17 Peony Card Ideas for National Peony Day 2022

Last Updated: February 3, 2024

Happy National Peony Day 2022! In honor of this special day, we've gathered 17 of the best peony card ideas featuring the majestic peony flower. Whether you're a card maker, scrapbooker, or a beginner crafter who adores this flower, we know you'll find something here to inspire you. From simple to stunning, these peony flower card designs will have you reaching for your cardstock in no time. We’re also sharing some interesting peony fun facts, peony meaning, and other must-know trivia. So, dive in and get creative!

3D floral layering peony flower dies on a handmade greeting card

Peony Dream 3D Die Set

What Do Peonies Mean?

The large and perennial peony is a flower that can be traced back thousands of years ago. The garden variety is called Paeonia lactiflora. Due to its traditional use in China as a symbol of wealth and status (among other things), it is often referred to as the “Chinese Peony.” The Paeonia genus contains over 30 species with hundreds of varieties, some dating back thousands of years ago in China.

Fun Fact! In China, “peony” is called 牡丹 (mǔdān) which means “the most beautiful.”

These timeless, elegant, and undoubtedly sophisticated flowers have always been shrouded with layers of symbolism and meaning. As much as they are known for their decorative value, these lush blossoms also have ties with love and romance in the modern world. 

Enter the stunning world of peonies in this Peony Florapedia!

Peony Meaning

Peony flowers bloom in a wide variety of colors and come in shades of white, cream, pink, rose, deep red, and sometimes yellow. Whatever special moment or occasion you are celebrating, big or small, there is a peony for that! Find out what is the meaning of a peony flower (in different colors) here.

handmade card with 3D embossed peony flower and sentiment

Peony Sunshine 3D Embossing Folder

Pink Peony White Peony Red Peony  Yellow Peony
This is the most romantic type of peony. Apology and bashfulness Passionate love New beginnings, fresh starts, and clean slates
Pink peonies symbolize the beauty of marriage. Shame and regret Romance Good fortune
This peony flower represents love at first sight. Expressing remorse and making amends Honor and respect The yellow peony is great as a housewarming gift, to wish someone luck as they begin a new job, or thank them for their hard work at their retirement party.
Did You Know? Peonies are the traditional flower for Memorial Day. In the 1800s, when the holiday was called Decoration Day, peonies were one of the few flowers in bloom in late May and were widely used to adorn the graves of fallen soldiers. (Source)

When Is National Peony Day?

To celebrate the growing popularity of peony flowers (especially in the UK) the third Saturday in May is declared National Peony Day

National Peony Day 2022 is on May 21! With over 40 species of peonies and around 6,500 cultivars and hybrids, there are so many ways to enjoy these timeless and sophisticated beauties. 

Inspirational card with peony flower die-cuts

Quick and Simple Peony Card Idea

Fun Facts About Peony

  • In China, “peony” is called 牡丹 (mǔdān) which means “the most beautiful”.
  • In Chinese art, the peony is a symbol of wealth, power, and class; therefore it is often seen in traditional paintings, silk embroidery, national clothes, woodblocks, decorations, poetry, and literature as well.
  • In Japan, peonies are considered “the prime minister of flowers”, and symbolize good fortune and bravery.
  • Peony plants can live to be 100 years and still produce flowers.
  • Peony plants can grow to be 10 inches depending on the variety. 
  • Each different variety of peonies smells different! The most fragrant peonies are pink.
  • Peonies come in every color but blue. This is because there is no true blue pigment in plants. 
  • Peonies are known as the Northern Flowers because they prefer harsh winter temperatures.
  • Marco Polo described peony blossoms as “roses as big as cabbages.”
  • Peonies are considered to be the 12th wedding anniversary flower because of their rich association with honor, fortune, romance, and happy relationships! 
  • Weddings are perhaps the most popular occasion to honor peonies since these flowers symbolize love and happy marriages. 

Find more fun facts and interesting trivia about your favorite flowers here!

 Thank you card with 2 blue peony flowers and leaves

Thank You Card with Peony Flowers

17 Peony Card Ideas You’d Want to Try Right Away!

From peony bouquets to show-stopping background floral arrangements, using majestic peony flowers on your handmade projects will definitely take them to the next level. In honor of National Peony Day 2022, we've created a roundup of 17 peony-inspired cards! Whether you're a card maker, scrapper, or paper crafter, we know you'll love these beautiful peony flower card designs. From simple and elegant to complex and colorful, we've got something for everyone. So, get inspired and start crafting!

1. Adore You Stamp Set

With hand-drawn floral images and elegant sentiments, this delicate set of peony flowers has many elements that can be used to build gorgeous floral designs. You can color them with various coloring media, simply stamp them to create beautiful patterns, or use them in emboss resist techniques. Try stamping or embossing on vellum for an added softness.

Laura’s fun window card highlighted white-embossed and ink blended peony flowers. Don’t you just love it? 

Greeting card with colorful stamped and watercolored peony flowers

Adore You Window Card

2. Beautiful Day Stamp Set

In style with our popular layering stamps, this set has a large 4-step peony. Additional supporting images include both multi-step and simple outline images. The central flower and the leaves can be stamped with or without the outline layer, and the outline image can be used independently if you prefer coloring or stamping as-is. A few delicate clusters of mini flowers and leaves will make your project shine.

Sweet greeting cards with stamped and watercolored peony bouquet die-cuts

Erum’s watercolored card featured a couple of peony bouquets from this versatile set. She also added a beautiful vine from the Just Because Stamp Set.

3. Beautiful Peony Stamp Set

Are you trying to decide between a peony stamp that can be used as a background image, the center of a card, or part of an entire bouquet? This stamp set can do all the above!

This versatile stamp set contains three gorgeous peony flowers drawn with just the right amount of detail to be used as-is or colored in with any coloring medium. With plenty of leaves included in this set, you can create endless floral arrangements!

In this card, Kristina showcased just how beautiful these peonies are by simply watercoloring them.

Handmade card with watercolored peony flower die-cuts

Beautiful Peony Stamp, Die, and Mask Stencil Bundle

4. Build-A-Flower: Cora Louise Peony Layering Stamp and Die Set

This set contains a beautiful 5-layer peony, along with a pair of 3-layer leaves and a single 3-layer leaf. These floral images will be the perfect focal point to add to your handmade peony flower cards, scrapbook layouts, bullet journal pages, and other DIY paper-crafted projects.

Although the Build-A-Flower: Cora Louise Peony is already a head-turner, Tenia took it to the next level by adding some contrasting colors with our Gradient Lines Washi Tape.

Birthday card with stamped Cora Louise peony die-cut and black and white washi tape

Birthday Card with Cora Louise Peony Flower

5. Crown Bloom Stamp Set

Make your loved ones feel like royalty with this gorgeous bloom. This stamp set features a delicate peony flower, with large petals crinkled at the edges surrounding a central tuft of petals. The set also contains a large leaf and a small bunch of flowers. The details on the images are simply stunning.

A bit of masking and watercoloring and voila! Debby’s peony card is a complete stunner!

Encouraging greeting card with stamped and die-cut peony bouquet

Beautiful Card Ideas Using the Crown Bloom Stamp Set

6. Paint-A-Flower: Coral Sunset Outline Stamp Set

When you're missing a loved one a little too much, sometimes you just need to send flowers and hugs in a card. This beautiful peony bouquet has three vibrantly blooming coral sunset peonies which will bring the perfect floral touch to your handmade cards, scrapbook layouts, journal pages, and other DIY paper crafting projects. You will love adding these gorgeous blooming flowers to your craft room.

In her peony flower card above, Emily beautifully watercolored her peony bouquet using our Watercolor Brush Markers!

Miss you card with peony bouquet watercolored with liquid watercolors

Card Ideas Using the Paint-A-Flower: Coral Sunset Outline Stamp Set

7. Lacy Scrolls Stamp Set

Add unique floral elements and swirls to your paper crafting projects with this beautiful silhouette stamp set. Inspired by Japanese peony art, we have created a set of solid images of peonies, leaves, and swirls for you to add to your handmade cards, scrapbook layouts, and journal pages. When you need those quick and simply stamped cards, this will be the perfect set to go to!

Welcome card with stamped lacy Japanese peony images and gold decorative fenstone

Tasnim’s peony flower card highlighted the simplicity and versatility of this stamp set. It looked perfect stamped as-is! We love the additional gold decorative element too!

8. Peony Bouquet Stamp Set

Create majestic and realistic peony cards with this popular layering stamp set! Inspired by an exquisite bouquet of peonies painted by our artist friend from Japan, this multi-layered floral stamp set is one of our bestsellers! The delicate shade lines give the flowers and leaves incredible depth and a life-like appearance. 

There are two 4-layered peonies and two 3-layered leaves along with 2-layer berries and a branch of small leaves. The outline images can be used with the multi-layer system or used alone, giving you many options for a variety of looks on your handmade cards, scrapbook layouts, bullet journals, and other paper crafts!

Mother's Day card with peony flower die-cut

Karin’s sweet and simple Mother’s Day card featured a single peony flower from this set and a thoughtful sentiment using the Inline Alpha Die Set.

9. Peony Scrolls Stamp Set

Add some wonderfully intricate Japanese peonies to your next handmade creation! This stamp set features our unique Japanese peonies with solid outlines. The stamps incorporate delightful swirls and leafy designs that can be mixed and matched to create a variety of designs on your handmade cards, scrapbook pages, art journals, and other DIY crafts!

CAS Congratulations card with stamped Japanese peony flowers

This peony wedding card by Marika was inspired by the colors of real peonies in her very own garden and colored in with her favorite alcohol markers! No wonder they are so realistic!

10. Peony Spray Stamp Set

Create your own handmade happiness with this beautiful floral set! With its stunning hand-drawn floral image and elegant sentiments, this stamp set will be your new go-to for various paper crafting projects. It has the perfect elements to create beautiful encouragement cards and show someone you care!

Clean and simple watercolored peony flower art on a handmade card

The large peony flower will make a great focal image on your handmade projects and is perfect for a wide range of coloring mediums. We absolutely adore how May kept her card clean and simple by focusing on the large peony bloom!

11. Precious Peony Stamp Set

There can never be too many gorgeous peonies in your crafting kit! This stamp set includes 3 beautiful peony bouquets that can be used to create handmade peony cards, do embroidery, create journal pages, decorate scrapbook pages, and so much more! 

Congrats card with watercolored peony bouquet

Show off your coloring or painting skills on DIY projects of your choice with these beautiful and realistic-looking flowers. Erum definitely showed off her amazing watercoloring skills in her peony card above. The additional texture from the heat-embossed splatters on the black cardstock is a must-try hack! Watch the video tutorial below.

12. Build-A-Flower: Hawaiian Coral Layering Stamp and Die Set

This set features a large 7-layer spectacular bloom and accompanying 4-layer leaf. Both the flower and leaf have an outline layer that can be used on its own to be colored with your favorite coloring medium.

2 motivational cards with Hawaiian Coral peony flowers in a clear jar

We love how Kelly creatively mixed and matched her stamp sets to create these unique floral arrangements! Take your well-loved stamps to the next level by combining them with other stamps in your stash too!

13. Inspirational Quotes Stamp Set

You will never run out of motivational quotes to add to your projects with this stamp set in your collection! This stamp set has a half wreath image featuring a pretty peony flower and leaves to frame your cards. It also has a few extra floral elements to give your project more character. 

This sentiment-heavy stamp set features many inspiring quotes from famous poets that will add a special uplifting touch to your handmade peony cards, scrapbook layouts, journal pages, DIY gift tags, and other paper-crafted projects.

Inspirational card with peony flower and bud die-cuts

Tina beautifully watercolored the blooms from this set using our Watercolor 36 Pan Set and added one of the many motivational sentiments included in this super versatile set. Find more peony card ideas here.

14. Build-A-Flower: Peony Blossom Layering Stamp and Die Set

This Build-A-Flower has a slightly different approach than our conventional Build-A-Flower sets. The stamp set has three five-petal flowers accompanied by a shading layer and a center layer. You may use these flowers as-is, or layer them to create dimension. The matching dies will cut the flowers all the way to the edge without leaving a border. This will help in shaping the petals to the desired dimension when using a shaping tool. 

TIP! Don't have a shaping tool? You can use the domed end of a pen or pencil! 

We included an additional flower die and stamen dies to help you create realistic blooms. Although the petals were loosely based on Peony petals, you can let your imagination run wild and create different types of flowers. We can't wait to see what you come up with!

Thank you card with peony blossom die-cuts on a striped cover die

Crafting Ideas with Build-A-Flower: Peony Blossom Stamp and Die Set

For her thank you card above, Laura-Jane simply stamped and die cut the flowers and shaped the blossom petals with a large ball stylist, pressing at the center of each die-cut.

15. Frilly Peonies 3D Embossing Folder

Take your projects to a new dimension with our 3D Embossing Folders! You will be amazed at the gorgeous arrangement of peonies on this 3D embossing folder! They have delicately frilled petals and have been drawn with attention to every detail. Instead of achieving merely two levels of embossed texture, this folder will produce three-dimensional shaped designs to enhance your creations. Simply run through your die cutter following the manufacturer's instructions for 3D embossing folders, and you're all set! 

Emily took her 3D embossing folder to the next level by watercoloring the embossed peonies using our Winter Wonderland Watercolor Brush Markers. She also used the Metallic Watercolors to add some gold to the stamens, and some shiny, shimmery gold splatters to the card front to make it pop!

You are Loved card with 3D embossed frilly peony flowers

3D Embossed Peony Flower Card

16. Whimsical Peony Simple Coloring Stencil

Minimalist Art is up and coming! This coloring stencil coordinates with the Whimsical Peony Hot Foil Plate. The stencil set features a lovely peony in a minimalistic style which you can color with your choice of mixed media tools. When you combine this stencil with its matching hot foil plate, you will create endless beautiful projects in your craft room!

CAS hello card with whimsical peony flower and die-cut hello

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add some interest to your card projects, take it from Laurie! She only used the Whimsical Peony Hot Foil Plate, some gold foil, and the Whimsical Peony coordinating stencil to whip up her stunningly simple card above!

17. Peony Dream 3D Die Set

Our customers have asked for more layered floral dies, and we are happy to fulfill that request with this stunning peony flower! We have designed it with two sections so you can keep things simple with only the center portion, or go big with the additional layers. With the bloom and accompanying leaf, you can arrange an entire garden of peonies!

Motivational card with 3D peony flowers and flannel die background

Sometimes you just don’t have time for stamping and coloring. Kristina’s gorgeous card beautifully showcased the Peony Dream 3D Die Set, which she die cut out of blue, light gray, and gold mirror cardstock. The Cozy Flannel background and additional Blooming Branches die-cuts completed her phenomenal card!

2 handmade greeting cards with 3D embossed peony flowers

Frilly Peonies 3D Embossing Folder

Get Out Your Peony Stamps, Dies, and More and Start Creating!

That’s it for our roundup of 17 stunning and must-try peony cards! We hope you found some inspiration here to help you celebrate National Peony Day 2022 with beautiful cards made with your favorite peony-themed products. If you did make any of these peony flower cards, we would love to see them. Be sure to tag us on social media so we can take a look! So, what are you waiting for? Get your creative juices flowing and start crafting with beautiful peonies! 

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