Altenew’s Year In Review: Crafter’s Edition 2023

Last Updated: December 11, 2023

Two colorful greeting cards made from the Zero Waste Leaf Pattern Die

Hello, everyone! Today, we’d like to reminisce on the amazing year that we’ve had. We want to celebrate the highs, and even the lows, that our business has experienced in 2023.

But we wouldn’t really be here if not for you, our dear crafty friends. All of this wouldn’t be possible without your support and your drive for crafting and creating wonderful cards, projects, and gifts that you’ve shared (or will share) with your loved ones.

So, let’s take a look at some of our bestsellers and why you, dear crafters, love them. Here is our Year In Review for 2023: Crafter’s Edition: 

1. Zero-Waste 3D Floral Cover Die

Altenew Zero-Waste 3D Floral Cover Die and sample card design

This must-have for eco-conscious crafters was released as part of our Nostalgic Memories Collection in January 2023.

Make the most out of every part of your die-cut pieces, including the leftover cardstock, with these dies. No more wasted materials! Create beautiful backgrounds, eye-catching accents, DIY stencils, and various design elements to enhance your crafting projects. 

Our Zero-Waste Dies not only minimize waste – they also enable you to maximize the usage of every part of the cardstock, whether it is positive or negative. Embrace eco-conscious crafting and optimize your materials with this essential tool for environmentally aware creators!

A thank-you card made by Jennifer McGuire with the Zero-Waste 3D Floral Cover Die

Why Crafters Love It:

“Wasting scraps of paper is the bane of many crafters lives ;) This die does away with it! It can be used so many ways both as a background (understated white-on-white, with colour peeking through from behind, die-cut inlay…) and for embellishments (plain white, layered, shaped, coloured, combinations of the above…) - versatile, endless fun and beautiful results. The die cuts effortlessly and reliably every time.”

- Nicola L.

2. Boho Vases Die Set

A friendship-themed card created with the Boho Vases Die Set

Part of our Boho Chic Release from February, the Boho Vases Die Set includes three decorative vases inspired by bohemian decor, along with three leaf dies that can be combined in various ways. 

Each die has embossed details that add more interest and uniqueness to the designs. Make a beautiful statement in your cards and crafts with stylish boho-inspired vases.

Why Crafters Love It:

“This die set is one if the most versatile sets I've gotten from Altenew. I use the "planter" dies with other sets. I really like that the planters have cut out designs on them so you can change the accent colors on the vases. Also, I use the plant dies with other sets as well. The quality is awesome [as usual]. Love this set!”

- Dana F.

3. Zero-Waste Leaf Pattern Die

Our March 2023 Release also showed us that for crafters, one can never have too many leafy branches!

For this version of our Zero-Waste Die series, we creatively organized all the branches that could fit into an A2 rectangle! Along with eight branches of leaves and confetti, you can also utilize the negative piece as a background for your project. Pretty cool and eco-friendly, right? Check out this card sample created with this die set:

Two colorful greeting cards made from the Zero Waste Leaf Pattern Die

Why Crafters Love It:

“This is a fun die to have. You can use the entire die or just pick out a leaf or two.”

- Denise

“I love a nature-themed background and this die does not disappoint. Thank you, Altenew.”

- Audrey R.

4. Stampwheel

Stamping floral designs on card stock with the Stampwheel

April 2023 saw a revolution in the crafting industry when we finally released the innovative Stampwheel.

The Stampwheel is an ideal companion for crafters who want a quick, clever, and efficient way to stamp. It features a clear flip plate with a lock and key mechanism, as well as a high-quality photopolymer sticky mat. This innovative tool has elevated, and will continue to elevate, the stamping experience to new heights.

The set includes a rotating clear plate that securely locks into place at 16 equal intervals. The sticky mat is made of top-notch photopolymer, ensuring that your paper and stencils stay in the desired position. 

Whether you want to create a wreath, layer stamps, mirror stamps, use stencils, or explore other stamping techniques, the Stampwheel provides consistent results with minimal effort and maximum creativity.

But don’t take it from us: listen to one of the crafting industry’s experts. Watch Simon Hurley’s honest review of the Stampwheel in this video below:

5. Craft-A-Flower: Fragrant Peony Layering Die Set

Altenew's Craft-A-Flower: Fragrant Peony Layering Die Set and sample card design

May’s Marvelous Monthly Series Release included this Craft-A-Flower Set, and it was easily one of the bestsellers of the month. It also utilizes one of the most revolutionary systems in layering and die assembly – Altenew’s Key-Hole System.

We took inspiration for this set from a surprising garden in Grimsby, Canada. It was filled with stunning Chinese peonies, which are famous for their big and beautiful blossoms. These peonies come in different colors like pink, red, and white, and have noticeable yellow stamens.

But what’s most amazing about this set is the Key-Hole System that makes assembling these dies so easy!

A die-cut layering guide showcasing Altenew's Key-Hole System

The Key-Hole System consists of cleverly designed shapes (a keyhole, an arrow, or an isosceles triangle) that serve as foolproof guides for easy layering. By aligning the small die-cut shapes, you can easily create layered designs. 

Additionally, they make it simple to identify which die-cuts go together. For example, in a set with two layering images, one image will have keyhole cutouts on all layers, while the other image will have arrow cutouts. The cutouts align only one way, so you can always determine the correct orientation.

Check out the reasoning behind this Key-Hole System in this Instagram video:

6. Summer Dreams Fresh Dye Ink

Altenew's Summer Dreams Fresh Dye Ink set

For our June 2023 Release, one of our bestsellers is our Summer Dreams Fresh Dye Ink Bundle, which was born out of our collaboration with Amy Tangerine!

This bundle includes Summer Sunrise Color Family Fresh Dye Ink and the Ocean Dreams Color Family Fresh Dye Ink. Colors in these families include the following cool shades of pink, reds, greens, and blues:

  • Peachy Keen
  • Tickled Pink
  • Cherry Sweet
  • Tangerine Dream
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Lettuce Celebrate
  • Berry Cool
  • Easy Breezy
  • Ride The Wave
  • Be Grapeful
  • Silver Lining

Why Crafters Love It:

“I have been wanting this set for a long time, and when they went on sale I ordered! The colors are so vibrant and lovely. Easy to blend. Pairing that with the ink labels, I think I might be close to heaven.”

- Pamela R.

7. Cloud White Pigment Ink

The Cloud White Pigment Ink was one of our bestsellers in the July 2023 release.

A floral greeting card on dark blue cardstock, accented and embellished with Cloud White Pigment Ink from Altenew

This pigment ink is an excellent choice to achieve sharp and clear stamped images. The vibrant white hue dries rapidly and maintains its color without fading.

Moreover, it’s resistant to water and pairs wonderfully with watercolor and other water-based mediums. Plus, it’s also acid-free and archival, ensuring long-lasting and high-quality results.

Why Crafters Love It:

“This ink is perfect for all of my inking projects! I like the round container that is easy to hold.”

- Elizabeth H.

“I tried a lot of other white pigment inks - but this is the best I have ever used!”

- Christine P.

8. Zero-Waste Fun Little Flowers Die

A "have a great day" card created with the Zero-Waste Fun Little Flowers Die set

We continued the eco-conscious movement in August as our Zero-Waste Fun Little Flowers Die Set. The small and delightful flowers, plus the leafy branches, are ideal for adding beauty to your sentiments, bouquets, or other elements of your crafting projects!

Why Crafters Love It:

“Why has no one thought of this before? Awesome concept and cuts beautifully. Now I always have ephemera ready to use on my cards!”

- Susan

“Love this cover die. Looks great on a card and I love the concept of using the cut pieces to create flowers. Truly a no-waste die! Genius!”

- Mary B.

9. Mushroom Garden Layering Stencil Set (4 in 1)

For our September 2023 Collection, we saw the Mushroom Garden Layering Stencil Set become one of the month’s bestsellers!

A mushroom-themed greeting card created with the Mushroom Garden Layering Stencil Set from Altenew

Create a beautiful autumn-inspired design effortlessly with this layering stencil set. With etched guides, it becomes easy to position them accurately. For coordinating sentiments, you can even combine them with the Mushroom Greetings Stamp Set. Enjoy the crafting process without much hassle!

Why Crafters Love It:

“Altenew has done it again ... a wonderful layering stencil set. This mushroom set is so easy to layer each stencil because it has etched drawings. The etched drawings ... truly make it easy to line up! I made a few cards with fall colors but I plan on doing different colors soon.”

- Sue W.

Complete Altenew’s Magical Forest Ensemble Here!

10. Joy Hot Foil Plate, Die Set, and Stencil Bundle

Altenew's Joy Hot Foil Plate, Die Set, and Stencil Bundle

This complete bundle hot foil plate, die set, and stencils spread so much joy in October! 

The Joy Complete Bundle includes an exquisite hot foil plate and die set that commemorates the pleasures of life with a captivating font and intersecting letters. Its generous size and dimensions create remarkable and contemporary impressions on any crafting project, which  are enhanced when you use the corresponding die set and coloring stencils!

Spread boundless happiness with this “bundle of Joy”!

A yellow-and-blue motif greeting card created with the Joy Hot Foil Plate, Die Set, and Stencil Bundle

Why Crafters Love It:

“This is such a beautiful die set - the cuts are crisp and the edges clear. There are so many variations that can be chosen and I believe this will be a favorite Christmas die going forward. I absolutely love it.”

- Barbara H.

11. Timeless Sentiments Die Set

Finally, for our November 2023 Collection, one of our products that came out on top was the Timeless Sentiments Die Set.

And why wouldn’t it? The Timeless Sentiments Die Set is versatile, contains a variety of traditional sentiments suitable for different occasions, and is set in a gorgeous font. These dies  showcase an elegant serif font style that complements any design — from flowers to foliage, landscapes to patterns, or even abstract art!

Even Jennifer McGuire herself loves this die set! Here are some cards she made with it:

A greeting card created by Jennifer McGuire with the Timeless Sentiments Die Set
A "hugs" sentiment card created by Jennifer McGuire with the Timeless Sentiments Die Set

Why Crafters Love It:

“These dies are wonderful for adding sentiment to card fronts. The font is cheery and the dies cut cleanly. I’ll be using this set often.”

- Pat T.

Enjoying This Year In Review? We’ve Got a Surprise For You!

This highlight is not only limited to this blog post: We’re doing it within the next two weeks!

That’s right, dear crafters! From December 13-23, 2023, we’re highlighting each month's release from January to November of this year with a Daily Collection Sale!

Plus, we’ll be having daily flash sales in the Altenew Store, free gifts and giveaways on our blogs and social media platforms, and video hops for you! This is to give back for the entire year of choosing us as your favorite stop for crafting goodies and must-haves.

So, don’t forget: the Year In Review Collection Sale starts on December 13th and will end on the 23rd! So mark your calendars, plan out your shopping list, and see you online on the 13th! 

Side note: If you want a guide for your holiday shopping, we’ve got you covered! Check out our 2023 Holiday Shopping Guide.

And, as always, if you’re looking for inspiration and ideas for these crafting supplies, you’re always welcome In the Craft Room! Happy shopping!

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