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Last Updated: March 22, 2024

Have you been looking for ways to donate greeting cards you have, but just can’t find the right charity to donate to? How would you like to share love and joy this season, especially with our seniors in nursing homes?

A set of paired cards with "Mom" and "Dad" die cut from large letter dies and respectively put on feminine- and masculine-designed backgrounds

Come and join our annual Celebrating Parents’ Card Drive!

A "Today we celebrate you" appreciation card with a floral design focal point on black cardstock 3D-embossed with geometric lines

Learn more about this charity event, why we started this annual tradition, and how YOU can participate! We’re also answering some of your questions about the nature of this drive and other ways you can contribute.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in!

A thank-you card with the Spanish word "gracias", designed with beautiful pink blooms on a pink-stained white cardstock panel

What is the Celebrating Parents’ Card Drive?

The Celebrating Parents’ Card Drive is an initiative by our team here at Altenew, in line with the upcoming Mother’s and Father’s Day celebrations.


A beautiful card of blue-and-purple bloom on a white cardstock panel with the sentiment "Thank you for everything"A "You are magical" greeting card on a dark background, with a floral focus made up of 3 colorful blooms in red, blue, and yellow

During this time, it can be tough for seniors living in nursing homes, far from their families. True, some are more fortunate, having family members who visit them and make them feel special. But for others, that’s not the case.

We at Altenew have always championed the act of spreading love and joy through handmade crafts and cards. And for this day, we want to do our part to give our seniors a reason to smile. Thus, the Celebrating Parents’ Card Drive was born.

A beautiful floral card with a wreath design and green borders, along with the sentiment "Thought of you today and smiled"

How can I contribute?

Glad you asked! We have been collecting handmade cards since February 26th, 2024, and will continue to do so until April 19th, 2024. You can send your cards to this mailing address:


ATTN: Card Drive

3005 Milton Ave

Syracuse, NY 13209

Important Guidelines and Reminders

  • Cards may be for Mother’s Day and/or Father’s Day with generic but sweet sentiments. Specific greetings such as “so happy you’re my dad” or similar won’t really work.
  • Remember to sign your name on the inside of each card. You may also include a note and indicate where you are from.
  • Please put each card in an envelope and make sure they are not sealed to avoid causing difficulties for our seniors.
  • To make sure your entry to the giveaway is included, please add a post-it note with your name and email address.
  • Of course, we’d be delighted if you could use Altenew products in your cards, but we wouldn’t mind if you used products from other crafting brands. Again, the goal is to spread happiness and share your creativity!


A mixed media card with a floral bouquet as a centerpiece and gold embossed sentiments saying "Of all the flowers, I pick you"A silver embossed "You rock" sentiment on a leaf/nature-themed card

If you have queries or suggestions, or if you would like us to send cards to a local shelter or nursing home near you, don’t hesitate to email us at with the subject line “Celebrating Parents Card Drive.”

Card Drive Giveaway

We’re thankful for your support of our initiatives, and we’d like to give back in some way.

A beautiful card with tulips as the focal point on a subtle sky-blue background, with the words "love your kind heart"

Each donor is eligible to win one of FIVE $30 Altenew gift certificates! Also, If you use #AltenewCardDrive when you share your Celebrating Parents cards on social media, you get a chance to win one of three additional $15 gift certificates! 

This year’s winners will be announced on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 12, 2024. Who knows, you might be one of the lucky winners, so send your cards today!


A card with a gorgeous blooming purple flower as a focal point, with the words "You are amazing"A "You are super magical" card with a floral bouquet as the focal point on a white background embellished with shiny sequins, enamel dots, and glitter


Does it have to be parent-themed cards? What about generic, friendly greeting cards?

While our initial focus is on collecting Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards, we happily accept all types of well-wishing cards, including those that are more generic and suitable for a wider range of recipients!

Again, the goal is to give our seniors and elders thoughtful messages of encouragement and appreciation. As long as that spirit of kindness and warmth is conveyed, we’d gladly receive your card donations!

Two cards created with blue-colored sakura bloom die-cuts on a pink-tinged background, one card with a "for you" sentiment, and the other saying "smile always"

Is there any other detail I should know about?

To learn more about the card drive, feel free to check out this blog post for the following details:

  • Help give back to the community with the Food Bank of Central New York through purchases from our product collections!
  • Check out amazing creations from our designers on our Blog Hop and Instagram Hop!

Is there a chance I can organize my own card drive?

Of course, you can! We highly encourage you to do so! This year’s Celebrating Parents’ Card Drive will end on April 19, 2024, but that doesn’t mean the giving should stop! Here are some handy tips to help you organize a successful card-giving drive:

A Mother's Day greeting card with the sentiment "you are an amazing mother" on top of a pink image of a flower in bloom

1. Define your purpose

Determine the goal of your card-giving drive. Are you aiming to bring cheer to hospital patients, seniors in nursing homes, or deployed troops? Clarifying your purpose will help you tailor your efforts effectively.

2. Set a timeline

Establish a timeline for your card-giving drive, including start and end dates. Factor in time for promotion, card collection, and distribution.

3. Create a plan

Develop a detailed plan outlining the steps needed for the drive’s success. Assign tasks to volunteers, if you have them, and ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities.

4. Promote your drive

Spread the word about your card-giving drive through various channels such as social media, local community groups, schools, and workplaces. Use posters, flyers, email newsletters, and press releases to raise awareness.

5. Provide guidelines

Communicate guidelines clearly for card creation, including any themes or restrictions. For example, if cards are intended for children, ensure they are age-appropriate and free of sensitive topics.


A Mother's Day greeting card with the word "MOM" on massive die-cut letters and the 'O' replaced with a pair of stilettosA birthday greeting card for Dad on a green background, with the 'A' in "DAD" replaced with a pair of military boots


6. Set up collection points

Arrange convenient collection points where people can drop off their cards. Consider setting up collection boxes at local businesses, schools, libraries, or community centers.

7. Offer incentives

Encourage participation by offering incentives such as prizes for the most creative cards or recognition for top contributors. This can motivate individuals and groups to get involved.

8. Ensure confidentiality

If your card-giving drive involves sensitive populations such as hospital patients or individuals in crisis, ensure confidentiality and respect privacy guidelines. Only share personal information as necessary and with appropriate consent.

9. Coordinate distribution

Plan how you will distribute the cards to the intended recipients. Coordinate with healthcare facilities, nursing homes, military support organizations, or other relevant stakeholders to ensure smooth delivery.

10. Express gratitude

After the card-giving drive concludes, don’t forget to thank your participants and volunteers for their contributions. Consider sending thank-you notes or hosting a recognition event to acknowledge their efforts.

11. Evaluate and reflect

Take time to evaluate the success of your card-giving drive. Reflect on what went well and areas for improvement, and use this feedback to inform future initiatives.

A nature-themed card with a blue background and die-cuts of a colorful bird and a stem of blooming flowers, along with the sentiment "Surround yourself with things you love"

By following these tips, you can organize a meaningful and impactful card-giving drive that brings joy and support to those in need. And, if you’re starting small, no worries – you can still take these tips and scale it down to a more manageable size for yourself or your team!

But why celebrate “parents”? Surely, not every senior in nursing homes is a “parent”?

That is a valid point. However, one could argue that that’s all the more reason to extend love and kindness to them. Regardless of their status, they all deserve to feel loved. And that is the essence of the Celebrating Parents’ Card Drive - to provide thoughtful messages of encouragement and appreciation to the elders of our partner organization. Truly, the specific occasion on the card becomes less important than the heartfelt sentiment it conveys.

Again, we look forward to receiving your card donations and sharing them with our elders and seniors. Together, let’s all give them something to smile about. Happy crafting!


  • Altenew

    Hello, Kelly! Thank you for your enthusiasm! We’d be very happy to receive your cards – it would mean a lot to our senior recipients! Don’t forget to include a Post-It with your name and details, too, so that you don’t miss your chance on the giveaway. :) ❤️

  • Altenew

    Hey, Kim, so sorry for your loss. 🙏 We hope you’re doing better now. Thank you for sharing your cards! We’ll be sure to pass it along to our seniors to spread your love and appreciation. 🤗❤️

  • Kelly Jewett

    Oh thank you for this ! I have so many cards and I’m not sure what to do with them so I can now put them to very good use !!

  • Kim

    I’m so excited about participating in this! Last year both my father and my husband’s mother passed. As I made Easter cards this week I was sad that I no longer have them to send cards to. This is the perfect opportunity to fill that void! Thank you so much!

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