What Is the Best Way to Store Ink Pads?

Last Updated: December 4, 2023

If you're a crafter, you know how important it is to keep your ink pads organized and in good condition. Proper storage not only prolongs the life of your ink pads but also makes it easier to find the colors you need for your crafting projects.

Stamps, inks, and embellishments stored in a craft room

In this blog post, we'll explore the best ways to store different types of ink pads, including Altenew's popular Crisp Dye Inks, Fresh Dye Inks, and Pigment Inks. We'll also answer some common questions related to ink pad storage.

Altenew Crisp Dye Inks stored in a transparent pouch

How to Store Different Types of Ink Pads

We understand the struggle of keeping our beloved ink pads organized and in tip-top shape. So let's embark on this ink-filled adventure together and find the perfect storage solution that will fit your needs

*Please note that the ink storage solutions discussed below are based on personal preferences and recommendations by our designers. The perfect way to store ink pads still depends on your budget, craft space, and personal preferences.

Altenew Crisp Dye Inks within their own storage cubbies

1. Storing Crisp Dye Inks

Altenew Crisp Dye Inks are known for their vibrant colors and smooth coverage. To ensure their longevity, it's essential to store them properly. The best way to store crisp dye ink pads is horizontally, with the inked surface facing up. This allows the ink to distribute evenly and prevents drying out.

Photo of a crafting room with various crafting supplies and storage solutions

Consider using a dedicated ink pad storage system, such as a color-coded organizer or a specialized ink pad holder, to keep them neatly arranged and easy to access. Check out how Lydia stores her inks in her craft room tour video below!

Tip: Looking for the best way to organize and label dye inks? Our Crisp Dye Ink Label Decals will help you find ink colors easily, while still being able to store them however you like. 

Scrapbook entries created with various embellishments and Fresh Dye Inks

2. Storing Fresh Dye Inks

Our Fresh Dye Inks offer a unique formula that provides both intense colors and excellent stamping quality. When it comes to storing fresh dye ink pads, the same horizontal method applies. You can keep them flat with the inked surface facing up. Avoid storing them on their side: the ink would pool on one side of the pad and make inking stamps hard.

The best thing about our round ink pads is that they are stackable. So if you have more vertical storage space available, then you can easily stack them all up!

Altenew Fresh Dye Inks stacked together showing their side labels

Did You Know?

Utilizing an ink storage system designed for various ink pad sizes will help keep your collection neat and well-organized too. Our Ink Label Decals come in 3 sizes -  one for the round ink pads, one for the oval ink pads, and one for the mini cubes! This makes it easier to reach for your favorite ink colors while crafting without having to look at the label on the lid.

Putting Altenew label decals for Mini Cube Inks

3. Storing Pigment Inks

Pigment inks are known for their rich, opaque colors and versatility on different surfaces. You can store your pigment ink pads horizontally. Some pigment inks can be stored upside down - so the ink can sit on the 'top' of the pad. It goes without saying but make sure to close the lids tightly to prevent air from entering and drying out the ink pads.

Card designs created and colored with pigment inks from Altenew

Not enough space in your craft room? Need some craft ink storage tips for small spaces? Find out How to Organize Craft Room Supplies With Limited Space in Nicole’s craft room tour video below.

What is the best way to store ink pads?

The key to storing ink pads effectively is to keep them organized and easily accessible. Here are a few creative storage ideas that will not only protect your ink pads but also add a touch of charm to your crafting space.

Storage solutions for crafting supplies and materials like stamps, inks, and cardstock

1. The Colorful Carousel

Imagine a carousel filled with your favorite craft inks, spinning around as you search for the perfect shade. This storage solution not only looks adorable but also allows you to see all your colors at a glance. You can find carousel-style organizers specifically designed for ink pads or even create your own using repurposed materials.

Altenew Mini Cube Inks arrayed in a storage container

2. The Rainbow Tower

If you're a fan of rainbows (who isn't?), this storage idea is for you. Arrange your ink pads in color order, creating a beautiful gradient effect. Not only will this make finding the right color a breeze, but it will also bring a smile to your face every time you lay eyes on it.

Altenew Mini Cube Ink decals and labels

3. The Vintage Suitcase

Who says storage has to be boring? Grab an old vintage suitcase and transform it into an ink pad haven. Line the bottom with foam or felt to protect your precious pads, and use dividers or small containers to keep them organized. This storage solution not only adds a touch of nostalgia but also allows you to take your ink pads on the go.

Scrapbooking kit box as storage solution for crafting materials and Altenew inks
Tip: If you’re into eco-friendly storage solutions, try repurposing boxes into ink pad storage! Check out how Laura Jane turned an old scrapbooking kit box into a crafting supply storage and organizer!

Crafting material storage on a hanging board

4. The Wall of Color

If you're short on desk space, why not utilize your walls? Install a pegboard or grid panel and hang your ink pads using hooks or clips. This not only frees up valuable workspace but also creates an eye-catching display that will inspire you to create.

Wall cubbies filled with various Altenew Crisp Dye Ink pads

5. The Compact Caddy

For those with limited space, a compact caddy is the way to go. Look for organizers specifically designed for ink pads that can be easily tucked away when not in use. These caddies often come with dividers or compartments, ensuring that your ink pads stay neat and organized.

Compact caddy filled to the brim with crafting supplies and materials

6. The Craft & Roll

If you don’t own a lot of craft inks yet, storing them in a bin or basket or in the very popular Ikea Raskog trolley cart is the best storage option. This is also ideal for busy crafters who want everything within reach.

Altenew Crisp Dye Inks in a transparent storage pouch

7. The Crafter On-the-Go

Are you a traveling crafter who needs the perfect ink pad storage for your crafty adventures? Our storage pouches are definitely for you! These handy pouches come in various sizes to accommodate both oval/round ink pads and mini ink cubes.

A clear storage box carrying Altenew Mini Cube ink pads

8. The Crafter’s Showcase

Using a clear storage box is another great travel-friendly option for ink storage. Our Crafters Showcase Stackable Storage Box is divided into 12 compartments that can easily store additional tools and supplies like mini cubes, washi tapes, ink blending brushes, sequins, and more. The boxes are stackable so you can also save space. 

A card with the sentiment "Shine Bright", colored in with Altenew Fresh Dye Inks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best way to store ink pads?

A: The best way to store ink pads depends on your personal preference and available space. For crisp dye inks and fresh dye inks, storing them horizontally with the inked surface facing up is ideal. 

Q: How do you store pigment ink?

A: Pigment inks can be stored horizontally or, in some cases, upside down.

Q: How long does dye ink last?

A: Dye inks, including crisp dye inks and fresh dye inks, have a relatively long shelf life. When stored properly, they can last for several years.

Q: Can ink pads be stored on their side?

A: We don’t recommend storing ink pads on their side as the inks would pool on one side, making it challenging to ink a stamp. It's important to ensure that the inked surface is facing up to maintain optimal ink distribution.

A ink storage cubby filled with Altenew Crisp Dye Inks

Level Up Your Craft Inks Storage with These Tips and Hacks!

Remember, the key to effective ink pad storage is finding a solution that works for you and fits your crafting space. Whether you opt for a colorful carousel or a storage pouch, store it horizontally or vertically, make sure it reflects your unique style and brings you joy every time you sit down to create.

Now that you have a few ideas on how to store inks, go forth and conquer the world of ink pad storage and organization! With our incredible range of ink colors, paired with these creative storage solutions, you'll never have to worry about misplaced or dried-out ink pads again.

To find more craft room organization and storage ideas, visit us In the Craft Room!


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