Sneak Peek Day 1

We are so excited to start sharing some sneak peeks of the stamps we will be releasing on July 14th!  We've had many requests from our customers to create sequels to their favorite sets, so you may see a few familiar themes!  Let's get the party started! :)

Although Tasnim and I both live in the United States, we have friends all over the world!  We are continuing our Sketchy Cities collection with skylines from Sydney, Australia, and Shanghai, China.  These stylish and edgy skylines will be a great addition to your cards or scrapbooks, and just like Sketchy Cities America, you don't have to live in these cities to enjoy using the stamps!


Another customer favorite is our Super Script sentiment set.   We have added new phrases to expand your collection, and they can be mixed and matched for even more sentiment possibilities! This brush script-inspired set will add artistic flair to your projects, and they will be right on trend!


We love finding inspiration from other cultures, and this stamp set celebrates the beauty of Native American beadwork!  The motifs are designed to work together so you can create a myriad of different beadwork patterns, both traditional and modern.  We can't wait to see how you use it!

Let us know what you think!  Tasnim will be back tomorrow to introduce two more sets.  One more thing- please mark your calendars so that you don't miss the full stamp reveal on the 11th, and our blog hop on the 12th. We have some fabulous guest designers joining us, and you won't want to miss it! :)


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Mehmet - March 14, 2015

Javier Se1enz – Hello Sarah,Just checking in to see when we’ll be able to see my kids petucris Sophia and baby Xavier from the Dwellondesign 2010 conference of Los Angeles. They were photographed on the Saturday of the event. I love your work and can’t wait to see them!Looking forward to your response.Thanks,Javier Saenz

Abdou - March 5, 2015

Thanks for that Bryan.Closer to home I was working as a suryover with City of Melboune up to early 1990. Watched skyscrapers in Melbourne being built galore in the late 80 s. When the rot started to set in the Japanese sold off Diamarru and the sky scraper king, Floyd Pogdor suicided due to bad debts. His company, Pogdor Constructions went bankrupt . The joke at the time was what is the capital of Melbourne. Answer: 1 cent.To cut to the chase, construction companies are beginningto go bust similar to the late 80 s and if history repeats itself, China will collapse overnight like Japan did in the early 90 s.

Shelly K - July 9, 2014


Victoria H. - July 7, 2014

Oh I so can’t wait to see these new sets!

Linda F - July 7, 2014

Wow thanks for venturing out of the US for the skylines. Love those scripty sentiments.

Giorgi - July 7, 2014

Oh So excited to have Sydney as one of your Cities, cannot wait to get my hands on one of these it’s rare to have an Australian Stamp like this. Thanks so much.

theCook - July 7, 2014

Sounds exciting!

Pam - July 6, 2014

Love the script stamp!

Lyndal - July 6, 2014

WOW – LOVE the Sydney Skyline – my hometown, and I already have the Boston one – the first place I lived outside my hometown LOL!

Cris G. - July 6, 2014

I like what I see here… that 3rd set is leaving me very curious, love the idea behind.

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