Crafting Ideas for Celebrate Diversity Month

Last Updated: April 16, 2022

April is Celebrate Diversity Month, a time to focus on inclusion and appreciation of all cultures. This month offers the perfect opportunity to get creative with your paper crafting, card making, and scrapbooking projects! It’s a great time to get crafty and celebrate the diversity that makes our world interesting. 

Here at Altenew, we celebrate diversity all year by providing our customers with one-of-a-kind and diverse products representing different languages, cultures, and traditions. There are all sorts of fun crafting ideas out there, but we've put together a list using some of our stamp sets that are perfect for celebrating diversity month. Whether you're looking for something simple or more elaborate, we bet you'll find something here that will inspire you to create today. Happy crafting!

handmade card with thank you message in Korean and a leaf frame border

Handmade Card With Thank You Message in Korean

What is Celebrate Diversity Month?

It's April, which means it's Celebrate Diversity Month 2022! First celebrated in 2004, this event is observed worldwide “to recognize and honor the diversity surrounding us all.” 

Celebrate Diversity Month activities aim to honor and learn more about the many different cultures, customs, traditions, languages, etc. We all need to remember that diversity is not just about our different races or cultures. We need to highlight everything it entails, such as “gender identity, sexuality, race, ethnicity, religion, generation, disability, age, nationality, ancestry, regional identity, economic status, social class origin, language, dialect, and more”.

Diversity is a beautiful thing, and what better way to celebrate it than by crafting something beautiful?! That’s why we've put together a list of ideas that will help you celebrate diversity in all its forms — from handmade cards that reflect different images of women, to crafting projects that showcase ways of saying “thank you” in 15 different languages!

New Year Card with die-cut 2018 and Happy New Year spelled out in ASL

Die Cut New Year Card

When is Celebrate Diversity Month?

April is Celebrate Diversity Month! However, that doesn’t mean this is the only month when you can honor diversity and inclusivity around you! We all know that diversity is essential. It's what makes the world exciting and unique. So why do we only celebrate it once a year? 

Celebrating diversity month allows us to take some time to appreciate the diversity in our life and the lives of those around us. There are so many amazing things about diversity, and the more we celebrate it, the more we can learn from each other. So get started today - even with just a quick and simple paper crafting project - and see how much fun diversity can be!

Handmade card with a stamped image of a woman sitting and the sentiment "I think you're awesome"

I Think You're Awesome!

Why do we celebrate diversity month?

Diversity is celebrated throughout the year, but especially during the month of April. 

This time is set aside to appreciate the unique qualities that make each of us different. No matter your background, ethnicity, or religion, we all have something unique to offer. So are you wondering how to celebrate diversity month in your own way? Get crafty and creative! These crafting projects are a great way to reflect on all the wonderful things that make you who you are while also having some fun – whether you're scrapping photos of your own heritage or creating a tribute to another culture.

Did You Know? The Altenew Design Team consists of 20 amazingly creative crafters from diverse backgrounds around the globe. We value each and every one of them and celebrate the unique perspective they bring to paper crafting.

6 handmade cards stamped with images of a grocery cart and shopping bags, and a colorful strip of washi tape

DIY Stamp & Washi Tape Cards

How to Celebrate Diversity Month 2022

Are you looking for some fun and easy Celebrate Diversity Month activities? Do you need ideas on celebrating your own diversity or want to make something special for a friend from across the globe? There's something for everyone – from making handmade cards and scrapbook pages that honor different cultures and languages to sending greeting cards to friends who celebrate different religious observances. Check out this list of the best Altenew stamp sets for celebrating diversity month!

Journal page decorated with stamped images of women and washi tapes

Patterned Journal Page

1. Linear Life: Daydreams Stamp & Die & Coloring Stencil Bundle

This trendy stamp set includes a trio of daydreaming friends as simple line drawings. The images in this set value female representation and celebrate women from different cultures.

Handmade card with the word QUEEN and an image of a woman sitting.


You can either stamp them as-is, color them with your favorite medium, or add color with the additional detail layers. We have included thought bubbles and sweet sentiments so you can create a charming scene. In addition, the Linear Life Stamp Set has a coordinating die set and coloring stencil set for your convenience!

Eid Mubarak greeting card with gold embossed lanterns and sentiment

Eid Mubarak Greeting Card 

2. Eid al Adha Stamp Set

Lanterns, the moon and stars, and more! This beautiful stamp set offers lots of themed images to celebrate the second festival of Eid which follows the Hajj (pilgrimage): Eid al Adha. 

These stamps can be used in any card wishing your Muslim friends and family members a happy Eid, but can also be used for various paper crafting projects. So let out your inner creativity and see what you can create with these stamps!

Eid greeting card with Arabic calligraphy and gold embossed lanterns

Eid-al-Adha Greeting Card

3. Blessed Hanukkah 

Have you always wanted stamps to help you celebrate Hanukkah with your loved ones? This mini stamp set features two beautiful Star of David images, which can be stamped individually or layered together. The sentiment “wishing you a blessed Hanukkah" completes the set. 

These stamps would be perfect for your Hanukkah cards or holiday photos on scrapbook layouts.

Thank you card stamped with different ways of saying thank you in other languages

Thank You in Different Languages

4. Thanks Around the World Stamp Set

How many ways can you say "thank you"? Our fantastic design team inspired this stamp set. We have translated "thank you" into the different languages they speak! 

We love offering stamp sets in different languages and are happy to add this one to our collection. Show your gratitude towards friends around the world with this multicultural set!

Handmade card stamped with ginkgo flowers and the Japanese sentiment "wabi sabi"

Wabi Sabi Card

5. Carpe Diem Stamp Set

In this versatile stamp set, we have featured popular quotes and expressions from all over the world in different languages. You can use the sentiments to add a unique touch to your greeting cards or bring a smile to a friend who speaks a different language.

Slimline birthday card stamped with colorful sentiments in label style

Slimline Birthday Card

6. Label Love series

The Label Love Stamp Set is one of our bestselling stamps for a good reason! The versatility of the sentiments and the unique label style of this stamp set have made it a favorite among our customers ever since its release in our very first product collections.

You can stamp them for a simple one-layer look, emboss them for texture and shine, or layer them to add an interesting dimension to your crafting projects. This set is a perfect addition for any card maker or scrapbooker.

To honor diversity, we have released this stamp set in various languages! Here are some of them:

  • Label Love Japanese
  • Label Love Italian
  • Label Love Arabic
  • Label Love Spanish
  • Label Love French
  • Label Love German
  •  I love you card with a floral border - each letter includes icons for each sign in the Fingerspelled Alphabet

     Sign Language I Love You Card

    7. ASL Love Stamp Set
    We are honoring American Sign Language with this special and unique stamp set! The letters have been cleverly designed to include icons for each sign in the Fingerspelled Alphabet and its corresponding letter. A lowercase alphabet is included, making this a versatile set for any stamper!

    Handmade card with purple and lavender palette featuring a Pysanka egg and the sentiment "blessings"

    Pysanka Egg Card

    8. Pysanka Stamp Set

    What is your favorite spring tradition? With this stamp set, you can create a paper pysanka, a special Ukrainian Easter tradition.

    A pysanka is a beautifully decorated Ukrainian egg. These eggs are typically created in the spring to celebrate Easter and feature Ukrainian folk-art patterns. Each egg is delicately adorned with a detailed wax design and dyed in stages to reveal the colorful patterns.

    You can either stamp the outline and color with your favorite medium or use the coordinating images to stamp in the different colors. Alternatively, you could even simply stamp the design without the outline!

    Eid Mubarak greeting card with gold baroque embossed image

    Eid Mubarak Greeting Card 

    9. Eid Greetings Stamp Set

    Celebrate the joy of Eid with your favorite paper crafting projects! The first of its kind, this clear stamp set features a variety of Eid greetings and prayers to wish your Muslim friends and family members a blessed holiday. 

    The set includes the greeting "Eid Mubarak" in six different styles and fonts, including one in the Label Love Stamp Set sentiment style and one written in Arabic calligraphy. Several dainty rose images and other floral elements complete the set.

    Handmade card honoring firefighters with firefighter helmet and hose

    Honor Firefighters with a DIY Card

    Celebrating diversity month isn’t just about highlighting and honoring differences that make us beautiful in our own way. It’s also about commemorating people who do their best to help and serve us in their small way.

    With that being said, we’ve also released our line of profession stamps that celebrate and honor everyday heroes around us. We hope these stamps inspire you to craft something special for the healthcare worker, grocery employee, firefighter, and delivery person in your community.

  • Healthcare Heroes
  • Grocery Heroes
  • Firefighter Heroes
  • Postal Heroes
  •  Thank you card with images of healthcare workers, decorated with enamel dots, and ink splatters

    It’s time to celebrate diversity!

    Diversity is beautiful, and we think these stamp sets reflect that beauty perfectly. So if you’re looking for a way to celebrate diversity in your crafting projects this year, look no further than these sets. We hope you enjoy creating with them as much as we enjoyed picking them out for you. With so many fun designs to choose from, there’s something for everyone. So get creative and have some fun on Celebrate Diversity Month 2022!

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