Christmas Crafting With Your Kids? Make Christmas Tree Stamps!

Last Updated: December 28, 2021

Christmas crafting is one of the most exciting and fun activities to do with the whole family. There’s nothing more rewarding than the feeling of creating something with your own hands and giving it someone special. No matter how simple it is, a personalized handmade gift is always highly appreciated. You don’t need to be super creative too! Even if you don’t have any “artsy” bone in your body, you can still come up with unique and cute DIY crafts, especially with your kids. Let’s fill you in with some easy and quick crafts for kids that you can try during the holiday season.

Christmas cards with Christmas tree craft stamps and dies

Night Before Christmas Stamp & Die Bundle

Craft stamps, craft dies, and other Christmas crafting supplies!

There is a wide variety of crafting supplies that you can use for your Christmas crafting - from colored paper and stickers to old bottles and magazines. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the world of paper crafting. You can turn simple household supplies into crafting tools. Here are some supplies that you can use for your crafting time with the family. You might have these lying around the house, so keep an eye out!

Altenew Night Before Christmas Craft Stamp Set

Night Before Christmas Stamp Set

  • Colored or white paper - It can be printer paper or something thicker like watercolor paper or cardstock.
  • Scissors - This is mandatory and pretty much self-explanatory. If you’re crafting with kids, you might want to get kid-friendly scissors, or at least look after them when they use scissors.
  • Glue or Tape - Or both! Go for kid-friendly, acid-free, and non-toxic ones and steer clear of stronger adhesives like Gorilla Glue. Want to learn more about the different types of adhesives? CLICK HERE.
  • Strings and Ribbons - These are great for attaching things together, decorating, or embellishing your crafts.
  • Any coloring supply - Crayons, sharpies, colored pens, watercolor, alcohol markers, gel pens - these are a must!
  • Sticks - Wooden sticks are always useful in crafts for kids. It could be barbecue sticks, chopsticks, or popsicle sticks. 
  • Old magazines or newspapers - These are great for adding color and interest to your DIY projects or for paper mâché! 
  • Glitter - When it comes to Christmas crafting, the number one rule is: “Glitter everything!”
  • Sequins - These will come in handy for decorating and embellishing and are perfect for adding that extra shine.
  • Cotton balls - You’ll be surprised at how handy these soft and fluffy balls are!
  • Googly eyes - You might not have these lying around, but it’s always helpful to invest in these. These are handy when you’re doing crafts for kids.

Some optional crafting supplies that you can use for your Christmas crafting time with the kids are:

Now that you’ve got your crafting supplies out, why not create more DIY projects for your Christmas crafting time with kids? Engaging your kids in crafting activities helps them tap into their inner creative spirit and allows them to express themselves. The interaction you’ll have with them is truly priceless. It could even turn into an exciting family tradition during the holiday season!

Christmas card with Christmas tree stamps

Festive Foliage Stamp & Die Bundle

One of the easiest and quickest crafts for kids during the holidays is creating handmade holiday cards. With just a handful of crafting supplies, you can make a few handmade cards in no time! It’s also inexpensive and not as time-consuming as other DIY crafts. You can go for something clean and simple using craft stamps and inks, or go for a 3D or layered look with the help of craft dies.

When it comes to Christmas crafting, you won’t run out of ideas since there are so many designs and symbols to choose from. The most traditional holiday symbol, and probably the most recognizable, are Christmas trees. It’s always handy to have a couple of Christmas tree craft stamps, so you’re always ready to create holiday-themed crafts. But if you don’t own one, you can always make your own! Before you start, here are some tips and reminders:

  1. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials.
  2. Be as creative as you want!
  3. Don’t take it too literally. It doesn’t need to be an actual tree.
  4. Try mixing and matching various colors.
  5. Have fun!

Here are a few Christmas crafting ideas and tips on creating your own Christmas tree craft stamps.

Handmade card with Christmas tree stamped background

Read: Stamp Focus: Night Before Christmas

1. Simple stamped background. The Night Before Christmas craft stamp set is one of the best holiday-themed stamps ever. This stamp set makes it easy to produce your holiday cards, whether you are making one or one hundred. It was cleverly designed to stamp your image and sentiment in one step. Included in the set are two different trees with famous Christmas verses, along with a few other sentiments that you can stamp on the inside of your card. In this handmade card, design team member Svitlana simply stamped the Christmas tree using different colors, creating a unique and colorful background in the process. If you want to take this to the next level, you can always use craft dies to give it a layered look.

Handmade card with geometric Christmas tree

Sohcahtoa Stamp Set

2. Non-traditional Christmas tree design. Who said you could only use Christmas tree stamps to create a Christmas tree? This geometric Christmas tree was created using triangle-shaped and heart-shaped craft stamp sets! How cool is that?! Design team member Amy thought out of the box and decided to put her own interpretation on this classic holiday symbol. She used the Sohcahtoa Stamp Set to achieve this one-of-a-kind geometric Christmas tree.

3. Alphabet Christmas tree. Let’s face it. Creating a Christmas tree is as easy as creating a triangle-shaped design on your handmade card. Once you have a triangle shape, you can stamp anything on it or add embellishments to make it unique. In yet another out-of-the-box idea, design team member Aga showed how to use alphabet craft dies to create a lovely and unique Christmas tree!

Handmade Christmas card with bold alphabet craft dies

Bold Alphabet Die Set

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how she created her stunning holiday card.

  1. First, she created a card base using Pale Gray Cardstock
  2. Next, she used white cardstock and stamped a background using a leaf stamp from the Remember This Stamp Set
  3. She used three shades of green: Forest Glades, Evergreen, and Emerald Crisp Dye Inks to stamp her images. 
  4. Then, she used alphabet craft dies and die-cut the letters out of the stamped background.
  5. She used foam squares and adhered the letters in the shape of a tree.
  6. She added small dots with markers to mimic Christmas tree baubles and used Glossy Accents for a glassy look and some dimension.

In case you want to recreate some of the handmade card ideas mentioned above but don’t have all the crafting supplies used, you can always improvise. For instance, you can use watercolors or alcohol markers to create a hand-painted Christmas tree look. You can also draw a Christmas tree silhouette and let the kids color it with crayons or draw baubles and decorations on it. There are so many ways to enjoy Christmas crafting with the kids - regardless of how few your crafting supplies are. We hope the ideas we’ve provided here have helped spark your imagination. Make sure to visit the Altenew store for more fresh inspiration and fantastic paper crafting products.

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