New Acrylic Markers and Color-by-Number Sheets: Everything You Need to Know!

Last Updated: January 11, 2024

Are you looking for more creative outlets that let you practice crafting techniques and express yourself at the same time? Are you fond of acrylic markers and coloring? These new coloring products are for YOU!

A colorful handmade card with a mandala background made with Altenew Acrylic Markers

For today’s blog post, let’s discover the ideal fusion of artistic expression and ease! Introducing Altenew’s 24-Color Acrylic Markers Set & Blossoming Florals Color-by-Number Sheets!

Creativity and Convenience at Your Fingertips

Altenew has released its new product line for all you creatives out there: the 24-Color Acrylic Markers Set & Color-by-Numbers Sheets: Blossoming Florals.

The comprehensive kit is crafted to enhance your artistic pursuits, offering seamless coordination between the 24 numbered acrylic markers and the 12 diverse A2-sized Color-by-Numbers sheets. 

Each sheet includes either a black or gray outline image, with light gray numbered areas that  correspond perfectly with the numbered markers. The markers are housed in an impressive packaging and storage solution, complete with holders to prevent any mishaps. Their opaque quality makes them suitable for use on dark-colored cardstock, as well as versatile enough for use on various surfaces such as stone, wood, and plastic.

Altenew Acrylic Markers Set

Color Galore: Acrylic Marker 24 Color Set

The Acrylic Marker 24 Color Set - Vol. 1 from Altenew is a vivid and indispensable addition to any artist's arsenal. 

Unleash your creativity with these vibrant and opaque colors, thoughtfully selected to cover a spectrum that ranges from soft pastels to deep, rich hues. Each pen is equipped with a medium tip, providing precision and versatility across a variety of surfaces.

Acrylic Marker 24 Color Set from Altenew

The set includes the following colors:

  • Blush
  • Coral Pink 
  • Puffy Heart 
  • Wisteria 
  • Lavender Fields 
  • Deep Iris 
  • Ultraviolet 
  • Navy 
  • Pacific Blue 
  • Sea Glass 
  • Emerald Cave 
  • Volcanic Lake 
  • Minty Mint
  • Sweet Green
  • Pine Green
  • Pink Pearl
  • Rose Dust
  • Crimson
  • Toasted Mauve
  • Caramel Toffee
  • Fresh Lemons
  • Jet Black
  • White
  • Cloudy Sky

Some of the more notable features of this acrylic marker set are the following:

  1. Water-Based: Enjoy smooth application with water-based ink for seamless blending and layering.
  2. Acid-Free: Create lasting art without fear of yellowing or deterioration over time.
  3. Versatile Usage: Ideal for a wide range of surfaces, including paper, cardstock, wood, plastic, and more.
  4. Tip Size: Each pen boasts a medium tip for precise control and a variety of artistic techniques.
 Pro tip: For best performance, store pens horizontally to maintain consistent ink flow.

What Makes Acrylic Markers Awesome?

Acrylic Marker 24 Color Set from Altenew

Acrylic markers are like the rock stars of paper crafting. First off, they're super versatile - you can use them on almost any type of paper without it turning into a hot mess. Plus, the colors are popping and vibrant, giving your crafts that extra oomph!

The best part? They dry pretty fast, so you don't have to play the waiting game, especially when you’re crafting on the go.

Altenew 24 Color Acrylic Marker Set stored in a clear mason jar

Flower Power with Color-by-Number

Become an instant artist with Altenew's Color-by-Number Sheets: Blossoming Florals

This 12-sheet set showcases 6 unique floral images – one version in gray outlines and another in a more prominent black outline. The A2-sized 80lb cardstock paper is perfect for creating handmade cards, DIY framed decor, and small yet impressive artwork!

Altenew Instant Artist Blossoming Florals Color By Number Sheets

With these 12 Color-by-Number sheets (2 per design), you'll find color instructions on each sheet, along with the freedom to experiment with your color combinations. These sheets' colors perfectly complement the colors in our numbered Acrylic Marker 24 Color Set - Vol. 1.

Amazing details and features include:

  • Content: 6 unique floral images, with 2 sheets for each design (1 black outline, 1 gray outline) 
  • Paper dimensions: 4.25" x 5.5"
  • High-quality 80lb cardstock paper

How Do Color-by-Number Sheets Unlock Creativity?

Altenew's new Acrylic Markers 24 Color Set and Color By Number Sheets Bundle

Color-by-number sheets are awesome outlets for creativity and artistry! First off, they're stress-busters – you don’t need to worry about clashing colors or if the end piece looks good. You just zone out, grab your colors, and go to town. No overthinking, just chill vibes.

Also, how satisfying is it to see the picture come to life? It's practically magic, the way a semi-blank page transforms into this colorful artwork. Plus, it's not just for kids – adults can get in on the action, too. It's basically art therapy!

A floral image from the Instant Artist: Blossoming Florals Color By Number Sheets colored in with Acrylic Markers

Oh, and they're foolproof, as well. Even if you can't draw a stick figure, you still end up creating a masterpiece. Finally, it's a legitimate excuse to embrace your inner child and play with coloring materials like acrylic markers. Color-by-numbers are the ultimate combo of fun and relaxation.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your creativity loose today while embracing how simple art can be! Check out our new release here, or head on over In the Craft Room and find more inspiration today!

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