20+ Best Scrapbooking Ideas for Beginners in 2022

Last Updated: September 12, 2022

Scrapbooking ideas are like snowflakes - no two are alike. That's why we've collected over 20 of our favorite scrapbooking ideas in 2022 to help you get inspired for your next scrapbook project. Whether you're into simple, minimalist designs or prefer something a little more elaborate, we have something for you. So, get inspired and start scrapping those precious memories!

Scrapbook layout created with Altenew Watercolor Wonders and dye inks

Best Scrapbooking Ideas in 2022

Scrapbooking is a fun way to keep your memories alive. When it comes to scrapbooking ideas, there’s an abundance of new trends and techniques every year! Whether you're starting out or a seasoned pro, we know you'll find something here to inspire you. Happy scrapping!

Geometric scrapbook layout with Altenew Dreamy Tiles 3D Embossing Folders

1. Add Texture to a Layout. There are different ways to add texture to a scrapbook layout. Some of them are a little messy (like embossing paste), and others are simpler and quicker (like embossing folders). One of the best scrapbooking ideas you can easily try is adding texture with 3D embossing folders - just like Lilith did in her layout above.

Colorful floral scrapbooking page with custom patterned paper

2. Customize Your Patterned Paper. Sometimes, you go through your paper stash and can’t seem to find something that sparks your creativity. This unique scrapbook layout idea by Lilith will help you think outside the box and create your own custom patterned paper using your fave stencils and inks!

Family scrapbook page with watercolor flowers

3. Keep it Easy, But Make it Pretty! We definitely agree with Lilith’s motto when it comes to scrapbooking! For her scrapbook page, she opted to use just a couple of stamps and the vibrant Watercolor Brush Markers! Here’s how to recreate her simple watercolor scrapbook layout idea:

    1. Add the watercolor inks to a palette.
    2. Take a watercolor brush and paint the flowers. Start with a small half swirl and add swirls around it, making them larger as you work your way out. Lilith loosely copied the flower from the Watercolor Roses Stamp Set
    3. Alternate the colors.
    4. For the leaves, mix Turquoise and Just Green.
    5. Add some splatters and leave to dry.
    6. Place the photo and pick sentiments for the title. Lilith’s sentiments came from the Golden Feather Stamp Set and Morning Flowers Stamp Set.
    7. Add embellishments.
1 washi tape, 2 paper crafting projects

4. Simple Washi Tape Layout. To keep things clean and simple, it’s important to use minimal craft supplies. Lilith’s fun and colorful scrapbook layout idea only utilized ONE washi tape, some enamel dots, and leftover embellishments. This is one of the best scrapbooking ideas for beginners!  

Memory keeping journal with metallic gold die-cut leaf and stenciled background
5. Scrapbook Page with Metallic Shine. Adding a little bit of sparkle and shine to your scrapbook page is easy peasy with some Metallic Cardstock. Nathalie added an elegant pop of shine to her memory-keeping layout by using the Brushed Gold Metallic Cardstock in her focal point, title, and border.
6x6 scrapbook page with a photo of 2 cute Japanese kids, and a 3D embossed and watercolored background
6. Metallic Mixed Media Scrapbook Idea. Speaking of adding shine to scrapbooking projects… Reiko’s 6x6 mixed media scrapbook page features Altenew's metallic products – Metallic Watercolor 14 Pan Set and Metallic Ink Sprays
Scrapbook journal stamped with pink flowers, 4 mini dye inks, a stamp set, a coloring stencil set, and a 3D embossing folder
7. Texture + Color! When it comes to scrapbooking ideas for beginners, it can be challenging to figure out how to add texture and color in a cohesive way. Nathalie shares some tips on how to achieve balance when adding these elements.

PRO TIP FROM NATHALIE: The best way to describe how to combine texture and color in memory-keeping or scrapbooking is to think of building your project in layers. This helps you have a better sense of what you want to bring forward as the focus of your page, thus resulting in a balanced page.

8. Fun Minimalist Layout with Pops of Color. When it comes to the best scrapbooking ideas for those who are pressed for time, going clean and simple is the way to go. Lilith’s minimalist scrapbook page only utilizes watercoloring and simple layering. Here’s how she created her fun minimalist scrapbook layout:
Clean, simple, minimalist scrapbook page with small florals and ephemera
  1. Pick one of the stamps from the Castle Garden Stamp Set and stamp it three times onto some white cardstock. Once in the corner and twice to create a backdrop for the photo.
  2. Add some color using watercolors and leave to dry.
  3. Add your photo. To make it stand out, mat it on some colored patterned paper or cardstock that matches your chosen color combo.
  4. Add strips of washi tape.
  5. Adhere all your elements and add your chosen embellishments. TIP! Chipboard pieces are a great way to add detail to a project.
  6. Finish off with some sentiment strips.

Pretty scrapbook layout with florals and foliage created with Altenew Patterned Scrapbook Paper

Celebrate Scrapbook Collection

9. CAS Scrapbook Idea with Patterned Paper. Scrapbook patterned paper is a must-have in your stash. You can use these for a quick background or fussy-cut them to create an instant focal point - just like Maryam did in her gorgeous CAS scrapbook idea. Watch the video below to see how her layout came together.

2 6x6 scrapbook layouts with striped backgrounds made with slim washi tape sets and die-cut words

Hello and Hugs Die Set

10. Slim Washi Tapes. One of the best scrapbooking ideas for beginners is creating a quick and easy washi tape background. Altenew’s Slim Washi Tape Sets are excellent for creating fun, whimsical titles and quick scrapbook backgrounds.

Colorful memory keeping journal made with pigment inks, stamped images, and die-cut word sentiment

Rich, Crisp, and Smooth Pigment Inks

11. Faux Watercolor Technique Using Pigment Inks. Nathalie just loved the versatility of pigment inks and how they can transform from a stamping medium to watercolor in seconds. Her memory-keeping journal features this must-try technique. 

PRO TIP FROM NATHALIE: You will need a smooth, non-porous flat surface to move the ink around. An acrylic block is just perfect for this. Once you rub ink on the paper, you will spray a bit of water on it, then use the flat surface to move the diluted ink. Think of it as smooshing the ink. Remember to clean your acrylic block as you switch colors on your pages.

Bright and colorful scrapbook page with stamped Versatile Vases Stamp Set

Versatile Vases 2 Stamp Set

12. Repeated Background Stamping. Another quick scrapbooking idea for beginners is to do some repeated background stamping. Maryam’s fun and colorful scrapbook page features the Versatile Vases Stamp and Stencil Set. 

PRO TIP FROM MARYAM: I didn’t add the vases in random places over the page; instead, I played with different positions before actually applying ink so that way, once they were all ready, I would end up with a fun pattern.

Floral Layout with Layering Stencils

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13. Get Out Your Layering Stencils. Layering and coloring stencils are all the rage these days - and for good reason! With a layering stencil, you can easily create stunning and detailed images. Guest designer Annemarie stenciled and fussy cut lots of flowers and leaves from the Greenwood Flowers Layering Stencil Set, Rose Mellow Layering Stencil Set, and Hill Blossom Layering Stencil Set to put together the gorgeous floral wreath in her scrapbook page.

Black and white scrapbook page with a repeated stamped background

Mini Delight: Petite Reverie Stamp & Die Set

14. Simple Stamping. If you’re looking for the best scrapbooking idea for beginners, you can’t go wrong with some simple stamping. All you need is your favorite stamp set and inks, and you’re good to go! In Nathalie’s scrapbook layout idea, she chose the Mini Delight: Petite Reverie Stamp and Die Set because it showcases a lot of detail in such a small format. Never underestimate those detailed and small stamps - they’re perfect for a simple stamped background!

Scrapbook journal with floral ephemera and cut-outs from patterned paper

Enjoy the Ride 12x12 Paper Pack

15. Mix and Match Paper Collections. If you’ve been scrapbooking for quite some time, you might have accumulated a decent paper collection. If you’re running out of scrapbook ideas, look through your scrapbook paper collection and mix and match them. 

PRO TIP FROM NATHALIE: Repetition is key when mixing and matching paper collections in scrapbook layouts.  Whether your choice is patterned paper, colors, shapes, or embellishments, always consider adding at least 3 of the same in your spread. 

Using Wide Washi Tapes to Create 12×12 Scrapbook Layouts

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16. Wide Washi Tape Background. Creating a 12x12 scrapbook layout could get intimidating for beginners. How do you fill all that space?! Three words - wide washi tapes! Reiko used the Painted Dots Washi Tape which measures approximately 4.5" (114mm) wide and 32.8" (10m) long to create an instant background and added fussy-cut florals from a patterned paper. Easy as pie!

Simple but colorful layered flower look on a scrapbook layout using Altenew's Simple Nesting Flowers Layering Die Set

17. Simple Layered Flower Look. Adding layered elements to a scrapbook layout can turn it from zero to wow. Lilith’s colorful scrapbooking idea for beginners only used a few supplies to achieve that layered flower look. Here’s how to recreate her layout:

  • Start by die-cutting various flower and leaf shapes from leftover pieces of cardstock and patterned paper using the Simple Nesting Flowers Layering Die Set.
  • To create the background, create stripe patterns on an 8.5″ by 11″ white cardstock using Artist Alcohol Markers
  • Place a piece of embossed white cardstock and add the floral elements. Lilith constructed two clusters - one with yellow and orange tones to match the yellow of the Artist Markers and another with pink/blue tones.
  • She opted to use a black and white photo as it will not clash with the other colors and will add contrast to the page.

TIP! Die-cutting is a great way to use up leftover bits and bobs from colored cardstock or patterned paper.

Cool scrapbook layout idea with mega ampersand die-cuts in the background

You Are Everything Stamp & Die Bundle

18. Create a Custom Stencil Using a Die. Stretching your craft supplies is an excellent way to get different ideas for your scrapbook layout. In her scrapbook page, Lilith used her Mega Ampersand Die as a stencil to create a unique background for her layout. This scrapbooking idea for beginners is perfect for any stand-alone or cover die in your stash. 

Beautiful scrapbook layout idea with gray and purple elements

Craft Your Life Project Kit: Feathered Lilies

19. Scrapbook Layout with Gray Elements. Incorporating gray (and other neutral or muted colors) into your projects can add a touch of subtle elegance to them. Lilith creatively combined purple and gray in her stunning scrapbook layout above. You can always try this technique with other colors of your choice.

Monochromatic memory keeping pages with whimsical floral designs

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20.When In Doubt, Go Monochrome! Using a single color (monochromatic) might sound too simple for some, but it’s a great way to bring a project together in a short amount of time. While the term monochromatic refers to using a single color, it does not refer to just using a single shade of it. Nathalie perfectly showcased all the shades of pink in a bold way, with the help of Quaint Blooms Stamp/Die Bundle and Antique Gold Crisp Embossing Powder.

2 6x6 scrapbook layouts with 3D peony die-cuts and colorful patterned paper background

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21. Frame Your Photos with 3D Florals. One of the best scrapbooking ideas under 10 minutes is using 3D floral layering dies to frame and decorate photos. The realistic-looking Peony Dream 3D die-cuts in Reiko’s 6x6 scrapbook layouts perfectly framed her adorable daughters’ photos! 

12x12 scrapbooking idea with watercolored and gold-embossed mandalas

Watercolor Brush Markers - Tropical Fiesta Set

22. Lovely Mandalas. Not a big fan of florals or geometric shapes? An intricate and sophisticated mandala design might be the thing missing from your scrapbook page! This design is versatile and gender-neutral, so it’s perfect for any type of scrapbooking project you have in mind. Watch Maryam’s video tutorial below to see how she utilized the Blooming Mandalas Stamp Set on her scrapbook page.

12x12 scrapbook idea made with Altenew's World Map Stamp Set, wood veneer words, and butterfly acetate stickers

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Try The Best Scrapbooking Ideas in 2022

So, if you're looking for some fun and easy scrapbooking ideas for beginners, look no further! We've gathered over 20 of the best scrapbooking ideas that are simple enough for anyone to try. And if you want even more inspiration, be sure to check out our other blog posts on scrapbooking. We promise that, with a little effort, you'll be able to document beautiful memories that will last a lifetime. 

Drop by the All About Crafting page for more scrapbooking tips, tricks, and inspiration.

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