5 Creative Ways to Make the Inside of Your Cards Special

Last Updated: May 23, 2023

Are you tired of sending boring, generic cards to your loved ones? Are you looking for fun and creative ways to make the inside of your cards as special as the outside? Look no further! In this blog post, we'll share five unique and exciting ideas for adding that extra special touch to your cards. From interactive elements to surprise messages, we've got you covered. So, grab your favorite crafting supplies, and let's dive in!

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Five Fun Ways to Decorate the Inside of Your Cards

Want to send gorgeous cards to your loved ones that are both beautiful inside and outside? Do you want to make them feel more special and appreciated? The good news is you don't have to be an expert crafter to make the inside of your cards more creative and meaningful. With a little bit of creativity and some easy-to-find materials, you can make your cards stand out and bring joy to those who receive them! Here are some easy card ideas to try on your next project:  

1) Add a Pop-up Element 

Pop-up elements are a fun and interactive way to add some excitement to your cards' insides. You can create a pop-up flower, a balloon, a heart, or any other shape that fits the theme of your card design. 

To make a pop-up element, you'll need a piece of cardstock or paper slightly smaller than your card's inside. Cut out the shape you want and fold it in half. Then, attach the folded shape to the inside of your card, making sure that it's centered and secured with foam tape. 

2) Use Washi Tapes 

Another excellent card design idea is to use the same washi tape you used on your card front to make borders on the inside of your card. Having a complementary washi tape design inside and outside makes the card look put together and will definitely make your card's recipient feel extra special. Just make sure to leave some space for writing a heartfelt message!

3) Incorporate a Hidden Message

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Monsteras and Quotes

Adding a hidden message to your card is a great way to surprise and delight your recipient. You can write a personal note, a funny joke, or a thoughtful quote on a small piece of paper or cardstock and then hide it behind a decorative element on the inside of your card. 

Another alternative is to make scratch tickets by writing a message, covering it with clear Scotch tape, and painting over it with gouache or acrylic. You can also use a circle die to create a small window on the front of your card and then add a message that's revealed when the card is opened.

4) Create a Special Card Pocket

Pockets are a versatile and practical way to add some extra space to your cards. You can use them to hold small gifts, like a gift card or a photo, or to store important information, like directions or event details. 

To make a pocket, cut a piece of cardstock or paper that's slightly smaller than the inside of your card. Fold it in half, and then glue the sides and bottom edges to the inside of your card, leaving the top edge open. 

5) Make Accents With Stamps and Stencils

Last but certainly not least, you can use stamps and stencils to make subtle accents here and there. You can make a border by using masking techniques or write your message first before choosing to decorate the empty spaces with stamped images. 

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Linear Life: Tropical Garden

You can use stamps to create patterns, images, or sentiments, while stencils can be used to create backgrounds or borders. You can also use embossing powder to add some shine and dimension to your stamped images. With a little bit of practice, you can create beautiful and unique designs that will make your cards stand out. The possibilities are limitless! 

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Build-A-Garden: Magnificent Branch

Other Tips for Writing and Decorating Your Card’s Insides

  • Adding some sparkle to your cards is a surefire way to make them more eye-catching and festive! You can use metallic pens or markers to add some metallic accents or doodles around your message.
  • Want to change the message up a bit? Instead of sending some general sentiments, try these message prompts to help guide you on what to write inside a card:
    • Your favorite memory with the recipient
    • What you’d like to do with them soon (Ex. brunch or a fun movie date)
    • Your favorite recipe that you’d like to cook with them
    • A memory of when they were there for you during your dark times
    • 10 things you love about their personality
    • A memory of something that they thought they would never overcome but did
    • Your favorite advice or piece of wisdom
    • The last joke that made you laugh
    • Lyrics to the song that you dedicate to your recipient
  •  For more inspiration on what to write in a greeting card, check out our Greeting Card Messages and Ideas page! 
  •  Experiment with different styles of handwriting, such as calligraphy or cursive, to make your message stand out. 
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Level up Your Cards With These Creative Cardmaking Ideas!

Overall, there are many creative ways to make the inside of your cards special. Whether you're writing a heartfelt message, decorating with colorful pop-up elements, or including a personal drawing or poem, there are countless ways to show your appreciation and make your message stand out. By following some of these tips, you can make your cards more personalized, thoughtful, and memorable! If you need more inspiration on card designs, don't forget to drop by the Altenew Blog

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