Altenew Marker Refills Buttercream Alcohol Ink

Buttercream Alcohol Ink

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If your Altenew Artist Markers start to dry out, streak, or have difficulty blending, it is time to refill them!

Refilling is easy:

  • Carefully remove brush nib with a pair of tweezers by applying gentle pressure and pulling straight out
  • Position the tip of the refill bottle right above the open barrel of the marker
  • Fill the marker with 8-10 drops, being careful not to overfill
  • Reinsert the old nib or replace with a new nib

Each refill bottle contains 30ml of the alcohol-based solution and can refill each marker up to 10 times. In addition to refilling your Artist Markers, our refills are great for many alcohol ink techniques!


Customer Reviews

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Pretty color

I haven't tried it yet but the color looks pretty.

I got the...
Buttercream Marker Refill

Good to have refills for the markers. Lighter colors usually run dry faster due to blending use. Instruction say to use about 8 drops for fill with about 10 marker refills per bottle.

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