Best Craft Paper Storage: 13 Clever Ideas to Store Cardstock

Last Updated: July 13, 2023

A good craft paper storage system helps eliminate the mess and clutter that come with being a crafter. Let’s face it. No matter how clean and organized you claim to be, you can end up with a cluttered space or room once you’re in the creative zone. Even the best paper crafters out there have to deal with the aftermath of a busy crafting session - a.k.a leftover paper scraps, tiny embellishments, ink drops and splatters, embossing powder, glue residue, glitter, and other bits and bobs. With online arts and crafts stores coming up with new products every month or so, crafters find themselves struggling with organizing cardstock and other beloved crafting items.

Cardstock storage using Craft Room Organization decal set

Craft Room Organization Decal Set - Small

Craft paper is a basic item that you’ll find in every crafter’s stash. A paper crafter without paper is like a painter without a canvas. The wide variety of beautiful, colorful, and inexpensive cardstock and paper available to crafters nowadays make it easy to splurge and hoard. The struggle is definitely real when it comes to organizing and storing your growing cardstock and paper collection. 

We feel you! 

That’s why we’re providing ten clever ideas on cardstock storage and organization that are easy, effective, and cost-efficient!

Organizing Altenew stamps

Altenew Stamps

How Do I Organize My Card Making Supplies?

While most crafters have an entire room dedicated to their craft supplies, some can only spare a small desk and a couple of drawers. Getting a system for organizing tools and craft paper storage will make the crafting process more relaxing and enjoyable. Although some can be creative even with the clutter around them, starting a card making or scrapbooking project in a neater and cleaner space can work wonders.

So get your Marie Kondo on, and let’s start with ten essential tips for organizing your card making supplies, particularly your craft paper organizer!

Organizing ideas for embellishments

Altenew Embellishments

1. Maximize space. As mentioned before, not everyone has a whole craft room to house their beloved supplies. Even if you do have space, you still need to think about all the crafting supplies you’ll accumulate in the long run. We know you already have them on your wishlist. Don’t worry, we won’t tell. Maximizing space simply means looking at your craft area as a whole and figuring out how to make the most out of every inch, every nook, and cranny. 

2. Go for budget-friendly options. Your cardstock organizer shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Of course, you need something durable and long-lasting, but it doesn’t need to be one of those pricey organizing carts or multi-layer drawers from IKEA. Lucky for you, there are many options for inexpensive organizers and storage that are decent and durable.    

3. Think about convenience. When it comes to organizing your paper crafting supplies, you should always put your comfort first. Everyone aims to have that Pinterest-worthy craft room. However, it won’t do you any good if your storage system isn’t convenient for you. 

Large storage pouches from Altenew

Large Storage Pouches - 25/pck

4. Mobility and portability. Are you more of a traveling crafter or a crafter on the go? Always consider the mobility and portability of your chosen cardstock storage and other card making supplies. Ideally, you’d want a plastic bin or storage box that can fit the essentials and is travel-friendly. 

5. Easy to clean. It goes without saying that you need something easy to clean. Some card making supplies can be messy (inks, watercolors, embossing powders) and sticky (adhesives, washi tapes, embossing paste). You’d want containers and bins that can be quickly dusted off, vacuumed, or washed.  

6. Go for clean and simple storage. Basically, craft paper storage, or any storage for that matter, should provide you with a simple solution. It shouldn’t overcomplicate things. Stick to something clean and simple like sliding drawers or stackable plastic bins.

Craft room decal set labels for card making supplies

Craft Room Organization Decal Set - Small

7. Use labels. As a crafty individual, labeling shouldn’t be new to you. If you haven’t been labeling your card making supplies, you need to do it now. It will make it so much easier for you to find what you’re looking for, especially when you’re buried under heaps of random supplies. Here are four types of labeling that you can try, especially for stamps, dies, inks, stencils, and cardstock

  • Alphabetical (A to Z) - This is ideal for clear stamps and dies. 
  • Color-coded - This one is great for inks, watercolors, alcohol markers, and for organizing cardstock. You can use colorful sticky notes for this or create your own colorful labels.
  • Categorical - The most common categories in a crafter’s arsenal are florals, nature, geometric, sentiments, alphabet, occasions, etc. 
  • Themes - Organizing according to themes can work for a variety of products. You can make a rainbow theme for inks and other coloring mediums or keep all thank you-related products together. It’s up to you!

8. Declutter! This is your chance to dig deep and bring out the Marie Kondo in you! Whether it’s just a small desk or a whole room, decluttering your craft space is the first step toward neater and more organized supplies. Get rid of items that don’t spark joy anymore. It’s also essential to make a list of your most used items so you can set them aside and ensure that they are within reach all the time.

Scrapbook paper and cardstock storage

Scrapbook paper and cardstock storage

9. Decide on the functional features. This is specific to you as a person and a crafter. Some crafters prefer a clear cardstock organizer so they can easily find what they’re looking for. Others go for covered organizers to keep their supplies dust-free and avoid damages. Here are a few things to consider.

  1. Clear 
  2. Colored
  3. Sliding
  4. Stackable
  5. Open 
  6. Covered or with lids

10. Make it your own! The craft room tips and inspiration we’ve provided above are simply guidelines. It’s still vital for you to make it your space - decorate it however you want and fill it with your creative ideas.

Are you in need of more fun and unique craft room organizing hacks? The video below will give you some fresh ideas!

Must-Try Craft Paper Storage and Organizer Hacks and Ideas

How do you store lots of paper? Whether you’re looking for a cost-efficient craft paper storage solution, a trendy and high-quality one, or something you can easily DIY, we’ve listed down 13 of the most popular and highly recommended organizers here.

Small basket for organizing embossing folders

Small basket for organizing embossing folders

1. Multi-Drawer Storage - If you’ve been browsing Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube for any craft room organizing tips and tricks, you most probably have seen one of these iconic white multi-drawer storage from IKEA. They’re a bit on the pricey side and require more space, but they do the job well.  

2. Small Baskets - These small baskets are available in various lengths and sizes. These are ideal for 6x8 stamp sets, stencils, embossing folders, scrapbook paper, and cardstock. 

Plastic bins for craft paper storage

Craft Room Organization Decal Set - Small

3. Plastic Bins - These can be stackable and have nesting capabilities, therefore a total space saver. You can stack them on your crafting desk or on top of your drawers. Most come with lids as well, so they’re great if you’re looking for a dust-free craft paper organizer

4. Plastic Storage Box - These can store more than a few supplies and come in a wide range of sizes. You can choose one with dividers for better organization. Since they have handles, they are portable as well.

DIY file folder craft paper organizer

Live Your Dream 12x12 Paper Set

5. DIY Expanding Accordion File Folder - If your cardstock paper collection is still small, then you can try this fantastic DIY hack. Create a DIY accordion file folder using a few 12” x 12” patterned scrapbook paper that you have on hand. This blog post will provide a step-by-step for you.

6. Raskog Cart - These popular utility carts from IKEA can are in almost every crafter’s room. This is a 3-tier rolling cart that can hold a lot of crafting supplies. The beauty of this cart is its mobility, so you can use it for your “easy to grab stash” and reach for them instantly and effortlessly.

Rasko cart organizer for card making supplies

Amour Decal Bundle

7. Rolling Cart Organizer - While seemingly similar to Raskog carts, these have more options and features such as sliding and stackable drawers, easy-glide casters for added mobility, and drawer stops. The drawers can be clear or colored, more spacious, and come in various sizes and dimensions.

8. 12” x 12” Paper Rack - The size of this cardstock storage is ideal for scrapbook paper, 12x12 cardstock, and other bigger patterned paper pads.

Paper tray used for card making supplies and organizing cardstock

Altenew Alcohol Markers

9. Stackable Paper Tray - This is great for those with limited space since you can place it on your desk or on top of a drawer. It’s usually made out of heavy-duty acrylic plastic and can easily store different cardstock and craft paper types.

10. Acrylic Magazine and Paper Holder - Some prefer to display their supplies out in the open, while others like to keep them tucked away. If you’re the former, this is the perfect cardstock organizer for you. You can keep them color-coded for a pleasing aesthetic.

Wall hanging card making supplies and cardstock organizer

Altenew Bestsellers

11. Wall Hanging Paper Storage - If space is an issue, you can always build hanging shelves on your wall. Another space-saving idea is to place your cardstock and craft paper inside resealable bags with hang holes and hang them on self-adhesive plastic hooks on your wall.

12. DIY Boxes - If organizing cardstock paper gives you a headache and you can’t figure out which organizer to get, then create one. The photo below shows a repurposed box turned into storage for scrapbook paper. You can decorate the box or keep it as is.

DIY boxes for card making supplies and craft paper storage

DIY boxes for card making supplies and craft paper storage

13. Small Organizational Cubes - This is another perfect option for those with limited crafting space. These cubes can sit on a desk or on top of a drawer. The open style gives ease of access and lets you grab any cardstock you want right away.

Are you feeling inspired to redecorate your craft room? Take this exciting virtual tour of Lydia’s craft room!

How Do You Store Cardstock?

Keeping cardstock and patterned paper organized is relatively easier than organizing other paper crafting supplies such as inks and embellishments. Most cardstock and craft paper come in resealable plastic packaging. The fact that these are flat and in uniform sizes and width make them easier to store. The struggle with other paper crafting supplies is that they come in bottles, containers, boxes, and bulky packaging. Organizing cardstock can be as easy as sorting them out according to colors and sizes.

Pinterest-inspired craft paper storage system

Altenew Papers and Envelopes

Here are a few things to take note of when you store cardstock and other craft paper.

  1. Store them based on the type of cardstock (Ex. Plain, colored, glitter, woodgrain, smooth, textured, etc.).
  2. Store them based on color. 
    1. How do you organize cardstock color? You can do this by following the rainbow system (ROYGBIV), putting primary colors together, complementary colors together, same color family together, or most used colors together. Organize them however you like; just make sure they are functional and easy to grab.  
  3. Store them based on usage. As a card maker, you’d want to store pre-scored cardstock (8.5” x 11”) together. That way, it’ll be easier to reach for them when you want to create a quick handmade card. Scrapbookers might want all their 12” x 12” scrapbook paper in one storage and 6” x 6” patterned paper in another. 
  4. Store them based on size. This one is pretty much self-explanatory. Choose a craft paper organizer that will allow you to store them based on their length and width.

Card making supplies and craft paper organizer

Card making supplies and craft paper organizer

How Do You Organize Cardstock Scraps?

If you’re a crafter, you know how one project can produce a mountain of cardstock cutouts and tiny paper scraps. What do you do with those scraps? Reuse and recycle, of course! You can easily organize cardstock scraps by placing them in clear acrylic boxes, DIY containers, storage pouches with zippers, clear paper sleeves, or DIY paper storage like this one.

On that note, here’s a fun and easy scrapbook layout using leftover scraps that you can whip up in less than fifteen minutes!

Patterned paper and cardstock organizer

Altenew Patterned Papers

Finding the best cardstock storage that caters to your needs and budget isn’t that hard! You just have to keep in mind that effectiveness and functionality should be your priority. While a Pinterest-inspired craft room is fantastic to look at, a smart storage system will help make the crafting process go smoothly.


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