National Send a Card to a Friend Day

Last Updated: February 3, 2024

National Send a Card to a Friend Day is just around the corner! This special, unofficial holiday is a great day to let your dearest friends know just how much they mean to you. From just because cards and thank you cards to meaningful sympathy cards for friends - this is the day to send out a handmade card and put a smile on someone’s face. If you’re still racking your brains for card ideas for friends, then you’ve come to the right place! We are sharing 30 card designs and ideas to inspire you in this post!

Fun card ideas for friends

Friends Forever Stamp & Die Bundle

What Is National Send a Card Day?

National Send a Card to a Friend Day is a special day that encourages you to let your beloved friends know they are not forgotten. It’s a nice little reminder for everyone to stop, take a breather, and remember the good and fun times with the best people in their lives. 

When was the last time you received a card from a friend, family member, or acquaintance? Do you remember that feeling? Isn’t it the best feeling ever? With everything going digital, nothing beats the feeling of receiving something handmade and personalized in this day and age. Creating cards for friends is not just a fun and relaxing activity (which you can do by yourself or with the whole family!), it also gives you a rewarding feeling knowing that someone will enjoy something you’ve created.

watercolor thank you card for friends

Thank You Builder Stamp Set

When Is National Send a Card Day?

National Send a Card to a Friend Day is celebrated every year on the 7th of February. So if you’ve been reminiscing about fond memories with a dearest friend and searching for card ideas for friends, we’re here to help! This is the best time to show them how much you miss and appreciate them!

Fun Fact! The history of card making can be traced back to either the ancient Chinese sending greeting cards on New Year’s Day or the early Egyptians sending greetings using papyrus scrolls.

Cute and sweet birthday card for chocolate lovers

Fun Birthday Card for a Chocolate Lover (With Video Tutorial!)

How to Celebrate National Send a Card to a Friend Day

The best way to observe this wonderful day is, of course, to create cards for friends and send them out! We know that sending a store-bought card is tempting, but your friends will appreciate the extra effort and thoughtfulness that you put into your handmade card. National Send a Card to a Friend Day is also a fun day to post your handmade cards on social media using the hashtag #SendACardToAFriendDay. 

Are you a new card-maker who’s in dire need of more card making tips and hacks? Or do you want some advice on which crafting supplies to get? Don’t worry! This handy guide to all things card making was created just for YOU!

cute birthday card idea for friends

Alten Riding By Stamp & Die Bundle

30+ Card Ideas for Friends (Thank You Cards, Just Because Cards, Cute Cards, Sympathy Cards, and More!)

If you’ve been card making for a while, we don’t need to convince you to send a card to a friend. You’ve probably done it a hundred times. But, on National Send a Card to a Friend Day, you might run out of quick card ideas for friends and need some inspiration. We’ve got you! Here’s a list of unique and versatile ideas covering various topics, themes, and designs - from thank you cards to cute cards for friends - to help get your creative juices flowing. Some of these are beginner-friendly, so don’t get disheartened if you’re new to card making! Happy crafting!

funny card idea for friends

Mini Delight: One in a Melon Stamp & Die Set

Thank You Card Ideas for Friends

Gratitude is one of the most important sentiments we all want to express to our dear friends. If you wish to thank them for a specific thing or event or simply want to thank them for being there, it’s important to express your gratitude. Here are some thank you card ideas for friends that you can recreate.

thank you for being a friend card

Dodec Cover Die

  1. This geometric thank you card for friends is ideal if you want to keep it neutral or masculine but with a WOW effect. LauraJane did a faux layered background using one of our geometric cover dies - Dodec Cover Die.

Craft-themed card for friends

Crafty Friends Stamp Set

  1. Do you have a crafty friend who inspired you to start crafting? Send a card to that friend using our Crafty Friends Stamp Set! Here are a few card ideas by Aga!
  2. For that sweet friend who reminds you of everything sweet - try this fun and cute thank you card for friends!

Cute Cards for Friends

Are you looking for cute and funny cards for friends? Altenew might be all about the florals, but we’ve also got a few cute and fun ideas for your friendship cards.

Cute card for friends using stamps and dies

 Hug Me Stamp Set

  1. Nothing says adorable more than a cute little fox! This simple greeting card for friends is too cute for words and super beginner-friendly!

Cute card idea for friends

Armchair Stamp & Die Bundle

  1. The Armchair Stamp Set is the epitome of cute and cozy! If you’re planning to send a card to a friend and want something that has cuteness all over it, then this card is a must-try.

Cute birthday card for friends

Hug Me Stamp & Die Bundle

  1. You will surely have so much fun recreating these colorful and cute cards for friends! Erum sure had fun making them.

 Cute ninja card for friends

Ninja Invasion Stamp & Die Bundle

  1. Don’t forget your ninja-loving friends! We’ve got the Altenew-original Ninja Invasion Stamp Set if you ever find yourself in need of cute ninja cards. Check out how Therese created a his & her version in her card.
  2. The best things in life are sweet - sweet friends and sweet treats! So whip up some cute cards for friends with the sweet and fun images in our Way Too Sweet Stamp Set, just like May did here.

Sweet and cute card for friends

Way Too Sweet Stamp & Die Bundle

Sympathy Cards for Friends

When a friend goes through something difficult, you’d want nothing else than to be there for them. Expressing sympathy can be done in a few different ways - you can go about it directly or subtly. Creating sympathy cards for friends can be challenging, but it can be fun too!

Monochromatic sympathy card for friends

Playful Blooms 3D Embossing Folder

  1. This monochromatic floral card by Emily expresses sympathy in a subtle way. 
  2. The sweet, puny sentiment in this sympathy card will surely put a smile on your friend’s face. Watch the video tutorial below to see how you can recreate Lydia’s card!

Birthday Card Ideas for Friends

Although you can send a card to a friend for any reason (or no reason at all), sending them a birthday card is a no-brainer. From clean and simple designs to fun and colorful ones, these birthday card ideas for friends are a must-try!

Fun and cute birthday card for friends

Layered Cupcake Stamp & Die Bundle

  1. This bright, cheery, and yummy shaker card by Erum is such a feast for the eyes!

foiled birthday card idea for friends

Sunburst Doily Hot Foil Plate & Die Set

  1. Foiling definitely elevated this birthday card by Jenny! And how fun is that birthday sentiment?!

Cat-themed birthday card for friends

Modern Cats Stamp & Die Bundle

  1. Put a smile on your cat-loving friends with this cat-themed birthday card by Svitlana.

masculine birthday card ideas for friends

  1. We know you’re going to need a few masculine or neutral birthday cards for friends. This one by Norine will spark your creativity.

hidden sentiment neutral birthday card for friends

Caps Bold Alphabet Die Set

  1. Do you have friends who don’t want to reveal their age? Then, try this fun hidden sentiment birthday card by Therese! 
  2. Chocolate on a card?! Yes! This cute card for friends will surely excite your chocolate-loving friends! Find out how to make this adorable and delicious card by watching the video tutorial below! 

  1. Nothing says happy birthday more than this card by Virginia! The Happy Birthday to You Stamp Set offers the proper and correct version of the “Happy Birthday” music, lyrics, notes, and extra-musical images.

Cute birthday card ideas for friends

Happy Birthday to You Stamp Set

  1.  We all have friends with a sweet tooth, and we know they will adore these charming birthday card ideas!
Did You Know? The earliest form of birthday cards was believed to be “wooden tablets found at Vindolanda on Hadrian’s Wall, which recorded an invitation, dictated by Claudia Severa, inviting her friend to a birthday celebration.” (Source)

Greeting Cards for Friends

Greeting cards for friends range from simple “hello” cards to “just because” cards. It’s the perfect way to check in on them and make them feel how much you care about them.

floral card idea for friends

Watercolor Extravaganza Stamp Set

  1. Cheer a friend up with this simple, one-layer “hello” card by Aga!

cards for friends who live far away

A Little Bit of Love Stamp & Die & Coloring Stencil Bundle

  1. Everyone’s got friends in another city, state, country, or continent. This thoughtful card idea for long-distance friends by Virginia is a must-try!

Fun card ideas for friends using bold alphabets dies

Gradient Sunset Stamp Set

  1. Here are a couple of fun and colorful greeting cards for friends that will definitely put a smile on their faces.

just because card for friends

Poured Acrylic 6x6 Paper Pack

  1. Jaycee took his greeting card to the next level by creating a textural geode with some sparkly sequins

hot foiling on handmade cards for friends

  1. Adding foiled elements to any card is an excellent way to elevate it. Take it from Jenny and her fab cards!

Simple greeting card for friends

Weekend Doodles Stamp & Die Bundle

  1. Sometimes you just want to wish someone a happy day. Try this quick and easy card idea.

I Miss You Cards for Friends

Unless your friends live in the same neighborhood (lucky you!), you just can’t help but miss them! When life gets too busy, it’s always good to know that your friends are thinking of you. Here are a few “miss you” cards for friends that you can recreate in your craft room!

cute coffee-themed card ideas for friends

Friends Forever Stamp & Die Bundle

  1. The Friends Forever Stamp Set has the perfect friendship-themed images and sentiments for your cards. Try these simple and fun card designs by Aga.

friendship card ideas for friends

Geometric Flowers Stamp Set

  1. Let that special friend know that they are always in your heart with this card inspiration by May.
  2. We know you’ve got those friends who you cannot wait to hug! This card idea by Debby is perfect for them!

Other Card Ideas for Friends (Cheer up, Congratulations, Thinking of You)

We’ve got a few more bonus card ideas for friends if you’re still on the lookout for unique, fun, and easy card designs.

alcohol ink background on a handmade card for friends

Alcohol Markers Refills

  1. Spruce up any friendship card with bold and vibrant alcohol ink backgrounds and gold sentiments, just like Therese’s cards.

cute card ideas for crafty friends

Crafty Friends Stamp Set

  1. Make your crafty friends happy with this clean, simple, and professional-looking card by Debby!

coffee lovers card for friends

Coffee Love Stamp & Die Bundle

  1. Got friends who you love more than coffee? Let them know just how special they are with this card inspiration from Debby!
  2. LauraJane’s geometric friendship card ideas used the same stamps, cover dies, and stencils! Give them a try!

sweet floral card idea for friends

Paint-A-Flower: White Swan Echinacea Outline Stamp Set

  1. Let someone know you care about them with this fun floral card by Laurie!

Get your craft supplies ready and spend some time this weekend making beautiful cards for friends! They’ll appreciate the sentiment, the effort, and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process! And don’t forget to send these cards out on National Send a Card to a Friend Day. Thanks for reading our roundup of 30+ card ideas for friends. We hope you found something that inspired you! Find more fun crafting-related reads on our All About Crafting page.

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