Creative Paper Craft Projects to Do With Alcohol Markers

Last Updated: March 25, 2023

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to add some color to your paper crafting projects? Look no further than alcohol markers! These versatile tools are perfect for adding depth and dimension to your designs and can be used in various ways to create stunning effects. From blending and shading to layering and highlighting, the possibilities are endless when it comes to alcohol markers!

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Easy Blending Artist Markers

Not only are alcohol markers easy-to-use, but they also come in bright and lively colors. Whether you're a cardmaker, scrapbooker, coloring enthusiast, or journaler, if you haven't tried them yet, then it's time to fill that marker-shaped hole in your crafty space! In this blog post, we'll explore some fun and engaging papercraft projects you can create using alcohol markers, so get your favorite set, and let's unleash your inner artist!     

Why Alcohol Markers Are Perfect for Your Projects

Alcohol markers are a versatile coloring medium used in paper crafting. Unlike water-based markers, alcohol markers use dye and alcohol as their base, which allows the ink to dry quickly. With their fine tips and brush tips, you can use alcohol markers to create intricate details, gradient effects, and shading. They are also great for adding color to stamped images, creating backgrounds, and lettering. 

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You can use them on various paper surfaces, including cardstock, vellum, and even glossy surfaces, like shrink plastic. With alcohol markers, you can create colorful handmade cards, gift tags, jewelry, and other papercraft projects that require a personalized touch! If you need ideas on how to use alcohol markers for your projects, then here are some projects to inspire you: 

DIY Greeting Cards

This one goes without saying, but alcohol markers are perfect for coloring stamped images for your cards, making freehand illustrations, and building unique patterns and backgrounds with stencils! With alcohol markers, you can create unique designs, vibrant colors, and intricate details that will surely make your cards stand out.


Learn how to use alcohol markers by practicing with coloring books!

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If you want to learn how to color your floral images, watch this handy tutorial by Erum featuring the beautiful Paint-A-Flower: Wood Anemone Outline Stamp Set. After all, it’s so fun to color outline stamps with alcohol markers!

Once your colorful design is complete, you can add any additional embellishments, and your DIY greeting card is ready to go! With alcohol markers, the possibilities are endless, and you can create cards for any occasion, including birthdays, holidays, or just because cards.

DIY Shrink Plastic Pieces

Did you know that you can make shrink-plastic items with alcohol markers? Making shrink-plastic decorations is an old paper crafting technique that involves drawing, cutting, and baking a design on a thin plastic sheet. When heated, the plastic sheet shrinks to approximately one-third of its original size, becoming thicker and more durable.

The process of shrinking the plastic causes the design to become more concentrated and vivid, making it a popular material for creating jewelry, keychains, and other fun miniature items! 

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Paint-A-Flower: French Marigold Outline Stamp Set

Crafting shrink-plastic items is a fun project, and you can even use them to make charms for your journals, like Reiko's blog post! You can make mini decorative pieces, keepsakes, or even personalized gifts.

Using alcohol markers, you can color your stamped designs with pigment ink and make stunning shrink-plastic items. All you need are some shrink plastic, acrylic gloss spray (to preserve the alcohol ink art), alcohol markers, stamps, and pigment ink. Just remember to carefully follow the instructions that came with your shrink-plastic product, and you’ll be golden!

Customized Gift Tags 

Creating customized gift tags with alcohol markers is a fun and easy way to add a personal touch to your gifts! Simply follow these steps to start making excellent gift tags:

  1. To start, cut a tag-shaped die on a piece of cardstock. 
  2. Begin by lightly sketching out your design on the tag with a pencil. You can also use your stamps to make beautiful images.
  3.  After you have your design, fill it in with your alcohol markers, blending colors as desired. If the stamp you used has a coordinating stencil, you can use the stencil to guide your coloring - this is especially helpful with layered stamps.
  4. When you're finished coloring, spruce up your card with additional embellishments, such as sequins, glitter, or metallic threads, to finish off your tag. 

With alcohol markers, you can create unique and colorful designs that will make your gift stand out! 

A beautifully colored rainbow tag colored with alcohol markers

Terrific Tags Die Set

Decorative Envelopes 

Amp up your mail by decorating your envelopes!  Using your alcohol markers and stencils, you can add a pattern, a drawing, or lettering to personalize your envelopes. You can also add washi tape to make borders! With alcohol markers, you can create one-of-a-kind envelopes that reflect your personal style. 

DIY Bookmarks

Do you love reading books? Then you're gonna have so much fun creating your own beautiful and functional bookmarks! Making bookmarks with alcohol markers is easy, and it results in gorgeous projects that you'll want to leave in a book over and over again. 

All you need are some cardstock, scissors or trimmer for cutting down your paper, pretty book-themed stamps, and your good ol' alcohol markers! As an added tip, you can punch a hole at the top of the bookmark and add a ribbon or tassel, or add stickers or washi tape to add more razzle dazzle to your bookmark. 

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Artist Alcohol Markers Rock Collection Set

Personalized Stationery Pieces

With a wide range of beautiful colors, alcohol markers provide endless possibilities for creating stationery designs! Whether you want to create a colorful pattern, a bold illustration, or elegant calligraphy, alcohol markers make it easy to bring your stationery to life. 

Start Crafting Fabulous Projects Today With Alcohol Markers!

Are you excited to try out these fun alcohol marker projects yet? Crafting with alcohol markers can be an incredibly fun and creative way to spend your time. From drawing intricate patterns to making unique handmade cards, alcohol markers open up seemingly endless possibilities for creative projects. Just remember to have fun experimenting with this creative medium, take your time, and be proud of the beautiful art pieces you create!

Want some more inspiration for your markers? Check out this blog on how to level up your alcohol marker skills and techniques! Don't forget to drop by our All About Crafting blog at Altenew where we provide some pretty cool ideas and inspirations for future projects. Happy coloring!

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