Unique Embossing Folders Designs

Last Updated: April 14, 2022

Embossing folders are fun to add texture and interest to your paper crafting projects. But with so many designs available, it can be tough to decide which folders to buy. Not to mention what to do with them! They come in an endless variety of designs and textures you can create with. So to help you out, we've put together a list of 20 unique embossing folder designs.

Whether you're looking for floral designs or geometric patterns, you're sure to find something that inspires you!

8 Card Ideas Using Embossing Folders

Below you’ll find easy, doable DIY cards to make using embossing folders of different styles. Most of them require only two steps, and the rest is up to your imagination!

1. 3D Gradient Diamonds Background

This peach to tangerine card looks sophisticated with the ombre colors. Yet, our designer Therese made the background with just two easy steps!

Ombre embossed DIY card with orange gradient color.

3D Embossed Ombre Tangerine Card

This embossing folder brings so much depth and makes it look like each shape has been individually colored. In reality, it’s just two steps! Add a die cut floral design to top it off, and a few enamel dots to complete the card.

2. Faux Wooden Card Design

If there isn’t any woodgrain cardstock lying around your crafting studio, use an embossing folder to create one. 

Handmade card with faux wooden texture using an embossing folder.

Card made with the Altenew Bouquet Basket Mini Stamp Set

You can create other woodgrain cardstock with similar embossing folder designs. You can also try die-cutting your DIY textured cards into shapes of trees and doors to use for other crafting projects like miniatures and scrapbooks.

3. Card for Chocolate Lovers

Create a DIY chocolate bar that looks good enough to be eaten! To do this, follow the steps below.

DIY birthday card with surreal chocolate bar design

Sweet Chocolate Birthday Card

You can add real foil to imitate the packaging of a chocolate bar, just like how Lydia did. Or create more chocolate bars of different sizes to layer onto the card as you please.

4. Scalloped Focal Frame

One unique way to frame focal pieces is through embossing. Jaycee carefully arranged this piece like a master florist using the Scalloped Frame 3D Embossing Folder.

Elegant floral-themed card with embossed scallop frame pattern

You are amazing just like this gorgeous gold embossed card

Add color to your embossed background frame using inks, ink sprays, or liquid watercolors! You can play around with different colors. But if you want a perfectly coordinated color palette, learn a few tips from Jaycee in this video.

5. Loco for Boho

Patterns on patterns don’t have to be done the same way. A unique take from Virginia would be to layer them using different crafting styles. 

Bohemian themed handmade card with both embossed and stamped patterns

Altenew Folk Art Card

This style fits the bohemian theme with its love for patterns and intricate motifs. Try it with patterned paper and see how all the patterned layers turn out!

6. Watercolor Leaves

Other than cardstock, you can use watercolor paper for embossing your favorite designs. Norine first embossed the paper with the Areca Palm 3D Embossing Folder before coloring it using watercolor.

DIY card made with watercolor paper and designed and colored with an embossing folder and a watercolor pan set

Try it with the Altenew Tropical Leaf Mix Die Set

She wanted to provide peaks and valleys for the paint to pool in, in order to dry a little darker in some of the low spots. And as you can see, it turned out great by creating low-effort shadows and shades!

7. Regal With Ornaments

Creating ornamental patterns can be tedious. It takes a lot of patience too! However, with 3D embossing folders, you can quickly and instantly recreate any ornamental or intricate pattern!

Elegant ornament embossed DIY card with a splash of different shades of blue

Beautiful patterns on an ombre blue card

Thankfully there are stamps, stencils, and embossing folders molded with these intricate patterns. You can then achieve such regal-looking designs by simply using these crafting tools!

8. Slimline Faux Jeans Texture

If you like to imitate textures like our designer Svitlana, the Organic Linen 3D Embossing Folder is an excellent addition to your collection.

Slimline DIY card with faux jeans or fabric texture achieve by using an embossing folder

Slimline card with faux fabric pattern

She embedded the design onto a slimline-sized card to create a textured jean-like background. Try other colors aside from Navy Blue, and you’ll be surprised what other fabric objects you’ll imitate!

Create Your First Folder Embossed Card Today

Ready to try your hand at embossing folders? It’s easier than you think, and the results are worth it. Just choose one of our eight card ideas and check out their related blog posts to get started. We hope you’ve found this post helpful as you get started with this fun and unique way of adding extra dimension to your cards. 

If you want to take your cards up a notch, check out our All About Crafting page for more unique embossing folders designs to try!


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    Thank you for the inspiration! I’m trying out my newly purchased blending brushes with a embossing folder. Ideas galore!

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