Crafting a World of Sustainability with Alcohol Inks

Last Updated: October 27, 2022

In the world of paper crafting, we all know that we tend to produce a lot of paper scraps and material waste. Sometimes, we can find other uses for them in other projects, but often, they end up in our waste bins. 

If you're a crafter, you know the importance of using sustainable and versatile materials and products. They help the environment and let you create beautiful and unique works of art. One example of such a product is alcohol inks. Not only are they valuable tools in your craft room, but they can also help you be more environmentally friendly by reducing your clutter and giving you more project options!  

Be a more sustainable crafter by using alcohol ink for a majority of your projects!

Sunshine Valley Garden 12 Artist Alcohol Ink Bundle

In this blog post, we'll show you ways to make your paper crafting journey more sustainable with alcohol inks! So dive in and be a more conscious crafter! 

How to Use Alcohol Ink for a Sustainable Crafting Practice

You may be asking yourself how to use alcohol inks to be more sustainable in crafting. Well, the truth is that alcohol ink has many uses - whether for practical or artistic reasons, it is an adaptable medium! You won't need to buy as many materials and embellishments when you know the hacks and tips for the designs and projects you can make with alcohol ink.

A gorgeous inky scrapbook page layout made with alcohol ink!

 7 Quick and Easy DIY Alcohol Ink Art Ideas You Can Try Right Now!

They are a great way to craft sustainably without sacrificing quality or creativity. Here are some ideas on how alcohol ink makes you a more eco-friendly crafter:

1. Alcohol Ink Can Re-Ink Your Artist Alcohol Markers

Did you know that our alcohol inks' primary function is to refill your Artist Alcohol Markers? You can also use them to re-ink your alcohol markers since all our inks are color-coordinated with our products. This practical feature makes recycling your markers handy, even if they start to streak or dry out!

Use alcohol ink to save more money and materials by employing them as refills for your alcohol markers!

Rock Garden 12 Artist Alcohol Inks Bundle

There's no need to buy new markers - just buy re-inkers, and you're good to go! Not only are you saving more, but you're also doing favors for the environment by purchasing fewer products! 

2. Endless Creative Possibilities With Alcohol Ink Art Ideas 

You can use alcohol ink as a background, a coloring and painting medium, an accent, and a focal point for your cards, scrapbooks, and other projects. With various application techniques, you can essentially recreate any look or design with alcohol ink! (Hint: You can even color embossing paste with alcohol ink!)  

A vibrant and bold floral card made with the colors of the Sunshine Valley Garden Artist Alcohol Markers Set

Sunshine Valley Garden Artist Alcohol Markers Set F

Besides serving as an art medium on Yupo paper, you can also use it on other non-porous materials, such as resin, canvas, glass, plastic, metal, and even fabric.

Did you know? You can dye fabrics with alcohol ink! In fact, a trending project right now is to dye silk scarves with alcohol ink. Imagine making your own DIY alcohol ink scarves - you can express your personality by playing with the colors and patterns!

A lovely ribbon outline colored by alcohol ink - a DIY paper crafting stitch project on fabric!

Coral Berry Artist Marker Refill

A lot of artists also use alcohol ink on canvas. You can make beautiful paintings with alcohol ink, just as you would do with acrylic paint, watercolors, and oil. Talk about an all-around medium!

Here are other projects you can do with alcohol inks:

  • Resin tinting
  • DIY alcohol ink canvas paintings
  • Customized wine glasses 
  • Alcohol ink tote bags
  • Painted ceramic mugs
  • DIY painted marbles
  • Painted glass plates 
  • Alcohol ink-dyed sand and glitter
  • Alcohol ink tumbler
  • Alcohol ink-dyed shirts
  • Customized beads, gems, and sequins

To know more about alcohol ink techniques, check out our Expanding Alcohol Inks: 3 Easy Gift Ideas class! Nothing is more environmentally friendly than making your own gorgeous DIY gifts with alcohol ink!

Make your DIY gift projects stand out with the distinct marble look of alcohol ink!

How to Make 3 Beautiful DIY Gifts with Alcohol Ink

3. Make the Best Versions of Your Projects With Alcohol Ink

Did you know that you can reactivate dried alcohol ink if you haven't sealed it? This is a neat trick, especially if you suddenly made a mistake, an accidental ink splatter, or just want to continue reworking your project. One method to reactivate is simply placing the ink on a non-porous surface and adding a drop or two of rubbing alcohol. For some alcohol ink brands, you can also use a blending solution or blending pen to re-wet old ink, add highlights, or erase mistakes. 

Of course, most alcohol inks are permanent, and some pigments can be harder to loosen, so be sure to check the label and instructions regarding the product!

A colorful inky background made with alcohol ink for a CAS card!

Quick Guide to Alcohol Inks (And Where to Buy Them?)

If you want more inspiration on inky looks with alcohol ink, check out our Get Inky with Alcohol Inks Blog Hop! Our designers’ stunning projects will definitely convince you to start using alcohol ink in all your masterpieces!

We Hope You Craft a Better World With These Tips!

So if you're looking for a way to be more creative and productive in your paper crafting, consider using alcohol inks. Not only will you use less waste, but you'll also have access to an endless variety of colors and shades to create beautiful projects! 

We hope this article has inspired you to try out some alcohol ink projects of your own! We can't wait to see what amazing things you craft - and don't forget to save the planet while you're at it! 


  • Altenew

    How exciting, Mischelle! We’d love to see your alcohol ink creations, so feel free to tag us if you post them on social media! <3 Thank you for your kind words; we look forward to seeing you in our Alcohol Ink classes!

  • Mischelle Smith

    I can’t believe how much I enjoy using alcohol marker and the bottled inks.
    I had over 100+ pages of photo paper.
    I went to town using the inks. From abstract projects, to trying to produce actual flowers. The nearest I’ve got to making something that you could tell what it is, was a photo paper Northern Lights landscape and a landscape of the beach. I topped off my beach with the Altenew stamp with the lighthouse, birds, etc.
    So count me in on finding more ways of using alcohol inks on the Altenew blogs and classes!

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