Artist Markers

"These markers are the best!!! They blend like a dream and the colors are fantastic! The brush tip is very nice and the fine tip is perfect for tight spaces or making dot details. Fits comfortably in your hands. Colors spot on match with corresponding ink pads. The only complaint is there isn’t more!" --- Jeannie
Our Artist Markers are alcohol-based, ergonomically designed for easy gripping, pair perfectly with our Crisp Dye Inks, and feature a brush tip and fine tip on each end. What more could you ask for? These markers are a must-have for every coloring lover out there!
Altenew Watercolor Dusk Liquid Watercolor - Brush Marker Refill

Dusk Liquid Watercolor - Brush Marker Refill


DESCRIPTION INTRO VIDEO This is the Dusk liquid watercolor/brush marker refill for the Watercolor Brush Markers - Spring Garden Set. If your A...

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