5 Must-Try DIY Papercrafting Ideas

Last Updated: October 21, 2021

With 2021 just around the corner, there are a ton of papercrafting ideas that you can try. From classic ones to super trendy and creative ones, these easy-to-follow papercrafting hacks will help spark your creativity. So if you’re stuck in a rut and can’t seem to find inspiration for card making and paper crafting, then read on! We’ve got 5 DIY paper crafting ideas that you must try in 2021.

3D Star Dies for Paper Crafting

1. Paper Decor Ideas

Paper is one of the most versatile tools in crafting. You can stamp images on it, draw on it, watercolor it, cut it into shapes, or use it as a design element. The possibilities are truly endless! Grab your favorite paper sets, some adhesives, a few stamps and dies, and try these fun DIY papercrafting ideas now!

  • DIY Holiday Ornaments - Why spend too much money on holiday ornaments when you can make your own? Altenew has a 3D Star Die, which is simply perfect for creating a 3D holiday decor or ornament. You can make a huge batch, using different colored or patterned paper, and hang them on your tree or around your house. You may even use this as a fun and simple home decor (even after the holidays!).
DIY Christmas star ornaments

Find out how to create these fun 3D star holiday ornaments HERE.
  • Decoupage - Decoupage is “the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts onto it in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf, and other decorative elements.” With Altenew’s wide range of patterned and specialty paper sets, you can easily do decoupage. Here are some objects that you can use:

    • Empty bottles
    • Empty Cans
    • Old shoeboxes
    • Jars
    • Plant pots
    • Old wooden chest
    • Wooden chairs

  • Paper-wrapped candles - If you’re into DIY homemade candles, then this one’s for you! Take it to the next level by decorating the candle jar using stickers, colorful patterned paper, or washi tapes! These will be perfect as customized gifts.

  • Paper mugs - These aren’t mugs that you can use for your cup of Joe (or tea, whatever floats your boat!). With thick and high-quality paper, you can create a cute “mug” that you can use as a pen holder, a coin bank, or simply as a decor on your desk.
DIY banner made with Party Banner Dies

Pocket Banner Die Set

  • Banners - Is your wall looking bare and feeling lonely? Time to spice it up! Altenew has some cool alphabet dies that will help you spell out a message, a word, your name, or anything you’d like! You can use Altenew’s banner dies to create these customized banners too.

2. Home Decor

When you hear DIY papercrafting, home decor is the first thing that comes to mind. Making your own home decor is simple, fun, and easy, and it will also cost you less than buying something from the mall. Plus, your home decors will be unique and personalized. You’ll surely be the envy of your family and friends! Check out these quick and easy DIY home decor ideas!

  • Create a framed welcome sign. With a little bit of embossing, ink blending, and die-cutting, you can also create a customized framed welcome sign. This framed home decor will look beautiful hanging on your door or your living room wall.
DIY frame decor
Here’s a DIY framed welcome sign inspiration that you can replicate. Get the instructions HERE.
  • Make your own door signs decor. Have you tried creating door signs before? You should! You can hang this DIY decor on your door or door knob or give it to someone as a gift. And there’s no need to stick with the usual “welcome” sign. In this blog post, we show you how to create easy DIY door signs using different sentiments.
DIY door signs
  • Have fun with washi tapes. What are washi tapes? According to Paperchase, this is “a decorative adhesive tape made from traditional Japanese paper (wa meaning 'Japanese' and shi meaning 'paper') that's great for craft or journaling.” Washi tapes come in different sizes, colors, and designs so you can choose one or two and mix and match them. Or you can go for that monochrome look and use one washi tape to decorate your table, cupboards, drawers, cabinets, chairs, and more! Here are some washi tape ideas for your next home decor!

3. DIY Journal or Planner

With the new year coming, new journals and planners are absolute must-haves. But if your old journal still has a few pages left or you’ve barely used it, there’s no need to buy new ones. You can simply try these ideas to create your very own DIY journal or planner.

Reindeer stamps on a DIY journal page
  • Decorate your journal with some simple stamping. Grab your favorite stamp sets and a few dye inks, and you’re ready to breathe a new life into that old journal or planner. Here’s an example!

  • Creating monoprints. When you create your own monoprints, you get different and unique results every time. It’s a fun and easy way to decorate an old notebook, journal, or planner.
Mixed media art on a DIY journal
Here are some step-by-step instructions on how to create your own monoprints on your journal.
  • Use washi tapes to add some pizzazz! Yes! Time and time again, washi tapes have proven to be handy and versatile. You can definitely use it to spice up your 2021 journal and make the pages of your planner pop!

4. Personalized Boxes

Papercrafting 2021 might feel a little different due to the pandemic. But as the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! One of the best paper crafting ideas to try in 2021 is personalized boxes. You can simply recycle or reuse pieces of cardboard or old shoe boxes. Grab some colorful patterned paper or stamp your preferred designs all over a piece of paper, and you’re good to go!

Here are a few ideas on what to do with personalized boxes:
  • Use them as face mask storage. Instead of leaving your face masks lying around the house, use a personalized box to keep them clean. You can even create two different boxes - one for clean and sanitized face masks and another for used face masks. Pretty nifty, right?
DIY stationery box made with patterned scrapbook paper
  • Stationery or paper storage. Do you often find yourself rummaging through cabinets and drawers, looking for your stationery, sticky notes, or paper clips? Here’s the answer to your dilemma! This blog post will teach you how to create a cute DIY personalized box quickly and easily!
DIY keepsake box stamped with floral images
  • Make a simple box for photos or any mementos. Now, more than ever, more people have been doing online shopping. Do you feel bad about throwing away boxes of products that you ordered online? With papercrafting 2021 being all about quick and easy hacks, you can simply turn those boxes into storage for your printed photographs or any mementos you have lying around. All you need is a stamp set and dye ink, and you’re good to go. Here’s an example of how to decorate a DIY keepsake box.

5. Customized Paper or DIY Stationery

DIY notebook decoration

With everything that happened in the last year, the year 2021 should be about sustainability. Make it a point to reuse and recycle whatever papercrafting materials that you have in your home. Instead of buying stationery or memo pads, why not design your own paper? You can even decorate a simple notebook with just a stamp set and some dye inks.

Handmade stationery stamped with reindeer images

Here’s a blog post where you can find a quick and straightforward idea of making your own stationery or customized paper.

Are you excited to try these 5 DIY paper crafting ideas? Which one have you tried before? Which one sounds super fun? We only have a few weeks left before we say goodbye to another year. Make sure you make the most out of it by crafting with family and friends. Always make it a point to reuse and recycle whatever you have in your crafting stash. And don’t forget to craft your life with Altenew!

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