A Few Updates


It has been over a week since we opened our store. We have been very busy sorting and packaging stamps, but due to the large number of orders received on the first day, we experienced a little delay in processing them.  We would therefore like to apologize to everyone whose package was not shipped within 5 business days.

Many of you contacted us asking whether we will be re-stocking the sold out stamp sets and when.

We placed an order with our manufacturer, and expect to have the stamps back in stock by the second week of May.

Thanks for your patience. We will be back soon with videos, project ideas, and guest designer features.

Stay tuned!

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Martina - March 13, 2015
August 12, 2011Hi Rachel,Thank you for the fantastic giavawey! I’m in the 1st category: I’ve read a bit of both of your series: read the first 3 Soul Screamers novels (which I enjoyed a lot! love how unique they are, never read about a banshee before , and I just discovered your Shifters series last week, but have read the first 3 novels since then, they are addictive, and I love the world, the characters and Faythe (and of course Marc, Jace, Ethan, and I could go on) with a passion and enthusiasm bordering on fantism ;-p lolI’ve put Blood Bound on my pre-order absolutely-must-have wishlist and cannot wait to discover the new world and characters you have created!
Bom - March 13, 2015

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Natalie - April 24, 2014

So so so in love with Painted flowers! I can’t wait for it to be restocked. I was hoping to get them before Mothers day. None-the-less, glad your launch went well. looking forward to so much more.

ARC - April 21, 2014

I just found your shop by accident and now I’m hooked. I’ll come back in May to see if the stamps I want are around :D Lovely work!

Char - April 19, 2014

I was disapointed that you were sold out of some of the stamps that I wanted, but so very happy I found them on Simon says! Great idea to have them available at other locations!!

Neg McGarry - April 19, 2014

Well I just got my stamps and am loving them! I want to congratulate you on the success of your launch. I think your stamps and blog are great! Well done!

Renee VanEpps - April 18, 2014

I check the store almost daily looking to see if the painted flowers and labels have been restocked. Thank you for the update, and thank you for the super fast shipping of my order!

Michelle W - April 18, 2014

Congratulations, Tasnim and Jennifer! I was one who missed out due to sleeping through the release time (different time zone). I knew your stamps would be a massive success, and I’m so excited for you that they have been! Delays in shipping from a successful launch, or delays in waiting for the product to be restocked, are just teething issues for you guys, and minor inconveniences for us stampers/fans. I am absolutely sure that the vast majority of us are happy for you and can exercise some patience in getting our hands on your awesome products.

stamper - April 18, 2014

How do you expect to appeal to people when your blog shows nothing but text and white space??? I don’t have time to open individual blog posts. Take some advice… make all your posts viewable. I don’t know a single stamper that likes the way you’re doing it now.

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