Top 5 Best Scrapbooking Kits & Supplies

Last Updated: October 4, 2021


Scrapbooking kits are a set of supplies, including patterned papers, stamp sets, stickers, die cuts, and other crafting materials you need in your creative documenting hobby.

Scrapbooking is an enjoyable and meaningful activity that involves journaling, collecting memorabilia, preserving photos, and other keepsakes. It has been around since the 15th and 16th centuries and is still popular up to this day. Anyone who wishes to preserve their memories in an artistic and customized way loves scrapbooking.

DIY scrapbooking

DIY (Do it Yourself) scrapbooking is popular among people who enjoy decorating, crafting, and documenting their milestones and memorable moments. If you are one of those people, take a look at these top 5 best scrapbooking kits that can help you jumpstart your scrapbooking adventures, as well as pick up a few scrapbooking ideas along the way!

1. Altenew Reflection Scrapbook Collection Kit

Scrapbook Collection Kit

A few years from now, you will look back on some of your most unforgettable experiences and reflect on how they have molded you into the person that you are. How fun would it be if you can actually flip through pages of these memories and reminisce instead of looking at them through your social media feed?

The Reflection Scrapbooking Kit from Altenew is packed with bright and vivid scrapbooking paper sets, beautiful cityscape postcards, and a wide assortment of embellishments. You can create dazzling layouts, wall art, personalized journals, and all sorts of mixed media projects with this kit!

Here’s what’s inside this kit:
  • 6”x6” Reflection Paper Pad from Altenew’s New Day Card Kit
  • 48 sheets of 12”x12” patterned paper (two of each design)
  • One 8.5”x11” cardstock sticker sheet
  • Two 6"x12" sheets of clear stickers (31 pieces)
  • 20 8.5”x3.5” watercolor cityscape postcards
  • One 2x3 photopolymer clear stamp set
  • 20 epoxy buttons with adhesive back
  • 34 cardstock and acetate die-cuts
  • 12 origami wood veneer shapes
  • Two white resin decorative frames
  • One 8.5”x11” chipboard sticker sheet
  • One rubber roller stamp

2. Altenew Our Family Scrapbook Collection Kit

Family Scrapbook
Your siblings may outgrow you, parents may grow old or depart, children may go their own way, but your memories together will fill your heart with warmth and memories that can’t be erased by time or distance.

Altenew’s Our Family Scrapbook Collection Kit is purposely designed to help you document your precious family moments together. Its vibrant colors, gorgeous watercolor elements, unique geometric designs, and stunning floral decors are simply timeless and elegant. With this kit, you will never run out of scrapbooking ideas!

These are the wonderful scrapbooking supplies included in this kit:
  • 18 sheets of premium 12”x12” double-sided patterned papers (36 designs)
  • One 3"x4" photopolymer stamp set
  • 12 3"x4" watercolor journaling cards
  • One 8.5"x11" sheet of 20 cardstock stickers
  • One 8.5"x11" sheet of 15 cardstock die-cuts
  • One 8.5"x11" sheet of 16 chipboard stickers
  • Two 6"x12" sheets of chipboard alphabet stickers
  • One 5"x6" sheet of 17 adhesive wood veneers
  • One 4"x6" sheet of adhesive enamel dots
  • One metal die (approx. 3.5"x4.5")
  • One roll of washi tape (15mm x 10m)

3. PICKME's D.I.Y Floral Scrapbook Kits for Adults & Kids

Indulge your crafty hands in this brightly colored kit that is brimming with gorgeous stationery sets, gold-embossed stickers, decorative ribbons, and lots of journaling supplies. This DIY scrapbooking kit is designed to last for a while so you can showcase your precious memories to future generations. Designed for both adults and kids, this kit stands out with its hardcover, thick and non-fading pages, and luxurious accessories with a high-end feel.

Here’s what you’ll get inside this 100-piece scrapbooking kit:
  • Hardcover photo album with 15 clear pockets and room for over 120 photos
  • One sheet of 18 3D gold embossed stickers
  • Three sheets of over 300 regular gold embossed stickers
  • Two sheets of 55-piece gold embossed die-cut chipboard decorations
  • 30 printed decorative sheets
This kit has an abundance of scrapbooking supplies for limitless creativity. With every piece of sticker or ephemera, the scrapbooking ideas will automatically come to you!

4. Altenew Live Your Dream Scrapbook Collection Kit

Best scrapbooking papers
Whether you’re into traveling, hiking, exercising, cooking, or even just reading books, it is essential to live in the moment. Doing something you enjoy and are passionate about is the best way to live your dream.

If you’re on the lookout for the best scrapbooking papers, this is the kit to get! The Live Your Dream Scrapbooking Kit from Altenew has some of the most beautiful 12”x12” patterned papers. This bright and elegant line is perfect for documenting any occasion. From the little daily moments that you want to remember forever, to more significant milestones like parties and birthdays.

In this kit, you’ll get the following scrapbooking supplies:
  • 16 sheets of 12"x12" double-sided patterned papers (2 of each/16 different designs)
  • Two 6"x12" sheets of puffy alphabet stickers (220 pieces)
  • Two 6"x12" sheets of chipboard stickers (38 pieces)
  • Two 6"x12" sheets of clear stickers (31 pieces)
  • One pack of wood epoxy buttons (20 pieces)
  • One pack of die-cut cardstock embellishments (32 pieces)
All of the products in this collection are very versatile, and you can use them for many different projects such as 12" x 12" layouts, pocket scrapbooking, cards, home decor, and much more.
Memory Scrapbook

5. Innocheer Scrapbook Kit

This scrapbook kit is perfect for all of your scrapbooking needs. Inside this kit is a nice 12.6” x 9.3” x 2.2” box with a metal clasp that is ideal for keeping your finished photo album and all the supplies needed to create your scrapbook project.

You will get a 40-page 12.4’’ x 8.27’’ x .75’’ scrapbook album that can hold more than 160 photos. It also comes with an elegant black ribbon closure. The book cover is durable as it is crafted from hard cardboard. Its firm black craft paper pages are acid-free to protect your photos for years.

Additionally, this scrapbook kit includes:
  • two special scissors
  • decals to decorate the pages,
  • self-stick corners to secure your photos,
  • and colorful pens to add notes to your book
In this day and age, when everything is digital, nothing beats keeping precious memories alive through DIY scrapbooking! This tangible reminder of all your happy memories and special mementos can be customized according to your own preferences and personality. With these top 5 highly-recommended scrapbooking kits, all you need is your creativity and imagination, a few printed photographs, and you can get started on your scrapbooking journey!

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