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🕘️ 03 February 2023 • New York

Local Syracuse Business Pitches in to Help Refugees During Winter Storm Elliot

In preparation for Winter Storm Elliot, local NY crafting company provides winter supplies to refugees to help face the harsh winter cold.

SSYRACUSE, NEW YORK, USA, February 3, 2023 - Altenew LLC, a paper crafting company local to Syracuse, NY, recently rallied together with Syracuse locals to provide winter supplies to refugees in the face of Winter Storm Elliot during the holidays. When countless New Yorkers and others around the country experienced record-breaking freezing temperatures, Altenew found the need to help the most vulnerable of the population.

In late December, Altenew representatives collaborated with Zakat Foundation of America to put together carefully curated winter kits at the local Zakat Foundation Syracuse community center. Along with other local volunteers, Altenew team members prepared 150 winter kits containing warm socks, gloves, neck covers, and thermal underwear to be distributed to refugees in the area in the wake of the storm. The majority of refugees benefiting from this distribution were youth and children between the ages of 4 and 12, many experiencing the harshness of a Syracuse winter for the first time. The refugees arrived from half a dozen different countries, including Somalia, Afghanistan, Sudan, Congo, Syria, and Burma.

While Altenew is known for its high-end, innovative paper crafting supplies and online crafter educator program, the company has also been at the forefront of a number of humanitarian and community service-oriented projects since its inception in 2014. The Celebrating Parents Card Drive is an annual program hosted by Altenew to support seniors around the United States experiencing loneliness. Hundreds of handmade cards are donated and distributed to nursing homes and senior centers across the country each year. Altenew has also set aside funds and percentages of sales from products over time to donate to meaningful causes around the world.

"I think the idea of service, the idea of giving back, the idea of making someone's day is universal.”

— Nabil Rab, Altenew CEO

Representatives from Altenew prepared winter packages for local refugees in the face of Winter Storm Elliot.

Altenew CEO, Nabil Rab, was among the Altenew team members who volunteered their time to create the winter kits.

Winter kits were carefully curated for individuals and included brand-new socks, thermal underwear, gloves, and neck covers.

Earlier this year, the Altenew CEO, Nabil Rab, shared, “As a team, we're looking at doing more consistent, philanthropic projects giving back to our community beyond our Card Drive and workshops at different senior homes and developing hand pumps or water wells in areas where there might not be much water. Something that we want to be more consistent and more intentional about is putting in more water wells or hand pumps all over the world, and then being more intentional about hosting more workshops for areas where they might not be getting that kind of exposure.”

Altenew has sponsored water wells and hand pumps in villages in Nepal, India, and other impoverished areas of the world. These water sources offer nourishment for hundreds of families in their respective communities.

Altenew continues to find new ways to positively impact others through community service and humanitarian projects. We look forward to seeing Altenew’s community service activities in 2023 and beyond.

Established in April 2014, Altenew strives to bring elegant, natural, and versatile designs to paper crafting products. Altenew knows that the personal, delicate touches of a handmade card or scrapbook page can bring joy to the most important people in your life, and it is proud to create products that help inspire creative projects and one-of-a-kind handmade creations.

Nabil Rab

Altenew CEO

+1 315-967-2003

How the Altenew Community Helps Us Gives Back

This story was originally published on EIN here.