Vibrant, Brilliant, and Efficient Watercolor Pencils


    These Are Not Your Typical Watercolor Colored Pencil Sets!

    Finally! Watercolor Pencils that are high quality, brilliant, pigmented, and won't break the bank! This watercolored color pencil set has 24 beautiful, vibrant colors, and each pencil comes pre-sharpened and ready to use. The best watercolor pencils are the ones that will give you the creative freedom you need. Our Woodless Watercolor Pencils do just that and MORE! To use, you can either apply the color onto paper and blend with a wet brush, or pick it up with the brush directly from the pencil. The pigment dissolves smoothly, leaving no marks on the paper, and the colors can be easily mixed and layered for various effects. For your convenience, we've created specially curated bundles including watercolor papers, watercolor brushes, and outline stamps!