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🕘️ 17 June 2022 • New York

Altenew's Blending Brushes: A Product of Love, Passion, and Creative Ingenuity

Altenew impresses crafters with thoughtfully created and ergonomically designed ink blending brushes. Learn more about the story behind its development.

SYRACUSE, NEW YORK, USA, 17 June, 2022 - Since the conception of their blending brushes in 2019, Altenew has put a lot of love and thought into the design and creation of these ink blending brushes. They are ergonomically designed for ease of use and comfort, with high-density bristles that make blending a breeze. In addition, these blending tools are easy to clean and created with their customers and fans in mind.

Altenew has been a leading brand in the paper crafting and card making industry since its inception in 2014. The company is known for its high-quality products and innovative designs. In 2021, Altenew unveiled its small and large ink blending tools, much to the delight of its huge fan base of card makers. The Altenew Large Ink Blending Brush features soft, tightly packed, white bristles and an ergonomically designed handle to help crafters seamlessly blend ink without experiencing hand fatigue. This ink blending tool measures 2" in diameter and about 2.25" tall. The Altenew Small Ink Blending Brush is a mini version of the large blending tool but with a slightly different design. It measures 1" in diameter, about 1.50" tall, and comes in a set of four.

Altenew's Ultimate Ink Blending Tool Bundle is every crafter's dream!

With this exciting addition to Altenew’s continuously growing product line, no one is more thrilled than co-founder and President Tasnim Ahmed. “We strive to carry the essential tools that crafters need for everyday crafting. Blending brushes are a must-have when working with stencils, inks, and paper,” Tasnim commented when asked about why Altenew added ink blending tools to the store. When asked about how she came up with the blending brush’s design, she added, “We wanted to carry the best blending brushes that are easy and comfortable to hold and use.”

The Detailed Blending Brushes were thoughtfully crafted and designed by Altenew's President, Tasnim Ahmed.

To give its customer the best possible ink blending experience, Altenew’s line of blending brushes for crafts has expanded to include Detailed Blending Brushes, Mini Blending Brushes, and a few bundles for those who want to grow their ink blending tools collection. The Detailed Blending Brushes were specifically designed for those having trouble blending ink into the tiny nooks and crannies of their favorite stencil, ink blending on corners, adding extra details, or applying ink to die-cuts. This set of blending brushes comes in various sizes (5, 7, 10) for quick and easy blending. Each detailed blending brush is densely packed with white angled bristles, and the handle measures 6.25" for a more comfortable grip. The Mini Blending Brush Set has four mini ink blending tools with an ergonomic design for a comfortable grip. The brush’s diameter is 14mm (0.55") and its bristle length is 5mm (0.2").

So, what makes Altenew’s ink blending brushes different from other blending tools in the market?

“Our blending brushes were designed with the crafter in mind,” Tasnim shared proudly. “They have an ergonomic design that makes them easy to hold, with the least amount of pressure on hand joints. The bristles were customized to be highly dense, and their height and shape were also customized to achieve optimal ink blending results.”

Hand fatigue is a common issue plaguing crafters and card makers who are into ink blending. This compelled the Altenew team to create an ink blending tool that is easy to grip and maneuver, especially for those with arthritis, carpal tunnel, and other hand or wrist-related issues. With their sleek design and comfortable grip, these blending brushes for crafts will help anyone - from beginners to experienced crafters - achieve seamless blends every single time and on any paper crafting project.

In a recent Altenew Q&A YouTube video, Tasnim was asked about a unique product category that she wanted to include in the Altenew shop. “(What) comes to mind is the Detailed Blending Brush. From the time that I thought about that brush - its unique, angular shape - to the time when we first released it – that was about two or three years. It took a long time to get it done, and that kind of sticks with me.” Tasnim went on to sing praises about the uniqueness of these blending brushes. “I love this product; it’s a very useful product. It has these unique, angular bristles which were specifically designed so that you’d be able to hold the brush like you’d hold a pen and still be able to apply ink easily.”

Thanks to the inspiring creativity and innovation of paper crafting companies like Altenew, the crafting industry is full of outstanding products that are not just beautiful but also handy, versatile, and practical. Altenew hopes to keep on bringing game-changing products with fresh, trendy, and classy designs to every crafter out there.

Established in April 2014, Altenew strives to bring elegant, natural, and versatile designs in paper crafting products. Altenew knows that the personal, delicate touches of a handmade card or scrapbook page can bring joy to the most important people in your life, and it is proud to create products that help inspire creative projects and one-of-a-kind handmade creations. 

Visit www.altenew.com today and get started on your crafting journey!

Blending is a dream with Altenew's line of ink blending brushes!

Nabil Rab

Altenew CEO

+1 315-967-2003


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