10 Trendy Scrapbook Paper Designs You Need Right Now

Last Updated: November 3, 2021

With so many different kinds of scrapbook paper designs, it can be challenging to choose the best ones. Fortunately, we've made that task a little bit easier for you by collecting some of our favorite Altenew scrapbook paper packs in one place! Our top picks include gorgeous florals (of course!), watercolor and acrylic backgrounds, and some basic color combinations and patterns that are must-haves in your crafting kit!

6x6 scrapbook paper pack from Altenew

Wildflower Paper Crafting Collection 12x12 Paper Pack

Brief Intro About Scrapbooking Papers

There is something about scrapbooking that makes it one of the most popular hobbies worldwide. The creativity, fun, and memories associated with this craft make it a great activity for all ages. It's no wonder why so many people are taking up this hobby to preserve their favorite moments in life! To help you get started, let’s dig a bit deeper into the basic supplies needed in scrapbooking - particularly scrapbook paper

Before you start looking where to buy scrapbook paper, it’s essential to understand what kind of paper it is and what makes it special. At its core, scrapbooking is all about keeping memories. That’s why it’s important that the supplies you use for your pages can stand the test of time and last for a very, very long time. Regular copy paper won’t do. You need something high quality, sturdy, and heavyweight. Most important of all, choose scrapbook paper packs that are acid-free and lignin-free. This will ensure that the paper won’t turn yellow and fade.

Fun Fact! You’ve probably seen the word “lignin-free” while doing your research about scrapbooking. What exactly is lignin? This is a plant fiber found in wood. Paper made from wood pulp would often turn yellow over time because of this fiber.  

When it comes to scrapbooking paper, the possibilities are truly endless. You can use plain cardstock or special paper like vellum, acetate, and patterned paper. It depends on your design, theme, and preferences. But it is always ideal to use paper that is specifically made for scrapbooking.

12x12 Scrapbook Paper Pack and other scrapbook supplies

Celebrate 12x12 Paper Pack & 6x6 Paper Pack Bundle

Why Should You Start Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking may seem like a hobby that is outdated, but in reality, it is something that has been gaining more popularity over the years. Scrapbookers are people who enjoy gathering and keeping memories from their past with pictures, mementos, and other items they find meaningful. 

There are many reasons why you should consider starting a scrapbook of your own - here's just a few: 

  1. It gives you an outlet to express yourself creatively without exerting too much effort.
  2. It creates a place where you can save memories and commemorate special occasions for yourself or for future generations.
  3. You can give back by sharing your scrapbooks with others. For instance, instead of buying an expensive gift, you can create a personalized scrapbook album as a DIY wedding gift. 
  4. It is a form of art therapy - which is great for your mental and emotional health. 
  5. You get to work on projects at your own pace. There’s no time limit or due date - do it whenever or wherever. 
  6. It's a relatively low-cost hobby. Are you tired of spending money on expensive hobbies that only last a couple months before they become boring to you? Well, scrapbooking is the perfect solution! Sure, you need to invest in a few scrapbook paper packs, embellishments, and other crafting supplies at first, but these are worthy investments. 
  7. It’s a wonderful way to practice and hone your crafting skills and learn techniques such as stamping, alcohol marker coloring, watercoloring, etc. 
  8. It’s a fantastic way to make new friends - online or offline! You can meet fellow scrappers from all over the world and create meaningful connections.
  9. It’s not just a creative outlet, it’s also a form of journaling and will help you release emotions and feelings.
  10.  It’s such a simple, but fun way to pass time.

Best Scrapbooking Papers from Altenew

So you have decided to start your scrapbooking journey. You are thrilled and can't wait to start, but where do you begin? Do you know where to buy scrapbook paper or which paper to get? There are many options out there for scrapbook paper designs and embellishments that it is hard to know which ones are best. Luckily, we’ve done all the work for you! Below are some customer-favorite 6x6 and 12x12 scrapbook paper packs

Altenew Scrapbook Paper Features:

Altenew’s scrapbooking paper offer both quality and beauty. Here are some of the features of these sturdy, durable, and beautiful patterned paper:

  • 6" x 6" or 12” x 12” sets
  • Printed on 80lb cardstock
  • 2 sheets of each design per set
  • 12 unique designs per set
  • Total of 24 sheets
  • Double-sided sheets
  • Acid-free and lignin-free

Live Your Dream 12x12 Scrapbook Paper Pack (Price $16.99 USD)

Live Your Dream Scrapbook Paper Pack and embellishments

This paper pack is a bright and elegant line that you can use to document any occasion. From the little daily moments that you want to remember forever to more significant milestones. Each design is hand-painted and offers a variety of colors and patterns, making it perfect for any handmade project.

The scrapbook paper designs in this set are incredibly versatile, and you can use them for many different projects such as 12" x 12" layouts, pocket scrapbooking, cards, home decor, etc. This set contains 16 sheets of 12" x 12" double-sided patterned papers (2 of each, 16 different designs). If you like coordinating your pages, we’ve got some good news! This paper pack comes in a scrapbook kit, complete with stickers, die-cuts, and ephemera for quick and easy scrapbooking!

Enjoy the Ride 12x12 Paper Pack (Price: $27.50)

Mini scrapbook pages

This collection’s bright colors and whimsical designs will add a touch of painterly magic to any project. This 12x12 scrapbook paper pack is perfect for any handmade project, especially larger ones like scrapbook layouts, notebook covers, or DIY home decor. In fact, some of the designs are so beautiful that you can frame them and put them on your wall as-is! This pack includes 16 double-sided sheets, 2 of each design.

Pro Tip: Some of the scrapbook paper designs are perfect for fussy cutting, so you can turn them into fun embellishments for your DIY project. Also, the plain painted backgrounds are perfect for die-cutting!

Essential Black & White 6x6 Paper Pack (Price: $7.99 USD)

Black and white scrapbook paper designs from Altenew

Simple geometric patterns in black and white make this essential scrapbook paper a customer favorite. With this set, you can instantly create striking backgrounds or contrasting accents with ease. It’s ideal for ink blending, die-cutting, foiling, and other mixed media techniques. Altenew fans are raving about how this scrapbook paper pack can make other colors pop! This pack includes 24 sheets of 6x6 paper, with 12 exciting and unique designs.

Poured Acrylic 6x6 Paper Pack (Price: $7.99 USD)

Scrapbook layout with poured acrylic backdrop

Speaking of making your colors pop, this set does that and more! Acrylic paint pouring is an exciting trend in the art world, and we are bringing it to paper crafting through this stunning scrapbook paper design.

This 6x6 paper pack features beautiful designs of swirling, vibrant colors. Now, you can achieve the look of poured acrylic without all the hassle and mess. It can be used as an instant background on your next handmade project, or cut with your favorite dies for an impressive result. This pack includes 12 unique designs, each design printed in 80lb double-sided cardstock sheets.

Verdant Walk 6x6 Paper Pack (Price: $7.99 USD)

DIY journal cover made decorated with scrapbook paper pack

With its collection of twelve elegant patterns in muted tones, this has been one of our bestselling scrapbook paper packs. From painted florals to geometric patterns, this set is perfect for handmade projects for every occasion. There are 24 sheets of 80lb cardstock paper, with 12 unique designs, in this set.

Celebrate 6x6 Paper Pack (Price: $8.00 USD)

12x12 scrapbook layout and scrapbook paper pack

Featuring watercolor florals, playful patterns, and more lovely designs in a soft color palette, you can never go wrong with this set. This is part of a special collaborative release with Pinkfresh Studio and also comes in a 12x12 scrapbook paper pack. This paper pack contains 32 single-sided sheets of paper.

Summer Garden 6x6 Paper Pack (Price: $7.99 USD)

Scrapbook page decorated with scrapbook paper cutouts

Watercolor, geometric patterns, and florals collide in this ethereal and stunning paper pack! With colors ranging from subtle muted to rich and saturated, this set will give you summer garden vibes. Each sheet is thick, glossy, and has a gorgeous design - the perfect backdrop for any handmade project.

Cheerful Meadow 6x6 Paper Pack (Price: $7.99 USD)

6x6 scrapbook paper pack from Altenew

These stunning scrapbook paper designs will help you spread the cheer! This set features floral and geometric patterns in bright colors - just perfect for the spring and summer seasons. Transform your DIY paper crafts into that sunny meadow you always wanted in your backyard.

Alluring Blooms 6x6 Starter Paper Pack (Price: $4.99 USD)

12x12 scrapbook page made with floral patterned paper

Florals, colors, and abstract art - it's the scrapbook paper of your dreams! This starter pack features 12 unique, loosely painted designs that will add a beautiful hand-painted look to any of your handmade projects. With a mix of florals and abstract backgrounds, you have everything you need to add a quick mixed media touch to your crafts without any mess. Unlike our other 6x6 paper packs, this set only includes 1 sheet of each design and a total of 12 sheets per pack.

Enchanting Washes 6x6 Paper Pack (Price: $7.99 USD)

Enchanting Washes 6x6 Scrapbook Paper Pack from Altenew

This collection of magical hand-painted backgrounds with deep vibrant colors and intricate details will surely add a unique touch to your DIY paper crafts! It’s a fan favorite for a reason! Each sheet will make for a fabulous backdrop and make it look like you painted them yourself!


Scrapbooking is a great way to get creative and cope with stress. The process of scrapbooking offers plenty of opportunities for self-expression, while also providing an opportunity to reflect on happy memories in your life. So many people turn to scrapbooking as an outlet for creativity or even just something fun and therapeutic to do when they feel overwhelmed. The best part about it? It’s so easy! All you really need are your photographs, some basic supplies, like high-quality, scrapbook paper packs that won’t yellow over time, stickers, ephemera, embellishments, etc.

3D floral die-cuts from scrapbook paper pack

Peony Dream 3D Die Set

Most of our customer-favorite paper packs include 24 sheets each of 12 different designs - perfect if you want variety or don't know what type of designs and patterns may work best for your project. We hope this has helped you figure out which scrapbooking paper to invest in and gave you a few scrapbook inspirations and ideas to try. 

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