Expand Your Crafting Collection With These Altenew Monthly Collectibles!

Last Updated: March 29, 2024

Are you looking to expand your collection of Altenew inks, enamel dots, and decorative tapes? Want to find more ways to add fresh flair to your creations?

A collection of crafting products from Altenew's March 2024 release

Well, look no further - expand your crafting collection with Altenew’s monthly collectible release! Whether you're a crafting pro or just starting, this variety of high-quality supplies at your fingertips can help you take your projects to the next level.

What Are Altenew’s Monthly Collectibles?

Each month, Altenew releases a curated, three-piece collection of crafting goodies designed to inspire and delight. These fun, crafting must-haves will include a Fresh Dye Ink cube, a set of coordinating enamel dots, and a complementary glitter tape.

Two charming cards with the Lovely Floral Hat Die Set as a focal point, embellished with Mossy Granite Enamel Dots

These collectibles are designed not only as standalone gems but also as collectibles that work seamlessly together to elevate your crafting experience to new heights. They're also incredibly versatile and easy to incorporate into your projects. Whether you're a card maker, scrapbooker, or mixed media enthusiast, you'll find plenty of ways to put these products to use.

Here are some of the crafty collectibles that we’ve recently released:

Mossy Granite Fresh Dye Ink Cube

Altenew's Mossy Granite Fresh Dye Ink Cube

Altenew's Mossy Granite Fresh Dye Ink Cube

A clean and simple card with Mini Delight: Plants & Vases Stamp as the focal point, colored in with the Mossy Granite Fresh Dye Ink Cube

Stamping has never been more enjoyable and effortless! If you want flawless and beautiful coverage with a sharp impression each time you use your favorite stamps, our dye inks are essential. One new and charming example is our Mossy Granite Fresh Dye Ink Cube!

Picture a color that perfectly represents a tranquil forest after a light rain and you’ll get Mossy Granite!

This beautiful shade encompasses the lushness of mossy rocks and the understated refinement of granite, mixing earthy tones with a hint of elegance. The Mossy Granite Fresh Dye Ink Cube will spark your imagination and infuse a feeling of organic beauty into your artistic projects.

A "You make me smile" card decorated with the Rustling Leaves stamp set and colored in with the Mossy Granite Fresh Dye Ink Cube

Mossy Granite Enamel Dots

Would you like to enhance your paper crafting projects even further with a subtle touch of beauty and added dimension? Add the Mossy Granite Enamel Dots to your collection today!

Altenew's Mossy Granite Enamel Dots

Altenew's Mossy Granite Enamel Dots

A colorful slimline card decorated with butterflies from the Stamp and Paint Butterflies set, embellished with Mossy Granite Enamel Dots

Yes, you read that right. These adhesive enamel dots coordinate with the Mossy Granite Fresh Dye Ink Cube! This set also comes with dots in three different sizes, as well as some playful heart and star shapes, providing versatility for your crafting needs. Embellish your cards,  photos, planners, journals, scrapbooks, and other crafting projects!

A "your strength inspires me" card created with the Essential Textures: Rustic Burlap Press Plate and the Rustling Leaves crafting set, further embellished with Mossy Granite Enamel Dots

The pack includes 163 enamel stickers – 144 dots in three different sizes, plus seven stars and twelve hearts.

Moonlit Silver Glitter Tape

Enhance your paper crafting projects with a celestial sparkle using the stunning Moonlit Silver Glitter Tape!

Altenew's Moonlit Silver Glitter Tape

Altenew's Moonlit Silver Glitter Tape

Altenew's Moonlit Silver Glitter Tape on its side, partially unfurled

The sparkling silver color, along with the shimmering texture, will take your homemade crafts to a new level of sophistication. Ideal for bringing a hint of luxury to your personalized cards, scrapbook designs, diary pages, and other projects. 

A thank you card with two lovely floral blooms as focal points and embellished with Altenew's Moonlit Silver Glitter Tape

Pro Tip: Combine it with the Mossy Granite Enamel Dots and Mossy Granite Fresh Dye Ink Cube to finish off your handmade creations!

A friendship card with a lovely background of blue flowers and embellished with Altenew's Moonlit Silver Glitter Tape

Why Invest in Altenew Collectibles?

So, why should you invest in Altenew's paper crafting collectibles? Here are 5 reasons:

1. Commitment to Quality

One thing you'll notice right off the bat is the exceptional quality of Altenew's paper crafting tools.

A clean and simple card with the Lovely Floral Hat Die Set colored in with the Mossy Granite Fresh Dye Ink Cube

For example, our Fresh Dye Inks are designed to produce stunning, sharp results when stamping and are particularly effective with our clear photopolymer stamps. These are high-viscosity dye inks, which have vibrant colors and will stamp perfectly with other colors in your collection.

Also, our modern and minimalist ink cases are designed with a felt pad and the user in mind. Our Mossy Granite Fresh Dye Ink Cube, like the rest of our Dye Ink Collection, is perfect for various crafting techniques such as stamping, ink blending, watercoloring, and even with dry media (e.g., coloring pencils).

Each item in this collection is crafted with care and attention to detail. These tools are built to last, so you can count on them to stand the test of time, project after project.

A "Be kind" card with floral blooms as focal points, embellished with Mossy Granite Enamel Dots and Moonlit Silver Glitter Tape

2. Versatility for Every Crafty Endeavor

Whether you're into cardmaking, scrapbooking, mixed media art, or any other crafty pursuit, Altenew's paper crafting collectibles have got you covered. 

Need to add embellishments to your crafty creations? Our enamel dots will give your DIY crafts that extra oomph! Looking for ways to add some sparkle and shine to your cards, without the mess? Our glitter tapes are your new best friend. Whatever your creative vision entails, these crafty tools make it a reality.

3. Innovative Designs for Effortless Crafting

Altenew is known for its innovative approach to crafting, and its tools are no exception.

Take, for example, our Stampwheel, which makes it easier than ever to achieve perfectly stamped images every time. Or our paper crafting innovations that make crafting more efficient, like the Key-Hole, Zero-Waste, and One-Go Systems.

The same is true for our crafty collectibles. The Mossy Granite Fresh Dye Ink and Enamel Dots, as well as the Moonlit Silver Glitter Tape, are just the first of a whole slew of products that you can collect, combine, and use to make gorgeous cards and fantastic scrapbook entries. We’ll have more colors and combinations for you to collect and look forward to, so keep an eye out for more! *wink*

A "Your strength inspires me" card, decorated with the Rustling Leaves set and embellished with the Moonlit Silver Glitter Tape

Hint: As of writing this post, we’re working on a dreamy and mystic set of periwinkles and purples, as well as something sandy and sparkly… But that’s for another time. 

4. Aesthetic Appeal That Sparks Joy

Let's be real—crafting is as much about the experience as it is about the finished product. And there's something undeniably satisfying about using tools that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. 

With sleek and easy-to-use designs, Altenew's crafty collectibles add a touch of beauty to your crafting space, making every project feel like a work of art.

A group of crafters having fun and showing off their card creations

5. Community and Inspiration

Last but certainly not least, investing in Altenew's collectibles means joining a vibrant community of fellow crafters who share your passion for creativity! Whether you're seeking inspiration for your next project or looking to connect with like-minded individuals, the Altenew community is here to support and inspire you every step of the way.

So there you have it—five compelling reasons why crafters everywhere should add Altenew's crafting tool collectibles to their arsenal.

Again, look forward to more crafty collectibles in the coming months. We hope to see the masterpieces you’ll create with these goodies on our Facebook and Instagram. And, if you need more inspiration and ideas, feel free to drop by In the Craft Room for handy tips, tricks, and techniques. Happy crafting!


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