Fun Ways to Transform Your Projects With Nesting Dies

Last Updated: July 21, 2023

Are you looking for ways to add extra creativity to your crafting projects? 

Well, have you ever considered using nesting dies? These innovative tools can take your projects to new heights, allowing you to create beautiful layered designs easily.

Have fun with nesting dies

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In this blog post, we’ll explore the exciting world of nesting dies and discuss fun ways to transform your projects.

What is a Nesting Die?

Are you familiar with those Russian dolls that are sold as a set? You open one doll, and you’re greeted with a smaller version of it. You keep opening these beautiful dolls until you’re left with a minuscule version that’s probably no bigger than a walnut. 

These dolls are called Matryoshka, and how you stack them within one another is the very concept of the nesting die. A nesting die is a type of metal cutting die that consists of multiple shapes of the same design but in different sizes. These dies are typically made of thin metal and are used with a die-cutting machine to cut precise shapes from various materials, such as paper, cardstock, fabric, or thin metal sheets.

Nesting dies are perfect for card making

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5 Ways Nesting Dies Can Elevate Your Craft

Adding nesting dies in your craft toolkit is a very wise move! With technically just one product, you get to elevate your craft with these benefits:


Nesting dies offer incredible versatility in terms of design possibilities. With a set of nesting dies, you have multiple sizes of the same shape at your disposal. This allows you to easily create layers, frames, borders, or focal points. 

Whether you’re working on cards, scrapbook layouts, or other craft projects, nesting dies can be used in various ways to add depth and dimension.

Professional-Looking Results

Using nesting dies gives your projects a polished and professional look. The precision-cut shapes ensure clean edges and consistent sizes, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your creations. With nesting dies, you can achieve intricate and well-defined designs that are difficult to replicate by hand.

Enhance your cards with nesting dies

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One of the significant advantages of nesting dies is their ability to save time. Instead of manually measuring, marking, and cutting different sizes of shapes, nesting dies allow you to quickly and effortlessly create perfectly nested or layered designs. 

Easy Replication

Nesting dies enable you to replicate designs easily. Once you find a combination of shapes and sizes that you love, you can quickly reproduce the same design for multiple projects. 

Endless Creativity

Nesting dies open up a world of creative possibilities. You can experiment and explore various design options by combining different shapes, sizes, and textures. Whether you prefer elegant and classic styles or more whimsical and playful designs, nesting dies provide the tools to bring your creative vision to life.

Exploring the Potential of Nesting Dies

Nesting dies are incredibly versatile tools used in various crafting projects. Looking for some ideas? Here are some fun and creative project ideas to inspire you to make the most of your nesting dies:


Nesting dies come in various designs

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Nesting dies are perfect for creating stunning handmade cards. With even just one set in your crafting arsenal, you can create and play with the following:

  • Layered Frames: Use nesting dies to create frames of different sizes and layer them on your card base. This adds dimension and a focal point for your sentiments or images.
  • Window Cards: Cut out windows in your card fronts using oval nesting dies. Place a contrasting color or a stamped image behind the window for a beautiful peek-a-boo effect.


Nesting dies can add depth and interest to your scrapbook layouts. Just imagine designing a page with these ideas:

  • Layered Photo Frames: Want to highlight or “display” that special photo or trinket? Frame it! Use stitched nesting dies to create a frame for your photos. You can layer them with patterned paper, vellum, or cardstock for an eye-catching display.
  • Journaling Tags: Cut smaller nesting dies to create journaling tags. Use them to add captions, dates, or personal messages to your layouts.
  • Borders and More Borders: Using large nesting dies, create decorative borders or frames along the edges of your layout! Mix and match different sizes and shapes for a dynamic look to your scrapbook.


Make layouts with nesting dies

Home Decor

Nesting dies can also be used to create decorative elements for your home. Here are a few ideas:

  • Party Decorations: Create banners, garlands, or cake toppers using nested shapes. Customize them to match your party theme or color scheme.
  • Mobiles: Cut nested shapes from lightweight materials like foam or felt and string them together to create a beautiful mobile for a nursery or any room in your home.

Mixed-Media Projects

Let your imagination soar!

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Nesting dies can be incorporated into mixed-media projects to add texture and dimension.    

  • Collages: Try using the nesting die in different textures and materials, such as fabric, paper, or thin metal. Arrange and adhere them to create intriguing collages with layers and depth.
  • Art Journaling: Use nesting dies to create frames or focal points in your art journal. Play with colors, textures, and mediums to achieve unique effects!

Make the Most out of Nesting Dies!

Incorporating nesting dies into your crafting repertoire opens up a world of possibilities. From elegant oval shapes to versatile options in various sizes, these dies can transform your projects and take them to the next level. 

Whether creating cards, scrapbook layouts, or home decor items, nesting dies allow you to easily unleash your creativity and achieve professional-looking results. So, experiment with different shapes, sizes, and textures, and watch your projects come to life in exciting and unexpected ways!

 For more design ideas and inspiration, visit the Altenew Blog!


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