Winners of the Blog Hop Giveaway!


Wow!! We were simply BLOWN away by your response on our premier blog hop! 

Thank you very much for all your support and feedback! The store will be open soon, exactly at 10.00 a.m. EST.

Comments were closed at 8:59 a.m EST, so I went ahead and selected three winners through Are you ready?

Here are the three winners who will each receive five Altenew stamp sets of their choice:


Karen O'Reilly






Britney Duong


Winners, please email us at [] and let us know your stamp choices, as well as your address.

If we don't hear from you within a week, we will make a second draw.

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Dustin - March 13, 2015

Thanks for writing, yes the blue dress she has is aminazg. I know that she got it custom made in India. If you are planning on going to India I am sure one of the shops can make you a similar dress. I hope that helps.

Roshdy - March 13, 2015

Selvom jeg nok burde nikke genkendende til det med at have for mange ting – og me5ske ogse5 for mange pokstort – bliver jeg nf8dt til at ve6re med, for jeres pokstort er nu se5 fine. Jeg har selv en lille Give Away pe5 min blog, hvis det ku’ friste. ;)

Abbie - March 12, 2015

- I love the composition and frmiang of each shot! But I think 4th one down and the black and white one are my faves! Seriously amazing work keep it up, hot stuff!

Jenny Martin - April 10, 2014

Congrats on a fantastic opening! I’m waiting for Label Love to come back in stock!

Lindsey L - April 9, 2014

Congrats to the lucky winners and yay for you for an obviously successful first release. I cannot believe how many sets are sold out already. I couldn’t be happier for you!

Lyndal - April 8, 2014

My budget THANKS you for running out of MUST have sets, but my HEART does not LOL!
Can’t wait to see more fabulous Altenew cards in blogland!

Laura - April 8, 2014

Oh, no! The sets I want are already sold out! Congrats on a great start!

Karen Dunbrook - April 8, 2014

Congrats on your new store~ I see you have already sold out of the 2 sets I would love to own…that was fast! Looks like you are off to a fab start!
Congrats to the winners.

anja curvers - April 8, 2014

yesterday I had trouble with my PayPal and now it’s allright but the sets I really love are already sold out. It’s such a pity but it’s great for you guys. I hope they will be in stock soon?

Therese - April 7, 2014

Congrats on your grand opening! I kept checking to see when the store was open but eventually had to go to bed lol…. couldn’t believe that this morning when I happily sat down to ‘shop’ the stamps that I ‘needed’ were already sold out, well done you guys… now I can’t wait til they’re back in stock!

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