Try These Easy Flower Stencil Art Ideas Now!

Last Updated: September 28, 2021

Ever wish you could create beautiful flower stencil art but don't want to spend the time and money on something that may not work for you? There's a solution! The flower stencils in this post are perfect for crafters who are just getting into card making and scrapbooking, mixed media enthusiasts who enjoy designing their own artwork, or even people simply looking for a new hobby to try out. They're fun and easy to use without all the fuss of trying to paint by hand. 

Are you ready to see some stunning flower stencil patterns and learn a few tips on how to use them? Keep on reading!

Flower stencil set from Altenew

Flower Bunch Simple Layering Stencil Set (4 in 1)

What Is a Stencil?

A stencil is a tool that helps you apply a particular design or pattern to a surface. Stencil designs come in different forms - from letters and words to shapes and flower stencils. Stencils tend to work best onto a flat surface and, depending on the ink or pigment you use,  can be used on metal, cardboard, wood, fabric, or any other material. A stencil has two parts: 

  • Islands - These are the spaces that allow the color to seep through to the material below.
  • Bridges - These are the areas that connect the stencil together.

Through stenciling, you can recreate and reproduce a pattern or a design quickly and easily. Since the pattern is already in the stencil, all you need to do is apply ink (or any kind of pigment) through the stencil to recreate the same design onto your chosen surface. 

Stencil and ink spray bundle from Altenew

Geo Dreams Stencil & Ink Spray Release Bundle

What Are the Different Types of Stencils In Paper Crafting?

1. Layering Stencils - With layered stencils, there is a bit more work because you have to practice and use the right materials. Make sure it is adhered correctly to the surface, and let each color dry before adding another layer of paint or ink for an excellent finished look that pops off the page! Layered flower stencils allow us to create unique designs with just one single design or combine both layers into a beautiful piece of art! This also applies when using two colors; make sure they won’t mix before adding another color or design element! The beauty of layered stencil designs lies in their uniqueness — the possibilities are endless with layering different elements like patterns and solid shapes for combinations unlike anything else out there!

Layering flower stencil set from Altenew

Bitterroot Flower Layering Stencil (3 in 1)

2. Coloring Stencils - Our mission to bring out creative, unique, and innovative paper crafting products led to the creation of Coloring Stencils! These stencils are a fantastic addition to our collection of specially curated products. Perfect for adding color and character into stamped images, these stencils are part of our line that goes hand-in-hand with the stamp set they were created for. With each stencil, you can easily add something special to any handmade project without any fuss or mess; just choose your colors right on the spot.  

3. Builder Stencils - It can be easy to create beautiful backgrounds for your handmade projects with Builder Stencils. These 6” x 6” layering stencils are super simple and easy to use - even kids can do it! Pick from a plethora of patterns and designs - flower stencils, shapes, lines, plaid, stripes, etc. and get your creative juices flowing right away!

DIY Journal designed with flower stamps and cube builder stencil

Cube Builder Stencil

4. Background Stencils - Standalone stencils are a great starter if you’re new to the world of arts and crafts. Since they’re easy to work with, most crafters prefer simple shapes like stripes, cubes, dots, or basic flower stencil patterns. The design is simple yet stunning! As the name suggests, standalone stencils can be used independently without any additional materials needed for creating something classy and beautiful in no time at all!

5. Mask Stencils - Enhance your stamping experience with mask stencils! These are designed to work perfectly and effortlessly alongside other crafting products. Our new mask stencils, made out of thinner material than regular stencils, can be used with various coloring mediums such as alcohol-based markers, watercolors, dye inks, and more. With these innovative mask stencils, you can get the best results every time you create a handmade card, scrapbook, journal, and other DIY papercraft.

Handmade card designed with flower stencil pattern

Altenew Stencils

Best Flower Stencils for Beginners

If you’re a beginner in stenciling, it’s essential to use basic designs and simple patterns first. While an intricate design might look fabulous, you’d want to start with some less complicated ones first. For instance, flower stencil patterns are almost always perfect for practicing some beginner stenciling techniques. They’re not that complex, and you can easily find a suitable design for your DIY paper crafting projects. 

Here are our top picks for the best flower stencils for beginners, along with some easy ideas!

Flower stencil pattern on black cardstock

Watercolor Bouquet Stencil & Ink Spray Bundle

1. Watercolor Bouquet Stencil - This is a stand-alone stencil that features a few elements to help you instantly create a lovely floral bouquet on your handmade card or any DIY papercraft project. With this unique stencil, you can quickly whip up a gorgeous flower stencil art that will instantly pop off the page. The unique style of this stencil makes it seem like you’ve painted the flowers using watercolors!

If you’re looking for the perfect flower stencils for painting, look no further! Here’s a quick and easy card making idea for you!

2. Flower Bunch Simple Layering Stencil Set - This one is a must-try if you are into layered flower stencils! This is a set of four stencils that will give you a gorgeous layered floral arrangement. Not only is it super easy to use, but it will also help you create stunning handmade projects in no time! Layering stencils like this makes coloring up images so quick and easy. Lining up layers with stencils is so much easier than with stamps, and it produces such a pleasing effect.

Layering flower stencil and die set

Flower Bunch Die Set

There are countless ways to make this innovative stencil work for you. In this blog post, Virginia shows you three fun and creative ideas!

3. Kind Reminders Coloring Stencil - Do you want to try our game-changing coloring flower stencils? Here’s your chance! This fun stencil coordinates with a stamp set and allows you to add color quickly and easily, using any coloring medium of your choice. This stencil is part of our unique line of stencils curated to be used with their corresponding stamp sets.

Coloring flower stencil from Altenew

Kind Reminders Simple Coloring Stencil

Heat embossing, alcohol marker coloring, ink blending, and more! The creative possibilities are endless with this lovely flower stencil pattern. Check out the video below and try it on your next handmade creation.

4. Floral Garden Stencil - It’s always handy to have a builder stencil in your stash! Another must-have flower stencil for painting is the Floral Garden Stencil. You can create a beautiful two-toned floral garden on your handmade cards or other paper crafting projects with this stencil. First, apply one color through the top half of the stencil and then rotate it 180 degrees to repeat with another color. Add some extra flair by using our line of ink sprays, blend with dye inks, or add an embossing paste for some texture! 

Here’s another beginner-friendly video tutorial featuring this flower stencil pattern!

Handmade card with flower stencil pattern

Floral Garden Stencil & Ink Spray Bundle

If you’ve never tried stenciling before, then these easy flower stencil art ideas are perfect for you. Along with our recommended and easy-to-use stencil designs, you’ll surely get the hang of stenciling in no time. Whether you want to create a stunning handmade card or a simple scrapbook page, these stencils will be your go-to! What are you waiting for? Get started on your paper crafting journey by picking up one or two of these flower stencils now!

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    I enjoy working with Stencils. I’m an intermediate in skill level with working with stencils. The videos were great and informative. Can’t wait till I grab some out and start creating! I’ve got a great weekend planned. I guess we’ll be ordering out!

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