Washi Tapes

★★★★★ "These larger washi tapes are so versatile. Make as a whole background on a card, use on half the card, cut out the flowers, so many things and uses. I just love 'em. So glad I bought them finally." --- Patricia H.

Complete Washi Tape Collection - Wide Washi Tapes, Slim Washis, Floral, Metallic, and More

Are you looking for a beautiful colorful touch to add to your paper crafting projects? Our washi tapes come in a variety of fun, colorful, and exciting designs - from florals to galaxy to ombré! Perfect for cards, scrapbook layouts, and even home decor, our wide washi tapes are total game changers in the crafting community. Whether you want cute, slim tapes, or wide tapes that cover the whole page, we have something for you in our washi tape collection!