World Card Making Day: History, Fun Facts, and Card Making Trends

Last Updated: February 3, 2024

With October 2nd being World Card Making Day, our favorite time of the year has come once again! That’s right! Card makers from all around the globe celebrate the first Saturday in October by getting together and creating multiple greeting cards for any occasion.

Cards have always been a meaningful way to show someone you care. They’re not just for birthdays or holidays anymore! Making handmade cards for all occasions is more enjoyable than ever because we get creative freedom in the type, size, color, shape, and design of the card — and who doesn't love creating their own masterpiece?! 

In celebration of World Card Making Day, we’re going to share a bit of the history of this fun hobby, some card making trends, and a few awesome DIY card ideas so you can make something personalized at home today without breaking the bank (or your wrist!).

Handmade cards with floral designs

Breezy Bouquet Stamp & Die Bundle

What Is World Cardmaking Day?

World Card Making Day is an annual event that began in 2006. Paper Crafts Magazine created this day to encourage crafters and hobbyists alike who are looking forward to making cards for the holiday season. This special event inspires card makers to get a head start on their holiday and winter cards.

When Is World Card Making Day?

Celebrated every first Saturday of October, World Card Making Day is a great event for card making enthusiasts from all over the world. This year, it falls on the 2nd of October! Since it’s just around the corner, let’s discover a bit about the history of World Card Making Day, along with some fun facts and easy inspiration for making cards without breaking out into hives from picking up scissors!

Clean and simple embossed handmade card

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History of World Card Making Day

You may be surprised to learn that card making has been around for centuries. In fact, its roots can be traced back as far ago as ancient China, where cards were used to send greetings on New Year’s Day, and in Egypt, where they sent greetings with papyrus scrolls. Thanks to advances in printing and technology and lower postal rates, sending greeting cards for any occasion transformed from moderately costly handcrafted gifts to a relatively inexpensive way to personalize greetings and communication. 

The popularity of handmade cards led to the invention of different types of cards, the advent of innovative card supplies, card making trends and techniques, large companies that produce cards like Hallmark Cards and American Greetings, and greeting card-related organizations, workshops, and events. 

Popular subscription magazine Paper Crafts Magazine began the tradition of celebrating Card Making Day on October 7th, 2006, to engage with its customers.

FUN FACT! World Card Making Day was originally just for Paper Crafts Magazine’s subscribers. The event received a warm response from card makers, and the day quickly turned into a special day celebrated worldwide.

Card Making Trends

The birth of the card making industry has eventually kicked off a variety of card making trends that has put every card maker’s creativity on overdrive. Whether you’re new to making cards or you’re a seasoned card maker, these trends and techniques will surely make you want to grab your supplies and start crafting!

Floral layering stamps on a handmade greeting card

Altenew Build-A-Flower

1. Layering stamps were total game-changers in the world of paper crafting. The popularity and growing demand for clear photopolymer stamps have created a desire for stamp manufacturers to up their game. That’s where layering stamps entered the picture. Although these stamps come in various sizes, shapes, and designs, what caught the attention of card makers were floral patterns and designs. The idea of quickly creating beautiful and realistic-looking flowers on your handmade cards simply by using stamps and inks was genuinely enticing. Even beginners in stamping can whip up gorgeous handmade cards for all occasions with nothing but cardstock, floral layering stamps, and dye inks! Check out this card idea!

Simple handmade greeting card with 3D floral dies

Hibiscus Garden 3D Die Set

2. 3D dies are one of the trendiest ways to add dimension to any paper crafting project. Like layering stamps, layering dies, and 3D dies were all the rage among card makers. While dies require more effort and tools, the result is worth all the trouble. Layered and 3D die-cuts look great as a focal point or an embellishment on greeting cards for any occasion. Here’s a clean and simple card inspiration for you!

Washi tape cards

Marbled Dream Wide Washi Tape

3. Washi tape cards are not just adorable; they’re also one of the easiest cards you’ll ever make. Washi tapes are cute, decorative tapes made out of Japanese rice paper. Because they are repositionable and easily removable, bullet journal lovers enjoy using these tapes to add some pizazz to their journal pages. This fun little crafting supply quickly made its way into the hearts of card makers. In recent years, crafting companies started coming up with more creative designs, colors, and patterns. The introduction of wide washi tapes helped card makers instantly create fun backgrounds on different cards for special occasions.

FUN FACT! Washi tape is thinner than most tapes but more durable. It is made of natural fibers like hemp and bamboo. This tape is perfect for various DIY paper crafts and can easily stick to paper, wood, plastic, and metal. Since it is a low-tack adhesive, you don’t need to worry about the adhesive causing damage to your chosen surface.

4. Shaker cards took a simple and flat handmade card and turned it into something fun, exciting, and somewhat interactive! This is one of the best card making trends you can try with family, friends, and especially your kids. The concept is to add a transparent window to your card and fill it with sequins, beads, glitters, gems, or other tiny and shiny trinkets.

Cute multi-window shaker card

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5. We've all heard about the newest craze sweeping the card making community - slimline cards! These are vertically tall and slender or horizontally skinny and long. They do come in various sizes, but the most common ones are 3 ½” x 8 ½” and 3 ⅝” x 8 ⅝” and 4” x 9”. These cards are meant to fit a standard business-size envelope, which is 4.125" x 9.5". Why is it so trendy? Card makers are always on the lookout for new, stylish, and imaginative ways to design and decorate various cards for special occasions. While classic A2-sized cards are still outstanding, with slimline cards, there are more creative options. Plus, crafting companies have started releasing stamps, dies, and stencils specifically for slimline cards.

Festive slimline cards with poinsettia flowers

Build-A-Flower: Poinsettia Layering Stamp & Die Set

6. 3D embossing on cards is another fabulous way to add dimension and texture to handmade cards for different occasions. Embossing on cards isn’t really a new trick; however, the arrival of 3D embossing folders was another game-changer. 3D embossed designs are ideal for either quick backgrounds or stunning focal points on various cards, from thank you to sympathy cards. The simplicity and elegance that it provides make embossing a go-to technique for most card makers.

Clean and simple sympathy cards

Ranunculus Bouquet 3D Embossing Folder

7 Fun and Exciting Ideas for Sharing Your Handmade Cards

World Card Making Day isn’t complete without a celebration - crafty style! What better way to celebrate than to share what you’ve crafted? You don’t need to throw a fancy party. All you’ll need are your card making supplies, your creativity, and a few crafty friends! Here are a few more All ideas on how to share your handmade cards on this special day!

  1. Get out your paper crafting supplies, invite some family members and friends, and start a card making party! You can do this in the comfort of your home, at a friend’s house, out in a park, or virtually!   
  2. Let’s face it. Even before this special day, most card makers already have stacks of cards for special occasions lying around and collecting dust in their craft rooms. If you’re one of them, then try doing (or joining) a card donation drive with your card maker friends! You can donate your handmade cards to nursing homes, local assisted living facilities, hospitals, churches, and schools.
  3. Do a fun card swap with some of your crafty friends or fellow card makers on Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. It’ll be more fun if you do a card swap with someone from halfway across the globe! It’s a great way to meet new people from different countries.  
  4. Card challenges are another perfect way to share handmade cards for all occasions. There are tons of card challenges online, so you won’t have difficulty finding one to join. If you don’t find any of the current challenges appealing, start one and invite your crafty friends to join!

Floral slimline card

Jumbo Garden Picks Layering Die Set

  1. Make thank you cards for military personnel, police officers, first responders, caregivers, nurses, doctors, delivery people, teachers, etc. If you’ve been making cards for a while, you’ve probably accumulated quite a few thank you cards. Why not make someone’s day by thanking them for their hard work and service?
  2. Another great idea is to hold a fundraiser to sell your handmade cards and other crafting supplies. The proceeds can go to any of your chosen charities and causes.
  3. Last but not least is to hold a virtual card making session with your favorite crafty friends! You can play fun games or do challenges during the session and send each other the cards you created afterward.

World Card Making Day is an excellent day to celebrate all the creative and crafty card makers out there! We hope this blog post has inspired you to create something today, whether you’re looking for DIY cards for different occasions, want ideas on how to share your handmade greeting cards, or are simply interested in card making trends this year. 

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