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The Bond of Paper Crafting


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🕘️ 25 March 2022 • New York

Altenew Challenges Family Members to Bond Together Through Paper Crafting

Altenew co-founder discovers paper crafting as a way to connect with family members of different generations.

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, USA, March 25, 2022 - In an age when the divide between generations is increasingly pronounced, finding similar ground to bond with family members can be a challenge. During the holidays, Altenew Co-Founder Jen Rzasa found a way to bridge that gap through the beauty of paper crafting. She brought together three generations of her own family for a special watercoloring session. Jen shared a beautiful moment with her grandmother, mother, and niece as they spent time together engaged in a relaxing activity they all enjoyed.

Other members of the Altenew community have expressed similar sentiments about the beauty of paper crafting and family bonding. “I enjoy sharing the joy of crafting with my own children. As they get older, their interests may drift farther and farther from my own. Finding common ground with members of different generations can often be a challenge, but sharing even a short half an hour crafting break together is a beautiful way to bond while spending time away from technology,” shared Lydia Evans, Altenew Creative Ambassador.

Altenew Operations Director Nicole Picadura has spent countless hours crafting with younger members of her own family in her craft room. Reflecting on the special memories she has shared with her nephew, she reflected, “I try to make sure we have that aunt and nephew bonding time together over art. And I want to encourage him to continue as he grows up…so that he has that outlet…I think that's a great way for us to encourage younger generations to take advantage of paper crafting.”

"When we let loose and create together, we allow our kids, grandkids, nieces... to let their creativity flourish, and by creating for others, we discover a subtle way to teach compassion and kindness.”

— Lydia Evans, Altenew Creative Ambassador

Altenew Co-Founder Jen Rzasa shares a special moment crafting with members of her family.

Crafters of every age can enjoy the joy of watercoloring.

Sense of community plays a large role in the world of paper crafting and was a founding principle for Altenew.

The Altenew team loves seeing how crafting brings together families - especially members from different generations. They challenged paper crafters to share their special crafting memories on social media with the hashtag #AltenewBonding to promote the bonding that crafting together brings to families. Paper crafters are encouraged to post their pictures and videos on Instagram and Facebook to continue the cycle of fostering family relationships through crafting.

Altenew has always promoted the community aspect of paper crafting since the company’s founding in 2014. From launching card drives to teaching crafting classes around the world, Altenew has consistently made an effort to bring crafters together to enjoy the community benefits of crafting. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and the pause of in-person crafting events, Altenew has hosted weekly virtual workshops held in real-time Zoom sessions with noteworthy crafting instructors. These workshops have served as an outlet for crafters all around the world for the past two years. Altenew plans to return to the in-person paper crafting scene at this year’s annual Creativation show in Orlando, Florida.

As Lydia Evans has shared, “When we let loose and create together, we allow our kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews to let their creativity flourish, and by creating for others, we discover a subtle way to teach compassion and kindness.”

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Altenew CEO

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How Paper Crafting Brought 3 Generations of the Family Together

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