafters and artists bring beauty into the world.

Established in April 2014, Altenew strives to bring elegant, natural, and versatile designs to paper crafting products. Altenew knows that the personal, delicate touches of a handmade card or scrapbook page can bring joy to the most important people in your life, and it is proud to create products that help inspire creative projects and one-of-a-kind handmade creations. 

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Nabil Rab

Altenew CEO

+1 315-967-2003

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